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Stuck to the top for a while. By popular demand. Ok, two of you, again. This time it’s Supernightshade (he actually suggested it before I scheduled the post) and Dadof4.

Back by popular demand! Ok, two of you!

stirrin the pot made a suggestion yesterday (and Supernightshade seconded it) about doing a post on how we all came up with our screen names. Funny you should ask – I had made this up a few months ago and just forgot to post it. So, here it is:

I was wondering the other day about how we came up with our screen names. I know that some commenters have told their stories, but I’d like to hear from you who have not told your stories before, both long-time commenters and you who are fairly new.

Some of us use names – some real and some made up, and others have very imaginative screen names.

I’ve told my story before, but for the new readers, I’ll give you the Readers Digest version. When I was first asked to be a contributor, I had to decide on a screen name. I had to give an answer rather quickly, and (like on a pop quiz in school) I drew a blank. I couldn’t come up with a clever name, so I just used my real name (but, shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone!). Boring, right? Oh, well.

How about your story?

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  1. Originally, a cowpattie from southeast Iowa, transplanted to Carson City, NV in July 1997 due to being snowed in for 10 days that January. Screen name is not too exciting, but I really enjoy the people (and screen names) in this community! (PS: Tom Arnold really is a pussy, but Radar put my hometown on the map!)

  2. Super boring: my middle name is Al, and my nephew and niece call me Uncle Al.

    Edit: Although I don’t do it any longer, I have used Biff Wellington or Ebony Bandera screen names

  3. My dad named his dogs Rick. All off them. Never new why. I’ve since named all of my dogs Rick, except one.

  4. My handle on the CB radio=
    RADIOATIONMAN! {like internet nobody uses
    their real name.}

  5. I chose willysgoatgruff because Bad_Willy got me both naughty reviews and good reviews on a dating website…..

  6. I have read nearly every Victorian and Edwardian ghost story ever written. But like many things in life, I didn’t give it much thought. When I created my Disqus account it was April 30, Walpurgisnacht.

  7. I’m Bob…I own Bobcats…I was Bobcat Bob for a few Years…and

    eventually it became just “Bobcat”

    It’s also My Screen Name on about twenty sites…Including FB.

  8. former National Chairman of the black panthers; — Malik Zulu Shabazz, the party’s former national chairman, protesting at B’nai B’rith International headquarters in Washington, D.C., April 20, 2002.

    “I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate it. We didn’t come out here to play today. There’s too much serious business going on in the black community to be out here sliding through South Street with white, dirty, cracker whore bitches on our arms, and we call ourselves black men. … What the hell is wrong with you black man? You at a doomsday with a white girl on your damn arm. We keep begging white people for freedom! No wonder we not free! Your enemy cannot make you free, fool! You want freedom? You going to have to kill some crackers! You going to have to kill some of their babies!”

    I know…..

  9. Miss in MI is pretty self explanatory. I’m a female who lives in Michigan.
    Although, truthfully, I am married, but MrsInMI didn’t look quite right.
    Anyway, I used MissInMi for a few other things so I just carried it over.

  10. At 17, I was madly in love with a 23-year-old man who had returned severely injured from Vietnam (lost his hands, an ear, and was badly burned). When he first returned home, his younger brother used to bring him over to our house, which is how I met him. We became good friends and he used to sing Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” to me all the time. Alas, he was six years older than I, and in those days that was a big age difference. I never forgot him.

  11. Irony. Unless I see a black man approaching, then I literally clutch my pearls…..I’M JOKING, or am I.

  12. You already had a Rick and I’ve been told I’m very backwards. Eh!

  13. From the old Shake N Bake commercials. My oldest daughter used to do a spot on impression of the little kid in one of the commercials when she was little. On of those dumb things we just keep repeating 20+years later. Also, it was late, and that was the first thing to popped in my mind. Talladega Nights was not the reason for it, but didn’t hurt.

  14. My parents gave me the middle name of Cork when I was born (family name). I grew up hating it and as a very girly young girl–Circus Boy was a popular TV show and the boy was named Corky (Micky Dolenz). Imagine my horror when my older brother and many others tried to call me that! I have learned to embrace it and actually like it. When I got married 49 years ago, I dropped it as my middle name–so it lives on here.

  15. Pelopidas was a Greek Hero who marched with Epaminondas to free the Helots from Spartan domination. He died fighting against tyranny in his home city/state of Thebes.

    I love history, our Nation and liberty. I do what I can to fight tyranny but I don’t come close to what Pelopidas did. It bums me out to think of it but his name inspires me to try a little harder.

  16. For many, many years I went by the handle of ‘piccolo’ which was thrust upon me because of a joke I found humorous.

    Thinking it was time for a change I chose jellybean. It seems light, easy going and friendly.

    BUT….don’t piss me off.

  17. @The Professor:

    I operate behind enemy lines in the halls of academia.

    That’s great…and intriguing. Without divulging or even hinting at who you are or where you are located, I’d love to hear a story or two. I’m sure you have some.

    BTW, the late Dr. Richard Mitchell, a/k/a The Underground Grammarian, is a hero of mine.

  18. Eight boys and Two girls. A large Bronx Irish Catholic family of many many years ago. All but one of us survive. And he was the autistic ‘retarded’ one, died at 55. RIP Jimbo. The oldest son went to Viet Nam, pilot refueler, and the rest are stinking libs, except for me the last one who was four when he graduated the USAF Academy in ’69.

    Youngest of Ten

  19. I used to walk my rescue wolf-dogs with a friend that had a half Coyote named Yazzie. He had these wild yellow eyes. He was an incorrigible thief and a repeat offender.
    I started calling him Lazlo because of his wild ways and wished to emulate him.
    It was a fine and good name and those rotten bastards refused to change it for him.
    So I took it.
    Somebody has to do these things in the world.

  20. Was Dadof3 because of my 3 sons. The biggest gift, blessing, and responsibility God bestowed upon me. Truly a prayer answered.

    Talked with PJ (Plain Jane) on a thread about abortion quite a while later and she pointed out I was forgetting the one that was secretly taken from me before I knew about it.

    The next day I was Dadof4.

    Before that name change, Thirdtwin showed up and picked Dadof3 when I was also wearing it. I threw myself on the ground and threw a tantrum, so he went with Thirdtwin – because he has twins and the next child acts like a third twin.

    So now neither of us use Dadof3 any more.

  21. My screen name DOC was given to me by the Marine Corps…in Vietnam an old Sgt. Maj. once told me “We call all you Corpsmen Doc, cause most of the time when the shit hits the fan and a lot of us are new to a unit we don’t have time to learn your name…and you don’t last that long on a beach landing…if you know what I mean”!
    Now Marines still call mem DOC because I’ve become their “blood brother”.

  22. Subsidiarity – a principle in social organization holding that functions which are performed effectively by subordinate or local organizations belong more properly to them than to a dominant central organization
    Exodus 18
    18 When Jethro, the priest of Midian, Moses’ father in law, heard of all that God had done for Moses, and for Israel his people, and that the Lord had brought Israel out of Egypt;
    2 Then Jethro, Moses’ father in law, took Zipporah, Moses’ wife, after he had sent her back,
    3 And her two sons; of which the name of the one was Gershom; for he said, I have been an alien in a strange land:
    4 And the name of the other was Eliezer; for the God of my father, said he, was mine help, and delivered me from the sword of Pharaoh:
    5 And Jethro, Moses’ father in law, came with his sons and his wife unto Moses into the wilderness, where he encamped at the mount of God:
    6 And he said unto Moses, I thy father in law Jethro am come unto thee, and thy wife, and her two sons with her.
    7 And Moses went out to meet his father in law, and did obeisance, and kissed him; and they asked each other of their welfare; and they came into the tent.
    8 And Moses told his father in law all that the Lord had done unto Pharaoh and to the Egyptians for Israel’s sake, and all the travail that had come upon them by the way, and how the Lord delivered them.
    9 And Jethro rejoiced for all the goodness which the Lord had done to Israel, whom he had delivered out of the hand of the Egyptians.
    10 And Jethro said, Blessed be the Lord, who hath delivered you out of the hand of the Egyptians, and out of the hand of Pharaoh, who hath delivered the people from under the hand of the Egyptians.
    11 Now I know that the Lord is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them.
    12 And Jethro, Moses’ father in law, took a burnt offering and sacrifices for God: and Aaron came, and all the elders of Israel, to eat bread with Moses’ father in law before God.
    13 And it came to pass on the morrow, that Moses sat to judge the people: and the people stood by Moses from the morning unto the evening.
    14 And when Moses’ father in law saw all that he did to the people, he said, What is this thing that thou doest to the people? why sittest thou thyself alone, and all the people stand by thee from morning unto even?
    15 And Moses said unto his father in law, Because the people come unto me to enquire of God:
    16 When they have a matter, they come unto me; and I judge between one and another, and I do make them know the statutes of God, and his laws.
    17 And Moses’ father in law said unto him, The thing that thou doest is not good.
    18 Thou wilt surely wear away, both thou, and this people that is with thee: for this thing is too heavy for thee; thou art not able to perform it thyself alone.
    19 Hearken now unto my voice, I will give thee counsel, and God shall be with thee: Be thou for the people to God-ward, that thou mayest bring the causes unto God:
    20 And thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws, and shalt shew them the way wherein they must walk, and the work that they must do.
    21 Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens:
    22 And let them judge the people at all seasons: and it shall be, that every great matter they shall bring unto thee, but every small matter they shall judge: so shall it be easier for thyself, and they shall bear the burden with thee.
    23 If thou shalt do this thing, and God command thee so, then thou shalt be able to endure, and all this people shall also go to their place in peace.
    24 So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father in law, and did all that he had said.
    25 And Moses chose able men out of all Israel, and made them heads over the people, rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.
    26 And they judged the people at all seasons: the hard causes they brought unto Moses, but every small matter they judged themselves.
    27 And Moses let his father in law depart; and he went his way into his own land.
    It’s been my nickname my whole life.

