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Screen-addicted Millennials are ill-equipped for adulthood, professor warns

(LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Mark Bauerlein joined Jonathon van Maren on the latest episode of The Van Maren Show to discuss his book “The Dumbest Generation Grows Up: From Stupefied Youth to Dangerous Adults.”

His new book is a follow-up to “The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30).”

“What we are seeing now when we look at 30-year-olds in America today is really the fruits of that lack of a good, solid intellectual formation,” Bauerlein said. “They’re not that happy. The rates of depression and anxiety [and] narcissism are up. Suicide is up. They’re not getting married and having kids, which is a sign of pessimism about the future.” MORE HERE

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  1. The professor correctly notes a problem, but can see only what is readily visible to parents and adults, such as phones and screens. What he doesn’t see is what actually happens today to kids in K-12, the endless, constructivist, content-free, mind-warping nothingness of small group projects, explosion-in-a-Sherwin-Williams-store textbooks, teachers who have been told to NOT be “a sage on the stage”, empty and vapid “social studies”, science without learning and bizarre math that bewilders so a calculator is a vital necessity.

  2. Aaaaaannnnd we thot Crack Babies were going to be bad!!

  3. And these are the people who will run the world in 20 years. God help us, they won’t.

  4. “the screen” is only part of the problem. It’s been used to inject poison just as surely as a “vaccine” needle has been, but it’s just one source of it.

    Because of our school and our officially discriminatory Government policies towards White people in general and White males in particular, an entire generation of White boys has learned that masculinity in them will not be tolerated, that they will be denied opportunities for their skin color no matter what, and that the only way they can get on the privilege train is to pretend to be girls.

    White girls have been indoctrinated to believe they are racist if they do not have a POC boyfriend, preferably have children by him, and that they too are to be denied opportunities unless they become militant lesbians or strident bitches.

    Black children, meanwhile, have been taught that they need work at nothing because everything should be handed to them because, racism, that violence is an acceptable expression of “culture”, that children are a status symbol and means of income, that they have no failings as anything wrong in their lives is due to White Racism, that police are just a tool of the White Supremacist to keep them down and take power from them, that Black police officers are merely Uncle Toms, and that white people are inherently evil oppressors who it’s OK to kill if they are perceived to offend.

    Hispanics are taught that they can be accepted only if they have the right political beliefs, that there is no benefit in being a Hispanic that fled Communisim if you don’t wholeheartedly support itt, and that there is somehow something more “real” about Hispanics thatcome here illegally than those who did it the right way. They are taught to embrace and celebrate the very culture they fled, that half of the United States was stolen from Mexico and that it is theirs by right, that they do not need to assimilate or even learn the language, that it is best to send money home to the land they fled, and that they should wholeheartedly support Democrats in their quest to allow the people they fled to come here with no questions asked of them whatsoever.

    African immigrants are encouraged to live in segregation, to not learn English, to celebrate ceremonies HERE that they NEVER celebrated THERE, to have affinity with everyone with a darker skin hue despite the fact that they come from countries that have genocidal ethnic divisions among people of the same skin color, that some religions will be allowed to kill while others will be persecuted for daring to have Church, and that things will be assumed about their religion and political leanings just because of their dark skin and no other reason.

    Asian immigrants will be regarded as White and insulted for their work ethic, and so have the same issues with being denied opportunities as White people do.

    Indian immigrants will be accepted as long as they are stridently Democrat and constantly held up as representing “the world’s oldest democracy” without regard for the fact that it’s the RULING class liberals that come here and leave their more conservative, impoverished brethren behind.

    …and so on and so on, in a racial categorization and spoils system that even Apartheid South Africa would have blushed at implementing.

    So while screens certainly didn’t HELP, it’s not the medium but the message that did all the damage. With schools that changed into indoctrination centers and teaching logic, reason, reading, writing, and arithmetic burned on the altar of Political Correctness in favor of endless celebrations of the liberal mental illness du jour, the children of this nation are well primed for failure, and all by design.

    …Chinese children in mainland China suffer from no such handicap, for example.

    …and the unjabbed illegal immigrants are prized for their ability to do manual labor and the fact that they are accustomed to authoritarian systems.

    The children born into this nation have been poisoned physically and mentally and spiritually on purpose.

    Because their only purpose is to die so the replacement population can be brought up…

  5. I didn’t expect him to mention this, too un-PC, but one of the biggest culprits is the gyno-centric society we now find ourselves in, which has declared war on one-half of our species, men.

    At about the age of 5, the women-dominated education system starts the process of irradicating every element of maleness. The boys are not called on as much in class, they are marginalized for fidgeting and disruption, more prone to be diagnosed with attention deficit and drugged up, and beaten down at every turn. Throughout the education process, they are fed constant lies about the patriarchy, how men are potential rapists and abusers of women, and how they must do penance and make sacrifices to level the field.

    They get fewer scholarships to college and are admitted less with fewer opportunities. Men are now opting out of college. They are pretty much opting out of life. the MGTOW movement is huge and totally antithetic to a thriving society. They have given up on work, on romantic relationships and starting a family, and on pursuing a fulfilling purpose-driven career, to in effect better themselves.

    The US has reached a point where the replacement population is less than what is needed because men are not getting married. So the DC elites have decided to fill that void with immigrants, further eroding our culture.

  6. 60 year-old TV-addicted Boomers are ill-equipped for adulthood as well. It’s called the boob tube for a reason. The phone screen is the 21st century TV.

  7. A handful of multi-national, globalist corporations control the poison administered through media.

  8. The Brain Dead, Unchallenged Generation Raised By Helicopter Parents.

  9. Millenials’ favorite words: fuck and fucking.

    The word long ago lost its shock value.

  10. Millenials are only 4 years of the “under 30” age group, 26-29. The majority of “under 30” are Gen Z, 18-25. I’m just being a stickler.


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