  23. Miss Kitty-
    Not good at screen name’s myself, but decided on my Mom’s ball of fluff. Miss Kitty is the last remaining pet that belonged to my dearly departed Mom.

    Brings fond memories of the three of us watching Gunsmoke together. 🤠 I’ll drop a hint, that’s where Miss Kitty got her name. 😘

  24. My college baseball nickname due to excessive beer drinking abilities and inabilities afterwards.

  25. My name comes from my activity while hitting this site in the early hours of the morning. Coffee and IOTW Report to get me revved up in the morning.

  26. My name has evolved. I started out as “Stirrin the Pitcher”, which actually began with a local community blog called “Drinking the Franklin KoolAid. The owner of it was lib living in a very conservative town (Franklin), and he took every opportunity to present his point of view on local issues. And I took every opportunity to challenge him and his like-minded followers – thus stirrin the (Koolaid) pitcher.

    When I found Iotw 10 years or so I started with that name, with an (N)Obama logo KoolAid pitcher avatar. In fact, Fur if you were to resurrect the old “Ugly Mosaic” , I made the wall! Something I took great pride in.

    I later changed it to Stirrin the BS, for “Barack Stew”, refering to the concoction of bad ingredients he and his party were feeding the country. If you wanted to think of it as Bull Sh*t, well that would work too.

    Fast forward a few years, Oblowme is out, Trump is in, but the congress critters and deep state have revealed themselves as true enemies of the state. That has nothing to to with why I changed it to stirrin the pot, but I just like to agitate a little bit, stir things up a little bit, if you will, and take contrary postions if I believe they are correct.

    Have loved this site since I first found it. It too has evolved, but still keeps true to it’s core purpose. Thank you BFH for maintaining it throughout all of the challenges. And thanks to Claudia, MJA, and DocTar for keeping the topics flowing. (sorry if I left anyone out)

  27. Marco is what my daughter calls me after spending time with her in Italy for several months. It’s her idea of a nifty nickname. It’s more catchy than my forename, which is just Mark.

  28. Several years ago my secretary talked me into getting a cat for my law office. The reception area slowly became a shrine to the office cat with cat posters and paintings on the wall (including a few from clients that painted portraits of the office cat), maneki neko statues, and a stained glass cat shaped lamp. The office cat developed an uncureable cancerous tumor in his nose and, after palliative radiation treatments, is still with us and living a normal cat life years after what should have been his expiration date.

  29. When I first got my Hotmail email address I tried using my name but I would had to have used a number along with it. Figuring that neither I nor anyone else would have remembered the number I came up with something unique so I would not need a number. I used what I was associated with in some way shape or form the most in my working life.

  30. After 35+ years in uniform my ability to tolerate or forgive less than stellar behavior of criminals hovers somewhere in the high ZERO range. So Gitta-Rope and judgeroybean were toss ups. JRB won the coin toss. Love me some F-101s, F-4s, F-15s.

  31. Refuse/resist is a song by metal band Sepultura that is about standing up to a corrupt government. I thought this was an appropriate name during the Obama administration. Now it applies to standing up to the dems, libs, and the msm lies.

  32. I’d rather not call attention to myself… ever. And there’s also the cliché about where true power resides. The nick “Behind the Throne” sounded far too pretentious to me. I’m always hanging about… in the shadows, if you will, so my nick became lurker, and since I’m such an inconsequential player, it’s “lurker” with a lowercase “l.”

  33. Studied Jazz Theory at Loyola Unv. with Wynton Marsalis. He dubbed me ‘Diogenes’ because of my stoic disposition toward music. The ‘Sarcastica’ part came later, but very naturally.

  34. Third generation timber farmer and Texas Master Naturalist. Cherrybark is a red oak that grows in the bottomlands here in East Texas.

  35. @AOC June 5, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    “It’s what they call me. I was hoping someone could tell me why”

    Damn you, you made me spit my beer out, LOL!

    Maybe it’s because ABC wasn’t, well, as easy as ABC, 123, you and me!

  36. I stole it from a neighbor. PHenry lived near me on Scotchtown Road. Out here in the sticks. Drive by his house daily.

    @CCNV. I graduated from Carson City High School in 72. Back when it was west of town.
    I wouldn’t recognize the place now. I remember the first McDonalds opening.
    Geez. A light year ago.

  37. I served 10 years active duty in the US Submarine Force. Bubblehead is a nickname applied to submariners, so I decided to use Peter the Bubblehead.

    Early on during my comment posting here and other blogs I started with Peter the Sub Guy (based on my primary email address), but I kept getting asked if I worked for a sandwich shop.

  38. Years ago, I had the honor of reading Sir Winston’s 12 volume series on the History of WW II.
    A term he used frequently was extirpate Nazism. Extirpate means to rip out by the roots or totally destroy. So I stole the word from him.

  39. My screen name is inspired by my Petey B and my unbleached elastic starfish!

  40. Sappers are skilled in breaching enemy obstacles, usually by dynamic and explosive means. It’s among the many things the Army trained me in and I really enjoyed. Ain’t lived until you put a hole in the earth that a city bus can fit in. Might explain my hearing issues….

  41. Groucho Marxist was born as a sock puppet on a liberal board where I kept getting banned for being conservative.. The board was littered with Che’s, Lenin, Engels, and other social justice heroes… I created Groucho Marxist and probably made twenty absolutely mind numbed posts before I couldn’t continue posting liberal idiocy…

    That I’ve stolen their icon and make a mockery of him pisses liberals off immensely… Not long after I found the people’s cube and IOTW and the rest is internet history

  42. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of my favorite movies. I take lines throughout the movie and use them in everyday life. I start to cry a few minutes after the movie starts. I always felt Mary Hatch was an amazing character. She knew what she wanted from a very young age (hence “George Bailey I’ll love you to the day I die”) and strives so hard to make things work no matter. I know she’s a movie character, but she’s truly the heroine of that story. When I had to pick a Screen name I knew Mary Hatch would be perfect.

    I strive all the time to be that strong and noble. Still working on it!

    God Bless us all!!

  43. Colonel Glover is a hero of mine and a very fairly unknown hero of the American Revolution. In four different battles he was instrumental in the advancement of the Continental Army for MANY years, starting with:

    The Siege of Boston – held hill position.

    The Battle of Long Island – he and the 14th Mass evacuated GW and 8,000 troops from Brooklyn to NYC only to get chased north to Harlem.

    The Battle of Pels Point – I grew up adjacent to the entire battle/skirmish (according to historians). AND still live within the battle ground of troop movements at that time. This action allowed GW to escape from NY and get to White Plains.

    The Battle of White Plains – the 14th joined the later battle scene and was the last unit to leave from Miller’s Hill cannons and all.

    The Evacuation of troops from Manhattan Island and Fort Washington to Fort Constitution. Now known as Fort Lee, NJ. Hooked up with and embedded Thomas Paine.

    The Battle of Trenton – the 14th was crucial to troop movements back and forth across the Delaware River. It was at this point GW promoted Glover to Brig Gen.

    The Surrender at the Battle of Saratoga painting , a minor involvement, Glover is on the far right fourth from the right, just above the cannon.

    Helped to build West Points early fortifications with Taddeus Koscusko.

    Commanding officer for the execution of Maj Andrea at Tappan, NY.

    Responsible for the transport of British and other prisoners to Newport, post Saratoga and also participation in the Battle of Newport.

    He and the 14th were a multi purpose self sufficient unit, land and water, before this type of modern warfare that exists and is studied now.

    There is an excellent movie called The Crossing in which he is played perfectly.

    And ‘Ghost’ is part of the allegory and the honor memory and memory to haunt. :>)


  44. @Peter the Bubblehead — Ten years in subs? You have my admiration and respect. It isn’t easy being a submariner.

    My late father, USNA ’42, was one. Was an XO during WWII and had his own boat after the hostilities were over. He had my admiration and respect, too. And love, but I don’t know you that well! (-:

  45. I have read most of what Ayan Rand wrote, some of it good some of it so so, but I liked it all. Her first hand experience with Communism left an impression on me so I scrambled the letters in her name and came up with Dan Ryan and threw in the Galt because, well, because Galt.

    I chose Dead Che, (Tees available at The Peoples Cube) as an Avatar because after doing some research on him I decided to help spread the word of what a murdering piece of crap he was.

  46. In the mid 60’s I killed ChiCom for JFK1. I proudly wore an EG+A on my blouse.


    thanks. I Owe my life to a DOC. If I live to 150 I will remember! Thanks!

  47. Truckbuddy is a derivative of another popular word. I have a Ford F350 Platinum, and I really like to truck.

  48. I’ve been playing second fiddle to my brother my whole life. (No, really, Larry has to be first chair all the time!) And, while many of you don’t like Larry, I hope you like me because I’m more fair and balanced about politics than Larry, even though he can be more enlightened, sometimes. People tell me I’m really good at stating the obvious.

    I like commenting here but I think many of you are over the hill, past your prime, on the downhill slide and ridding off into the sunset with bald heads.

  49. Because nearly everyone refuses to call me Chuck, so it just stuck. Odd, the older I get the more I hear it.

  50. Alexb.
    I use my first name(got that down pat).
    First letter of my last name.
    It’s hard when you are over 65.
    But i will still beat the shit out of you if you piss me off.
    And i am Canadian.

  51. Reflecting back, I had no idea that life would take me from little old Carson City to Washington to italy back to Virginia up to Cape Cod to Richmond and eventually to beaverdam va. Near Patrick Henry’s home when he gave his Liberty or death speech. And where he lived while governor.

    I have lived a very rich life.

    But not as much as my cat. Tzeitel.

    Rescued from a tree as a kitten in Sparks NV.
    Moved to Reno.
    Moved to China Lake.
    Moved to Ridgecrest CA
    Moved across country to Alexandria VA
    Then Arlington.
    Then Naples Italy
    Then Seattle.


  52. Above my desk is a shadow box with a ceramic disk, and on that disk is the handprint of my sweet boy, whose nicknames include Boobaloo and Boo, when he was a pre-schooler. The disk is painted green, the hand red, and his name at the top written on it in black.

    One day I decided I don’t want to use my real name anymore, or at least as little as possible, so tried thinking of one, but couldn’t. Then I glanced up, my eyes fell on the shadow box and there was the name.

    It was his wise idea to put bubble wrap inside the frame as a little protection against the many earthquakes we have. (They are mostly small, but things falling off and out aren’t unusual, and the sting from our 2018 earthquake was still a bit raw.) He loves popping those bubbles, so this was quite the sacrifice. 😉

  53. Mine is pretty obvious. My first grandchild could not pronounce grandmother, so mamomma is who I happily became. I added “the” because plain mamomma was taken on something or other I was trying to join.

  54. The empress? No. My evil bunny Eugenia Victoria Tooms named after and X-FIles creature Eugene Victor Tooms (‘Squeeze’). She passed away at age 12.

  55. I’ve used Tim Buktu ever since I started posting on Ann Coulter’s chat room in 2008. I saw the name of the Saharan town and realized it could be parsed out to be a name. That’s all.

    A few months ago, I came up with the other one, Hector Murmansk, esq. just because it is too improbable a name. It’s just for a laugh.

  56. The plethoric panoply of add-on’s to the name Lazlo are due to the times I go to feverishly post some tripe or common doggerel, and the part where Poor Lazlo usually autofills does not autofill, I pettily figure that since I now have to type something in there lest Anonymous get credit for my highly interesting witticism, I should get another moniker for all my trouble.
    Thus the scales of the world are again balanced, and the universe may continue on unperturbed.

  57. gin blossom
    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 7:43 PM
    “OK Stirrin and SNS it was your idea, cough it up!!!”

    …OK, but remember, you asked for it…

    …the story of my name is as long as my posts, and nearly as meandering, but a bit stiff in spots. Before, and in a way after I came here, I evolved my handle at a site I won’t name, but its initials are “G.P.”. It is a good board, but the mods are HYPER sensitive. The first time they banned me, I made a new account as a “ghost” of my former handle that was, simply, “ghost”… and then got banned again. Each successive time I came back as a variant of “ghost”, such as “phantom”, “spectre”, etc., and “Nightshade” was simply the one that got banned under just before I started HERE.

    They never told me any of the reasons they banned any of the me’s, so after awhile I just kept coming back to be curmedgeonly, maybe I’m there niw, maybe not, but you wouldn’t know me if I AM ’cause I’d just be a troll at thus point, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Anyway, so I came over here as Nightshade, just the name and no avitar, just ’cause it was the bag I walked in with. I got comfortable here, maybe too much so, and then they did this “Explain Your Name” thread like they are now. I told the top part of the story and was gonna leave it at that…then @Hoo Hoo Nay Nay explained HERS. I won’t steal her thunder in case she chooses to chime in and it’s not my story to tell anyway (SHE did it GREAT!), but suffice to say she was an ER nurse at one time, and one of her thousands of stories you get from such occupations inspired it.

    …well, it’s not news to anyone who’s read me that one of my ustacoulds was a medic for a municipal FD, so I’ve spent some time around emergent patients too, so I, of course, had to share one of MY six or so actually GOOD stories in the same vein.

    This is the story of the night I met Superman…

    …One night we were called out for an unconscious man, and no other details. On arrival, we found a man naked except for an impromptu “cape” around his neck, a big bump on his head, and a fully clothed woman panicking beside him. We went to work stabilizing the guy including neck brace and head chocks on a backboard because the gal couldn’t tell the same story twice about “what happened”. We notified LEO because it was fishy, but took her in the front seat to the ER with him in the back in hopes of getting the truth so we could get this man properly cared for. We finally got this from her, and it was (much) later corroborated by him.

    …seems they were playing a little game, where she was a naked Lois Lane crying out for her, ah, “Man of Steel”. He chose to cosplay a bit, tying a sheet around his neck as a cape, but nothing else by way of clothing. Ok so far, but THEN, he decided “why not leap from on high to the rescue?”, and climbed a nearby bureau for that purpose. Apparently his landing calulations were thrown off just a bit by all the beer he’d drunk, as he went a little high, hit a bedpost on descent, and knocked himself out and rolled away.

    Young Lois was beside herself, dressed herself (but NOT her inamorta, not so much as a loincloth) in a panic of shame, then called 911. Enter Yours Truly from the Little Red Truck, and that brings us back to the beginning of the story…

    …so anyway, I thought about this as regards my handle, found this picture of a wide-stance Supergirl (not Lois, unfortunately) standing over an obviously head injured Superman, fused the “Super” to my “Nightshade”, and here I stand to this day as your humble servant…

    …y’know, in hindsight, it’s a good thing he DIDN’T, ah, “Stick The Landing”. Given the reported state of “affairs” at the time of the incident, it’s likely had he landed dick-first that he he would have BROKE it. Yes, penis fractures are a real thing – a real PAINFUL thing – where you tear erectile tissue and bleed out into the skin, and it’s really NOT a happiness for the fellow who GETS one, so better that he dented his BIG head than his LITTLE one…

    …also, her not covering up the evidence made checking for priaprism a LOT less embarassing. Priaprism is a non-sexually stimulated hardon that is a sign of severe spinal damages and us said to be +QUITE+ painful IF the victim can still feel anything at ALL. So, Supes (heh) dodged a bullet THERE, too, as he did NOT have one.

    (Although @Priaprism COULD be a cool handle TOO, but tough to find an avitar for, just sayin’…)

    …Anyway, that’s the story to date of Supernightshade. Unless I dangle a priaprism from it later…

    And the moral of the story here, as in the Incredibles, is “NO CAPES!”…

  58. @an ol ex jarhead.
    I have a disgruntled father in law that had a similar experience as you. Marine artillery in Nam. I try to assure him that he did what was asked if him, but he’ll hear none of it. Still fighting the war.

    I am incapable of understanding his struggle.

    My draft number was 24 when I graduated in 72.
    Fortunately this didn’t turn into an issue for me.
    But guilt still remains for not serving.

  59. I share the initials with the founder of M&M enterprises, Milo Mindbender. He was totally amoral, with a finely tuned sense of justice, and an eco comic genius who could buy eggs for a dime and sell them for a nickle reap a profit and still keep all his connections running.

  60. Simple.
    One of my favorite tunes is It’s All Too Much, a George Harrison/Beatles composition from the sixties, obviously.

  61. My real name is Jeff but my late late wife preferred the English spelling of Geoff so it stuck. I am an aardvark because that was my fighter squadrons (F-4 Phantoms) VF 114 mascot which I served in from Jan.1973-August 1975. I could also be a Russ or a Rusty since my middle name is Russell. And I was nicknamed Muskie because a friends dad nicknamed me that back in 1968 because I swam like a muskrat. Only my youngest brother still calls me that when he tries to piss me off. If I had been in VF143 I would have been a Puking dog which is a terrible name for a squadron mascot.

  62. Bobcat
    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 7:27 PM
    “I’m Bob…I own Bobcats…”

    …are we talking about construction equipment here, or big cats?

    …if cats, did you just like ’em, or is there some kind of market for them?

  63. Red is not about hair color but the red that was adopted by conservative Republicans. And I love being a grandma. I added the Breitbart image to my red dinosaur avatar when we lost Andrew.

  64. My names followed disqus accounts I had on the ABC NEWS disqus shithole. So my name changed here quite a bit, too.

    I was Tard, #robotlivesmatter, Quong, tiredoftheseshitbags, liberalsarefilth, and eventually an Anonymous. Pianomusic on this site gave me the name Anonymous Erik from a music post I made with my real name in it, which I think was the best.

    The avatar is Willem Dafoe hollering at Rob Pattinson from The Lighthouse. I used that because my wife said I resemble him from that film. I let my beard get about 6 inches long and cut it off… and do it again.

  65. I now know enough about this community to have you all institutionalized. Hahaha. I’ll be in cell 247. Upper bunk.
    And I have bladder control issues. Look out below.
    See you soon.

    Oh lord. What a fun thread this has been.

  66. I use my first name Alex (got that down pat).
    The first letter of my last name B.
    It is hard when you are over 65,plus i am Canadian.

  67. Late wife, you’d think that I’d been watching the late, late movie or something. I am having a terrible time typing tonight, my comment disappeared and I had to retype them. Oh well, sometimes that happens, maybe it’s the curse of being nicknamed Muskie, who knows.

  68. I’m from Tennessee and I consider myself to be slightly more sophisticated than your average native Tennesseen.

    At least that’s what I’ve said in the past.

    The truth is I wanted to start my own blog in 2010, and my eagerness to start the blog outpaced my patience in coming up with a more original (and less copyright-prone) screen name.

  69. I thought using Drop Dead Gorgeous Grandma would be too braggadocio and could have doxed me, so I went with Plain Jane because….I am really a humble wallflower.

  70. The name is that of my alter ego, and goes back to my younger days. I would offer more information, but not in polite company.

  71. When iotw started I was simply “Jim” but due to all the post-election hysteria, I changed it.

  72. Handy N Handsome is what the star of the Red Green Show signs off with at the end of the show, as in :”If you can’t be handsome, at least be handy.
    My name changes with subject matter
    Handsome Farmer
    Handsome MD
    Handy Racist
    to name a few.

  73. came to iOTW (when it was iOTW) back when Limbaugh posted a link to The People’s Cube site where Fur was a contributing member, which led to iOTW when Fur went solo … been here ever since in one form or another

    originally started posting as ‘MoHam Head’ w/ a pic of Moe Howard of the ‘Three Stooges’ w/ a rainbow turban on his head (which I so proudly created w/ the help of photoshop). then I started using ‘Chuck U Farley’ but dropped out for a while because I withdrew due the Obama re-election. when Trump arrived on the scene in ’15 I came back as my present moniker … dunno why, guess because ‘Molon Labe’ was popular at the time & I thought it was neat to post it in the original Greek … still enjoy (& appreciate) it when Uncle Al post to me in the Greek script

    when I post off my phone I use ‘Crabcakes’ because that’s what I have gone by for about a decade now on phones & other sites (that I rarely frequent any longer) … ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ is a bit of a pain to use … but, too lazy to care enough to change it & some here have known me as this moniker & avatar for a while, so I keep it

    (& I’ve told this story a couple times before … I think)

  74. @Milo Mindbender
    “…an eco comic genius who could buy eggs for a dime and sell them for a nickle reap a profit…”

    Pray tell, how does one buy for a dime and sell for a nickle, and still reap a profit? Inquiring minds want to know.

  75. @Sns – that was some funny shit right there.

    I know the ‘bar’ that you are talking about. Got thrown out of there several times ma-self. Screw ’em.

    There is no other place like here @iOTW. There are ‘sites’ and then there are SIGHTS and sounds to behold.

    Where else can I talk to YOU about faith and the LOTR’s? :>)

    Thanks for the ‘two’ @Sns and @stirrin’ the pot that suggested it!

    And to C!



  76. Brown Eyed Girl
    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 7:38 PM
    “We became good friends and he used to sing Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” to me all the time.”

    …must be guy-specific if that works…in High School, I dated a girl named “Sarah”, and tried to coo to her with the song “Sarah Smiles” by Hall & Oats, and kept the 45 of it in the door handle of my car ’cause I thought she’d like that. Well, one day she asked me to hand her the 45, which I did, and she broke it and flung the pieces out the windiw, and told me to shut up with that song.

    Just as well, she was a green-eyed girl, so I later had to find my OWN brown eyed girl that I married 25 years ago and still have today, so I think they’re just better…

    …didn’t use the song with her, though I DID call her my Brown Eyed Girl from time to time anyway, just ’cause I love her eyes, but that’s just me…

  77. Fuck. i just spent the last 15 minuets trying to sound all officious and stuff about my screen name and then forgot to hit the “post comment” thingy.
    Alexb- my first name is Alex (got that down pat).
    The first letter of my last name is B.
    Are you still following?…atta boy.
    The only thing that will fuck you up is i am Canadian.

  78. Bobcat…laughing JUNE 5, 2020 AT 9:37 PM

    Skidsteer and Mini-ex !!!”

    …phew, thanks, though maybe you were that “Tiger King” guy or something, and he’s probably pretty mad about losing his zoo in the divorce about now…

  79. @Larry’s Brother:

    …I think many of you are over the hill, past your prime, on the downhill slide and ridding off into the sunset with bald heads.

    Hey! I resent that! I DO SO have a full head of hair! (-;

  80. chuckie JUNE 5, AT 10:02 PM
    “rules said no reruns, so you’ll have to guess at mine…… 🙂

    (not Chuckie)”

    …mine wasn’t TECHNICALLY a rerun since I’ve told PARTS of it before, but never all in one place. So, since you have me intrigued, c’mon, you can cheat just a skosh…

  81. My avatar is Millard Fillmore, the 13th President of the United States and the last Whig President. For some reason, he looked like a Wyatt, so I went with that. President Fillmore’s demeanor in his portrait had the look of someone who had risen to a position above his abilities and knew it, but was trying to keep that information a secret. Hey, someone’s got to be number 13.

    The Insensitive Progressive Jerk is in honor of a couple of colleagues. Sometimes I like to joke around and have Wyatt be a wealthy, clueless, egotistical, hypocritical and/or generally uncaring individual, and it happened to fit these collegues to a T. Frankly, there were a lot of progressives where I lived and worked, and insensitive progressive jerk was a pretty accurate description of these folk.

    For the record, I’m not wealthy nor do I believe I’m really egotistical, hypocritical or uncaring. I will plead guilty to frequently being clueless, though.

  82. Started off as just Geoff C. back in the day, then we all got called racist over and over in the Tea Party days, so we all picked a cracker to add to our names on the blog I was on before iOTW came on the scene, found iOTW and have been here ever since.
    Have not changed my name ever, nor will I.
    I dislike all of the Anonymous commenters, I understand some but most are cowards.

  83. My dad gave all of us kids hillbilly nicknames when we were young just for fun. Pookie Lou, Clem, Hambone and Pearl. I sure miss him.

  84. Yes anonymous is annoying.

    Also, how hard is it to get an avatar? People, some of you have been here for YEARS. Still no avatar. Go to and put in some effort.

    Looks sucky when the comments column is all grey.

  85. eternal clown posse. honk honk.

    Nah, I had a big long story typed out but quit since I figured no one wanted to hear about my boyfriend named Larry. Larry said I did too much thinking and not enough acting with emotion. So I changed it to eternal ponderer in spite. It got shortened to eternalp which was later modified to eternal cracker p to show how much my life didn’t matter. It’s like opposite from BLM. Larry caught on and started cyberstalking me so it got changed to ecp. Just know that most people gather here because of my iotwr tramp stamp.

  86. That’s what everyone says, Uncle Al. But have you looked in the mirror lately? The image you see in the mirror is not what others see. Mirrors lie – like Mitt Romney. That’s why I don’t use them.

  87. Thank you everyone! It is a pleasure to be in such awesome company! (Oh, I was also banned from TGP for supplying the link to recall Sisolak!)

  88. Plain Jane JUNE 5, 2020 AT 9:35 PM
    “I thought using Drop Dead Gorgeous Grandma would be too braggadocio and could have doxed me, so I went with Plain Jane because….I am really a humble wallflower.”

    …don’t let her deceive you, folks, this lady is one of the most stalwart of the Lord’s warriors you’ll ever find, especially on the topic of abortion…she has her own health struggles but the Lord keeps her through them because she helps so many, even fools like me…she is humble as the Lord would have her be, but there’s a LOT of well-earned love for her here at iOTA, and I selfishly hope the Lord keeps her around as out moral compass for quite some time…

    God Bless you, PJ.

  89. A colleague turned me on to IOTW years ago and that day the young marketeer that was brought in above me said I was being let go. The reason when I countered for unemployment: MISCONDUCT! Not: Cheaper, social woke little twat replaced you!

    Claim to IOTW Fame: winner of a hand-painted BFH Molon Labe Tote!

  90. @Geoff C. The Saltine
    “…I dislike all of the Anonymous commenters, I understand some but most are cowards…”

    Careful. Everybody who comments on here is anonymous, even if they use their real name. Do you think my real name is stirrin the pot?

  91. stirrin the pot

    That’s not his point. It’s awfully hard to joust with an anom when there’s twenty of them on one thread. Better yet when ones attacking you. Cowardly shit.

  92. Maybe I should explain about my avatar. I have loved foxes since I was a child. It in NO WAY alludes to any stupid idea that I think I’m a fox (someone once asked me if that is what my fox meant)!

    I’ve used a fox from the first time commenting even before I found iOTW (before the r) and I did the same here. I used different photos of a red fox until Jethro found my avatar for me. I loved it and have used it since.

    Funny thing is, I gave Jethro HIS avatar! I had put together a montage of angry children and he asked me for that single image, which I promptly sent to him.

    So, there you have it.

  93. TN Tuxedo JUNE 5, 2020 AT 9:34 PM
    “I’m from Tennessee…”
    …East or West? My wife has family in East Tennessee around Dandridge, and it’s been my experience that the East and West ends are almost different states tempermentally…

  94. AbigailAdams (no space, not “Abby” – EVER) because I fell in love with John Adams’ mind. If I had a LOT of money, I would buy a politician and make him/her build a monument to him in D.C.

    Washington was okay, but Adams was brilliant. I look forward to meeting him and his wife in heaven.

  95. gin blossom JUNE 5, 2020 AT 7:43 PM
    “OK Stirrin and SNS it was your idea, cough it up!!!”

    …well, WE both did, how ’bout YOU? And yes, I remember your previous story, but I don’t find “I like flowers ” to be particularly convincing…;)

  96. AbigailAdams, just want you to know that I read the David McCullough’s book, “John Adams” because of a comment from you. I have also fallen in love with him. I believe he was the best president of his time, and beyond.

    His letter writing with his wife makes me sometimes long for letter writing to come back in style. Email is fine, but the joy of a handwritten letter, sigh.

  97. @Brad –
    “…That’s not his point. It’s awfully hard to joust with an anom when there’s twenty of them on one thread. Better yet when ones attacking you. Cowardly shit…”

    Who cares whether its Anom1 or Anom2 or Anom3, etc, or its Bad Brad or stirrin the pot. We’re ALL anonymous. I don’t understand the distinction. You’re jousting with a comment. One person could be the twenty “anonymous” commenters you referred to.

  98. @Bad_Brad- correct. I can say this because IF you, me or anyone else get in a scrap up (haha) you either defend yourself or get out of the way fucking way, IOW we all seem to have a personality, an identity of sorts?? No??

    And, I am not good at id’ing one anon from anonother. LOL.

    Now I know the story of one of THEE best avatars @Jethro!!!

  99. For those not yet informed, the inspiration for my screen name is in honor of one of the mightest military fighting forces in the history of The United States of America – The 99th Fighter Squadron, WW II, aka Tuskegee Airmen. Real heroes who considered themselves Americans first and didn’t make an issue about the fact they’re black.

    Unlike most of today’s black American Gen X and Millenial generations, who have no understanding of their civic responsibilities, the 99th of the Greatest Generation were intelligent, highly skilled, patriotic, brave pilots who beat the odds and made the world take notice of their stellar heroic actions.
    I wish I had signed up for military service when I was younger, and truly regret not taking the opportunity.

    Another fun inspiration is the “Get Smart” character, “99”. She was really the smart one, feminine and confident enough to support the man she loved.
    Also, I like the song “99” by “TOTO”, (Sorry, just do). Oh Yeah, my favorite number is 9. Go figure.

    I’ve been an IOTWr fan and reader/commenter since 2009. Always great fun to find out screen name origins of newbies and regulars.

  100. ghost of brig gen j glover JUNE 5, 2020 AT 9:53 PM

    “Where else can I talk to YOU about faith and the LOTR’s? :>)”

    …since we’re mostly duffers here and we may sometimes seem to be talking to hear ourselves talk, perhaps THIS is an apt LOTR quote…

    “In one thing you have not changed, dear friend,” said Aragorn: “you still speak in riddles.” “What? In riddles?” said Gandalf. “No! For I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to; the long explanations needed by the young are wearying.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

    …just kidding, youngsters, both of you…

  101. Claudia JUNE 5, 2020 AT 10:29 PM
    “Maybe I should explain about my avatar. I have loved foxes since I was a child. It in NO WAY alludes to any stupid idea that I think I’m a fox (someone once asked me if that is what my fox meant)!”

    …well, WE think you’re pretty cute, Claudia, so quit calling us stupid, it’s very hurtful (Sob, sob, HOOONK!) (Wipes nose with bare hand) 😉

  102. OK. I have tried for the 462nd time to make an aviator. I have never had any luck. Will it show up this time?

  103. In 1980 when I was 15 years old, I got my first job in order to buy a computer (TRS-80 Model I, 16K memory, Level II BASIC) for $793.94 which was going to take me a while. I became friends with the manager of my local Radio Shack and he let me come in and use the computer there anytime I wanted which worked for me, because I got free use time, and for him because he sold a lot of computers (A fifteen year old can do it!). I always signed my name using my middle initial and he noticed that my initials were B.A.M. and took to referring to me as BAMO. As he earned my undying appreciation as the first, not-related-to-me, adult in my life who took me seriously and backed me up in trying times (I was 15), I have ALWAYS used it, in one form or another, in his honor. Even to the point of naming my first tech support service BAMOTECH.

  104. @Supernightshade – ‘…my experience that the East and West ends are almost different states tempermentally…”

    They are, and there is a reason why the state flag has three stars – for West, Middle and East. West is predominately democrat (Memphis), East is predominately republican (Knoxville and Chattanooga), while Middle Tennesee is a mixed bag. Nashville is solidly democrat, while almost every surrounding county (including mine) is solidly republican.

    Now, the state flag has nothing to do with the politics of the three regions, I only made that point to highlight the differences within the state.

  105. @janitor – much respect, you clean up shit, amazing isn’t it? This is why we must stay strong as a iOTW ship in the ocean bobbing about in a vicious storm, this thread has been incredible.

    We all have a responsibility and duty on the ship moving forward. Rudder, Crows Nest, Helm, front gunnery, rear gunnery, the galley, engine and boiler room mechanics and sail providers, etc…

  106. @Brad – “stirrin the pot. Honestly, you sound like you are defending Antifa…”

    You lost me on that comment. Where the f*ck did you come up with that? I would NEVER defend Antifa.

  107. @stirrin the pot JUNE 5, 2020 AT 9:42 PM

    “Pray tell, how does one buy for a dime and sell for a nickle, and still reap a profit? Inquiring minds want to know.”

    As Cal Worthington used to say: “I make it up with volume”.

  108. The dog in my avatar died in 2015. He was almost 15 years old, a Boston Terrier that was our first dog (as a married couple). I gifted him to my wife as a pup for valentines day. She really wanted a bull dog, but we all fell in love with Delmar the Boston. BFH painted his portrait and you can find in the gallery, the one and only dog that truly owns the world. On the secret side we also love pit bulls and have one in the house. Her name is Thalia (aka, Tolly), a red haired Old Family Red Nose that will be 7 years old in July. A 78 pound soft lump of joy that we love like a child. Dogs are the best.

  109. Claudia, yes writing letters should come back. I wrote letters home all the time when I was in the Navy and my folks wrote back. A couple of years ago after my parents died I found them all in their stuff and kept them. And reread them, I am saving them for my kids and grandkids to give them a glimpse into who I was when I was younger (and a glimpse at the history of the 1970’s from my perspective) and who they’re grandparents were. Some of them are pretty funny, I hope they see them that way. And besides it gave me a chance to write in cursive with a fountain pen no less.

  110. BAMO JUNE 5, 2020 AT 10:56 PM
    “In 1980 when I was 15 years old, I got my first job in order to buy a computer (TRS-80 Model I, 16K memory, Level II BASIC) for $793.94…”

    ….I washed dishes in my teens to earn MY TRS-80, but I wasn’t as ambitious as you, mine was the 4K minimalist system with Realistic tape deck for program input, but that was SO slow and listening to the “hmm….hmmmm…hummmHUMMM!” got old, so I learned BASIC pretty quick by always tapping my own programs in, even addressing the monochrome screen pixel by pixel…it wasn’t particularly useful by ITSELF, by it was one HELL of a teacher in Boolean Logic and BASIC that gave me lessons I use to this DAY, so my ~$500 system was money well spent, even if I DID buy it on credit so my Tawanese boss at the Formosan restaurant I washed dishes in found out when they did the credit check and teased me in Chinelish about buying a “clumpluteer”…

  111. @RadioMattM JUNE 5, 2020 AT 10:55 PM
    “OK. I have tried for the 462nd time to make an aviator. I have never had any luck. Will it show up this time?”

    It’s been so many years since I last tried to post an Avitar, I don’t remember how. Are the instructions posted somewhere?

  112. joe6pak JUNE 5, 2020 AT 11:10 PM
    “I’m more curious about sylvia’s avatar than her screen name.”

    …took me a minute too…it’s a woman’s hand on a mouse with her fingers splayed around a center mount scroll roller.

    …but apparently meant to make dirty-minded sorts like none of us HERE are (harrump, harrumph) think of something ENTIRELY different…

  113. I have used my name here and at one other site in the past.
    When I was a teen, my mother was the church secretary (volunteer). Our priest was often over to work on things, and became a big part of our lives for many years.
    One day I came into the room and kind of tripped over my own feet, or something, and he called me Grace in Action. I shortened it and have liked it ever since.

  114. Everyone Chill, this is the best thread! We all hate those antifag white, proven, motherfuckers.

    Sylvia who??

  115. @Chance June 5, 2020 at 9:37 pm – The name is that of my alter ego, and goes back to my younger days. I would offer more information, but not in polite company.

    Is that “Know how, want chance?”

    I got the moniker “Phuzzy” because I am. Fuzzy, that is. My future wife saw my beard for the first time and thought I was Amish. I also worked with some photographers who took pix of kids’ sports teams and I’d say stuff like “fuzzy pickles” to get smiles. The Logick part was when I was on People’s Cube – I needed something besides Fuzzy so I Cube-spelled Phuzzy Logick since sometimes it is.

  116. I am a very country person who’s lived most of my life in west Michigan. I attended the University of Michigan many years ago. For whatever odd reasons most of my closest friends ended up being from the New York area, except one from Chicago. I never hung with any country people. Don’t even remember meeting any in Ann Arbor. My city friends gave me the nickname Paul Bunyan. It could have had to do with me going home most weekends to cut and sell firewood. That was my primary source of winter income since I was in Jr High. I still to this day heat my home with firewood that I cut myself (love the exercise, but I might be switching to geothermal soon though because I not getting any younger). I aslo own a sawmill and make boards for fun and profit. I don’t have a blue ox, but I do live in the woods with Festus my Australian Shepard, 2 cats and 15 chickens. Oh, and Mrs. Bunyan too.

  117. Joe 6 Hoo Hoo Nay Nay is the best by far.
    “What did you do to your Hoo Hoo Nay Nay”
    In the doctors office to her daughter with the shaved
    Hoo Hoo Nay.
    Made me laugh loud.
    Hope she comments tonight.
    Stirrin the pot.
    If I want to respond to someone with a screen name I know whom to address, Anon’s no way.
    Also many here have met in person through iOTW meet ups or going out of our way to seek them out and meet just because we like them from the comments that they make here.

  118. Ghost,

    “Now I know the story of one of THEE best avatars @Jethro!!!”

    I always assumed it was an unhealthy admiration for Buddy Epson. Lol

  119. @PBunyan – you sound pretty cool. I know your lifestyle isn’t easy, but it sounds rewarding.

  120. @ TimBuktu I used to pass myself off as ‘Edna Mae Goforth’ because it too was an improbable name. No one ever questioned it though.

  121. ghost of brig gen j glover JUNE 5, 2020 AT 11:01 PM
    “@janitor – much respect, you clean up shit, amazing isn’t it? This is why we must stay strong as a iOTW ship in the ocean bobbing about in a vicious storm, this thread has been incredible.

    We all have a responsibility and duty on the ship moving forward. Rudder, Crows Nest, Helm, front gunnery, rear gunnery, the galley, engine and boiler room mechanics and sail providers, etc…”

    …Captain of the Head can be a VERY important job according to no less an authority than Admiral D.V. Gallery, the Skipper of the WWII Jeep carrier task force carrier “Guadalcanal” that, among other things, captured the U-505 in battle on the high seas, and ultimately had it towed to it’s current moorings at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

    …before he had THAT job, he commanded a PBY wing of sub hunters in Iceland. The first time they got a kill, he honored the Captain of the Head, or base latrine janitor, right there with the pilots.

    When asked about this, he said it was to point out it was a team effort and everyone had to play their part. You see, submarine sightings, let alone kills,from PBY “flying boats” were few and far between because of the hide and seek nature of the diesel/electric submarines of the time. This meant the crew had to be alert and at their stations to the greatest extent possible to even have a chance of success. If the base latrine were filthy because the Captain of the Head was slacking, the pilot or spotter may well wait until they were aloft for any business, so they could use the reasonably more civilised facilities on the plane. If the pilot is in the cockpit at the yoke when a sub surfaces, he can quickly zero in on it. If he’s in the head with his pants down around his ankles, not so much.

    Therefore, the Captain of the Head was instrumental in making the kill.

    …I don’t know how well this was received by the crew, but I DO know he ended up a highly decorated Rear Admiral, so he must have done SOMETHING right…

  122. @Bad_Brad – there’s a meme for that don’t cha know?

    Buddy Epsen!? May HE RIP. If you see me posting as him only YOU will remember…on the left coast there…haha…

    And let’s not over react to each other on THIS post! WE ARE IN GOOD COMPANY.

    @Stirrin the pot – this is YOUR thread enjoy it for what it IS.

    @ H Prim said move it forward or something like that.

  123. Stirrin no harm no foul.
    You have been here a long time.
    Who is missing on this thread ? All of the Anon’s.
    People with screen names can talk to each other.
    That is all.

  124. I had just taken a break from applying for countless jobs up to that point online early on in the Obama era when I decided to take a break. I clicked on this link from a related site (Forget which one.) and after briefly perusing it I went “HOL-EEEE-CHIT.” So I started thinking about a screen name with a political bent. “Gerrymandering.” “Jerry Manderin.” Fur also taught me how to do an avatar. And the rest is iOTWREPORT history. And I’ve “magically” became friends with a few of you famous reckless scoundrels on here. That’s a fricken miracle in itself!

  125. Tony R JUNE 5, 2020 AT 11:20 PM
    @RadioMattM JUNE 5, 2020 AT 10:55 PM
    ““OK. I have tried for the 462nd time to make an aviator. I have never had any luck. Will it show up this time?”

    It’s been so many years since I last tried to post an Avitar, I don’t remember how. Are the instructions posted somewhere?”

    …anyone wanting an avatar, go to the site below and click the “Create Your Own Gravitar” button. It links the image to whatever E-mail you give it, so you have to use the same email when posting for it to appear.

    And it’s free…

  126. 171 posts!

    ‘Compared to what?’

    ‘At what cost?’

    ‘What hard evidence do you have?’

  127. @Sns – life is a ship, we have a crew (a family), destinations, ports and problems along the way, a means of getting there and some by nature (storms and currents) some by men, both good and bad along the way.

    We just have to know to navigate the waters.

    Thanks for the avatar site, @Uncle Al sent me a try at it, a long time ago, when I first tried, so maybe I’ll try it again now!?

    @Geoff C. The Saltine – there are one or two that I am still waitin’ fur, I mean fir…fir.

  128. 1 Thess 4:16-17
    For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up (harpazo) together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.

    Believer in Jesus Christ and waiting for Him to return to catch us up (rapture, harpazo) to meet Him in the air-but not pre-trib.

  129. …since we all seem to agree that @Hoo Hoo Nay Nay’s story is the BEST, this thread is getting old, and she has not emerged, I suppose there’s no harm in letting her PAST self tell her own story…

    …from the archives…

    Hoo Hoo Nay Nay NOVEMBER 25, 2018 AT 5:12 PM
    “Mine comes from witnessing an unfortunate incident in the ER as a very new nurse. Poor dumb 15 year old girl came in with her 14 year old boyfriend and her mother. She was miscarrying and mom knew it. Doc offered to clear the room for the exam but patient declined. Girl got up in the stirrups, Mom got a look at down below and hollered at the top of her lungs “what in Gods name would possess you to shave your HooHooNayNay?!?!”. The boy fled the room.

    The things that I have seen as a nurse since that day… Truth is stranger than fiction. Especially in The Idiocracy.”

  130. @Phuzzy Logick June 5, 2020 at 11:24 pm – Is that “Know how, want chance?”

    If you mean from the perspective of a normal red-blooded teenage male, certainly that was part of it.

  131. What the hell is an “Unbleached Elastic Starfish?” And where does it come from? Someone’s pulling our leg(s).

  132. @Geoff –
    “…Who is missing on this thread ? All of the Anon’s.
    People with screen names can talk to each other.
    That is all…”

    I understand, believe me I do. It’s just that whether you are responding to a known iOTW screen name or an unknown Anonymous name, it really doesn’t make a difference. You are responding to a comment from…??? Yes, I would like to know who I am conversing with, but the reality is, that there is no reality on the internet anymore (if there ever was)

    That’s why we need a site like iOTW where we can feel comfortable with the information that is shared and from whom it is shared. Hmmm, upon a little contemplation about what I just wrote, I think I just talked myself into your argument…

  133. …let’s hear from @Chuffed_Beyond_Words, if she’s in here, c’mon, we need NEW stories, too…

  134. I think we should all stop using our screen names and just use anonymous. It shouldn’t be any different. Just as enjoyable.

  135. And whatthabout @LCD and @TRF more c’mons…would like to hear from, hey, our collective Clan-destiny, pun intended, is the new New normal.

  136. Janitor didn’t say WHAT he cleaned up.

    So I’m filling in the blank with him being a Janitor like the mob uses. He’s a bad-ass if someone asks me. 😉


    Stirrin’, You kinda made the argument against yourself by putting Anom1 Anom2 Anom3. If only they did. Even then – without an avatar you don’t know if your talking to the same coward or not.


    PJ, you’re special to me. Our church has had you on our prayer list more than one Sunday. Thank you for what you do.


    Avatars are easy. Not having one is not trying.

    Sock Puppet is my sock puppet. I created an email addy just for it. I wanted an honest sock puppet. One known to be the same person when it shows up with a new name. Not trying to fool anyone or be a coward hiding myself. Still accountable for my posts.

    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 7:23 PM
    “My handle on the CB radio=
    RADIOATIONMAN! {like internet nobody uses
    their real name.}”

    …I had a CB radio in my personal vehicle that I had also fully dresses with lights,sirens, etc., and because the vehicle, an oldschool Buick Electra looked SO much like a police cruiser from that era, I loaded it up with fire extinguishers,medical kits, rescue tools, and so forth, that I had bought on my own dime so I could handle whatever came up, so much so that my squad partner jokingly referred to it as “Rescue 1/2”. Well, before I got an old-school bag phone, I was deficient in the communications department as I couldn’t legally have a County transmitter in a POV, so I went with a CB. I used the handle “Rescue 1/2” until it got back to the Chief, who pointed out that “Rescue” was reserved for actual public service vehicles at the time so I shouldn’t use it, so I dropped it back to “One Half”, and that was OK in that place and time, and didn’t take as long to say.

    Channel 9 was, and is, supposed to be a guarded frequency, but I usually had better luck relaying through truck drivers on 19 than State Troopers on 9, but that’s a different story for another day…

  138. Persistently being anonymous is a fuck you to the group. Not joining the group in spirit, but hanging around anyway. That’s being a “taker”. They’ll never be remembered or missed once they leave.

    It’s a hostile thing when it comes down to it. That’s why they get gruff right off the bat. The first drummer for the Beatles was kicked out for that very reason. Felt he was above becoming real friends with the group.

  139. When I started posting online I was amazed at the amount of bullshit some people tossed out there. I had recently seen the movie ‘True Lies’ and loved the scene where Schwarzeneggar gets injected with truth serum. His wife asks if he ever killed anyone and he replied ‘Yes, but they were all bad’. Sounded like a good way to get rid of the liars & posers.

    My avatar is a pic of my black Lab Hope.

  140. Missing for a while now: LBS – Loco Blanco Saltine

    Educated guess: Crazy White Cracker because of same reasons others adopted cracker into their names and who messes with a crazy white guy?


    And, I’m sure, I’m not the only one who misses GFY

    For the newbies – No, first word is NOT Go – Greetings From Yonkers


    Czar of Defenestration also left a hole here. If he only went by Anon, we wouldn’t be able to miss him. He’d just be gone.

  141. Someone else whom I dearly miss is Chiefillini. I could never understand his screen name; thought he was a lover of Italian films or something. Geoff C. acerbically explained: “Chief Illini, you know? Like ‘Illinois’?”

    I also terribly miss: Moe Tom and GFY (Greetings from Yonkers — not to be confused with what seems like a texting acronym).

  142. My beautiful little Maltese is named Tiger Lily. Her blue
    eyes are quite rare, which is why I use the name Tiger Eyes.
    Actually, we usually call her Monster because she is a
    little Monster!

  143. @SNS

    OK, honestly I was trying to quickly think of a name and for whatever reason W.C.Fields popped into my head. If you’ve seen any photo’s from his latter years you’d have noticed the toll his heavy drinking took on his appearance. What struck me the most was his nose (like a few of my uncles too)….so, there it is.

  144. Henry

    I too a still fighting!
    My daughter has been to Nam 4 times. First 3 she invited me along. I said only if I get a M14 ! Last time she did not bother.

    I have many on THE WALL!
    I can not forget and will not forgive.

  145. When my kids were small we went to the beach so often, (because it was free and/or cheap) that by the end of the summer my kids would be whining, “Do we have to go the beach again Mom?”.
    So, beachmom

  146. Avid offshore sailor, island hopper

    Sometimes the most irreligious of men are best suited to the godliest of tasks..

  147. Here’s my 2¢ on anonymous commenters here. I would prefer it if you’d pick a nom de clavier (keyboard name) so I could differentiate multiple anons, but that’s my personal preference. I accept that it is YOUR personal preference to stay anon. Just be aware that I am MUCH less likely to up-thumb an anon post, and even less likely to reply. When I do reply, I use the form @AC hh:mm. The time is to identify the particular comment I’m replying to, and the AC stands for Anonymous Coward.

  148. Anonymous Erik JUNE 6, 2020 AT 12:38 AM

    The Unbleached Elastic Asshole is humor. He (?) even makes me cringe.

    He is funny, though.

    It strikes me the same way someone IRL does that keeps making gay jokes and sees everything through that lens. Juvenile. Has issues with gay or is gay.

    Not impressed with one-note songs. Tiresome even.

    OK. Got it. You’re obsessed with gayness. That’s your world. I ignore him like he’s anony

  149. Hans from my travels in Germany and most of the “Hans” in Germany would be called “Florida Man” here.

  150. This has been the most illuminating thread…

    Mine’s just a different spelling of my name, one I’ve been using since I got my first email account back in the misty depths of time. I don’t comment a lot but when I do, I use it consistently across sites.

  151. Mine’s a take off of LoL; Laughing our Loud. Plus I watched Camelot about 50 times when I was a kid and always liked Robert Goulet’s character. I used to hyphenate it or use “of”. My KoL character has a similar name.

  152. Milo Mindbender
    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 9:13 PM
    “… an eco comic genius who could buy eggs for a dime and sell them for a nickle reap a profit and still keep all his connections running.”

    …since this thread is old, headed for Page 2 obscurity, and just ’cause I CAN, let me tell you what THIS made me think of as regards uses for nickles and dimes…

    …shortly before his wedding, a virginal young groom-to-be went to his father with a concern about the wedding night. “Dad, I’ve never “been” with a woman. How do I know I’m going to, you know, “please” her?”

    …his dad reached into a drawer and took out some loose change. He gave him a nickel and said, “Put this in your right front pocket”. The boy did so, then dad said, “now move your hips towards it and say “nickel”. The boy, feeling silly, did as asked.

    Then dad gave him a dime and bade him put it in his right REAR pocket, and told him to move his hips first to the nickel, then to the dime. “Nickel, dime, nickel, dime” the young man said, moving his hips towards each, starting to catch on. This was repeated with a quarter in his LR pocket and a silver dollar in his LF pocket.

    “Now son, every chance you get, practice moving your hips towards the nickel, then dime, then quarter, then dollar, then back to the nickel with your pants ON, because if you do it often enough, you’ll automstically be able to do it with your pants OFF and your new bride before you.

    …so the young man prscticed and practiced moving his hips. Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Dollar for days, building his confidence till he felt good he could do it automatically.

    The big night finally arrived, and he was at last alone and naked with his blushing bride. The moment of truth arrived and he at first was a little wild, but his training then kicked in.



    He was doing it. He was getting a groove, she was responding to it, but his training didn’t cover how GOOD it was feeling, so he sped up.


    Both got more passionate, so faster STILL.

    Nickel Dime Quarter Dollar Nickel Dime Quarter Dollar

    …and faster, FASTER…

    …finally, he could take no more and started thrusting straight back and forth as fast as he can, crying aloud, BUCK FOURTY! BUCK FOURTY!

    …and then, suddenly, he was, eh, “spent”…

    …so, there you go.

    REAL change we can believe in…

  153. Well…..

    When I first started putting avatar names up for websites and other things I wanted to pick something that made no sense. I thought muddjuice sounded goofy and betrayed nothing of who I am, what I do or what I believe.

    I am a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ who happens to work as a police officer (currently a detective) in the not so great state of Michigan.

    I have been a reader and commenter here for many years. Won a contest years ago and got a Breitbart shirt from Fur.

    Based on comments made by people here, I think I may be on the younger side of the crowd that gathers here. Which makes sense, I’ve always been mature for my age and have always gotten along well with my elders.

    I’ve always wondered if Fur could ever or did ever figure out who I was by doing internet research based on comments I’ve made.

    I’m suspicious by nature. I tend to be long winded (not as bad as SNS – no offense). Comes from being one of the youngest of six siblings.

    IOTW is the only site I have ever commented on (other than poking fun on YouTube). Lately I’ve had less time to comment as I’ve been busy buying guns and ammo and practicing. Bad Brad says we LEOs are terrible shots so I gotta work at it…..

  154. Shoot. I wanted to hear from Ann Nonymous Prime, Jimmy, grool and huron. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll catch them when they comment and ask them.

    Glad everyone had fun. I did, too. You guys are my family I never met!

  155. Is this a dead man, Doctor?

    He’s worse than dead. His brain is gone.

    Jim! This is a mechanism!

    (You’re too cute, Claudia.)

  156. Wow! Finally made to the end!
    IF……anyone is still reading this far down…….my “name” is ever evolving, taken from the insults hurled by stoopid Libtard DildoCrats. Some I’ve used for so long I’ve forgotten their origins. I wear them all as a badge of honor.
    Toxic (masculinity?)
    Deplorable (Hellary’s “Basket of Deplorables” speech)
    Racist (ditto Deplorable)
    SAH (Stupid As Hell – this is the newest, from a “D” grade actor looking for his 15 minutes, against any conservative minded person who disagreed with his “enlightened” thinking)
    B Woodman (my name. But shhhhhh…….)

  157. Toxic, etc. B Woodman, “stoopid Libtard DildoCrats” hahahahahah! That’s brilliant.

    Jimmy (Jim), *blush*

  158. muddjuice JUNE 6, 2020 AT 11:09 AM

    “I’m suspicious by nature. I tend to be long winded (not as bad as SNS – no offense). Comes from being one of the youngest of six siblings.”

    Long winded? Why whippersnapper, let me tell you how long winded I’m not…”(pulls out sheafs of notes, birth certificate, Encyclopaedia Britannica A-M, prepares Josephus’ “The Jewish War” books 1-6 and the Apocrypha for quick reference, spools up episodes of “Star Trek” for humor, then…) First, I need to go back just a little. In the beginning the Earth was without form, and void. Come up a few years, when Eve said “What’s THAT?”, and this relates to that time, around 19dickety2 when I saw this one fellow who…”😁

    (Also, young feller, I’ll let Gandalf explain why I’m so non-concise…)

    “In one thing you have not changed, dear friend,” said Aragorn: “you still speak in riddles.” “What? In riddles?” said Gandalf. “No! For I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to; the long explanations needed by the young are wearying.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

    (So really, it’s YOUR fault…)

    ..just kidding. God Bless you and all you do as a LEO and Detective in these trying times. May He guard and guide you until you at last lay your trophies down.


  159. Might be a good idea to put the thread on top again for others that don’t come around every day. SNS has a point about them being buried quickly.

  160. Mary Jane Anklestraps.
    They’re the only casual and dress shoes I can wear without my feet slipping out. I reeeaaally hate bulky sneakers.
    I use MJA because I don’t want to spell it out on ‘shops anymore. Takes up too much room. lol

  161. GenX’ers and Millennial’s should read this blog so they might learn a thing or two from us blowhards (diehards?) before we go.

  162. I used to have a screen name, several in fact. But when certain people here became enraged over anonymous posters I just use that. They scream about free speech but just like the lefties they just want to control everyone. BTW I only thumbs up anonymous posters just to screw with them some more. Cowardly? No different than using a fake name.

  163. Favorites:

    1. Bristol Beaufighter
    2. Douglas DC-3
    3. Lockheed P-38

    That, and my youngest boy is so close with his older bro and sis, who are twins.

  164. TennDon because I’m Don and live in Tennessee. Tenn is the old mail abbreviation used for Tennessee.
    Born and raised in North Carolina, I could have used TennesseeTarheel but I hate the University of North Carolina at apple chill since I went to a first rate university and TennesseeWolfpack does not sound quite right.

  165. Love the Dr Strangelove film and George C Scotts role and acting in it. I thought the generals name was hilarious .. Still do. Peter Sellers and his ‘General Turgidson!’ commentary still make me laugh. So does most everything General Turgidson says in the movie. Seemed like a good screen name

  166. Old George should not have a monopoly on the name just because he got here a couple of hundred years before I did!

  167. When I post on liberal websites & blogs (mostly blocked now) I needed a handle that would honor their goddess the most beautiful, intelligent and graceful first lady they have ever had.

  168. Deborah (Debbie) is Hebrew for bee. The fact that Deborah is also the name of a lowly insect serves as a reminder to its bearer to always remain humble.

  169. @ Anonymous JUNE 6, 2020 AT 12:30 PM

    Ever hostile.

    Called it.

    When you act no different than a hostile lefty, don’t be upset you’re treated like one.

    Advocating for chaos, confusion and division between your brethren, you are a son of the Lie.

    There’s always time to come to Jesus before you die. Not afterwards.

    I’ll pray for His touch on your heart to draw you near to Him.

  170. @AbigailAdams. I think ChiefIllini(Cake)’s screen name was most likely in reference to the symbol/mascot of the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, Ill., my alma mater.

    Chief Illini or the proper name, Chief Illiniwek was “cancelled” in 2007 by leftist U of I students and faculty. He (or she at one time in the forties) was a beloved symbol that respected the traditions of Native American Indians. Many students and alumni still love Chief Illiniwek – including myself.
    Long live the Chief! Oskee Wow Wow! .

  171. Cmn¢¢guy, pretty self explanatory. Adopted at birth by a post menopausal couple, so it was like being raise with your grand parents values. Not a bad thing. I went out and found my first job at 14, driving on a school permit.
    This is America, there is money everywhere if your willing to get of your ass and go find it. The Marine Corp taught me to run a mop, I can always fall back on that if I have to.
    Growing up I heard 2 things constantly. “Funny thing about common sense, is it’s not real common” and “Do unto others.”
    “Do unto others” applies to all things:
    Looters – Go take their shit.
    Burned a building – go burn their shit.
    Burglars – victims get to go to their house and just take random stuff.
    You get the idea.
    Self employed most of my life. I know I won’t be rich, but I’ve never been broke.

  172. Didn’t post here because 4 grand kids in for the weekend and it is non-stop.
    Larry the liberal was taken and you cult Trump people are so clueless that I had to add “enlightened” to the name so you cult people would know how brilliant I am, even though liberal should be enough to clue you cult Trump people in.

    I also have an evil doppelganger that posts here that tries to makes me look bad but he’s clearly equally as baffled as the rest of you cult Trump people and his name is equally unimaginative- jpm

  173. larrytheenlightenedliberal, hahahahahahahahaha

    Could you tell your evil doppelganger to tell us how he came up with his screen name? He can also reply to your enlightened explanation of him!

  174. No no no, Claudia.

    The game is they are NOT the same person and don’t know each other. 😉

    Appeal to jpm directly. Somehow some way jpm will get the idea to check in.

  175. Dadof4, DO’H! Did I just out them? Erase, erase – pay no attention to that comment behind the curtain!

    * walking away with my head down in shame *

  176. When I started hearing about an individual whose personal history is locked away tighter that a frog’s rear, I had an idea. When the symbol was unleashed, that’s all it took. BigOwe. Not the stadium in Montreal. Although, a good example of leftists.

  177. Born in NY (when NY was cool), self deported from MA (thank God) and now reside SC. That disgusting Clinton b*tch helped me with my name.

    White Deplorable Southerner

  178. I am who I am and I wouldn’t say or post anything about anyone I wouldn’t say to their face.

    When I used to raise and sell hunting dogs I had my phone number on the truck. A guy called and my brother who is six-three answered and said he’s not home, but if you want to leave your name and address I’m sure he will be happy come by and you two can work it out. I think I had told the guy off for something. My brother also told him: You might want to consider this though, I have five or six inches and fifty lbs on him and I don’t fuck with him.

    Same name I post under anywhere I post anything.

  179. My name is Roy. When I was in Viet Nam, I was told by a Vietnamese that Roy meant “Fly” in Vietnamese. Samey same as Housefly. Spelled something like Roui, no long sure.

    I have enjoyed it ever since.

  180. Buck Turgidson, you could’ve picked the name of Keenan Wynn’s character Major Bat Guano or Slim Pickens as Major King Kong. I love all the absurd names in Dr. Strangelove. Wasn’t one of the Russians last names Kissoff?

  181. I was a devious President who hid everything…my paralysis, my philandering, my socialism, and my knowledge of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Thus, my address of Circle 8 – Bolgia 5.

  182. I visit iOTWR every day and comment occasionally. I am sparing with TUs- I don’t generally give them to anonymous posters and I don’t feed the trolls.
    Lots of respect for the staff and regulars here. Thanks for sharing!

  183. Moochoman was a obese elderly man at 390 lbs. After two heart attacks mm lost 80 lbs and wasn’t so mucho no mo. He morphed into Capt Leroy, a tag given to him by the local VFD for a stealing a boat we needed for a rescue.

  184. scr_north. Just my initials and since I live in the Great White North I chose North because either of the other two would have been pretty iffy in today’s climate. Besides, as I grow older this ought to be easier to remember as my brain cells take the last bus 🙂

  185. Years ago I was the only white person working at a shop in Compton (i.e. Baja Watts.)

  186. Kinda late to the party. Been busy now that I’m retired… funny how that works, eh?
    I’m just a child of the 60s (50s & 60s) and a fan of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, modeling (not me) America and President Donald Trump.


    This is a very impressive thread! So many interesting people out there!
    As far as being at the end of the thread, all I can say iz:
    Here’s yer ear worm of the day kids:

  187. jellybean
    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 7:49 PM
    “For many, many years I went by the handle of ‘piccolo’ which was thrust upon me because of a joke I found humorous.”

    ..well, if you’d like to share it, WE like jokes, too, and I’ve ALREADY laid a ‘Dad’ joke out there to make YOURS shine by contrast, so….

  188. SAH – it was Stupid Ass Hole.
    The details got fuzzy over time and lack of morning coffee. Did not mean to deceive.
    December 2019
    “Actor Patton Oswalt calls Trump and all his supporters “Stupid Assholes” “.
    As I said, 4th rate actor looking for his 15 minutes.

  189. SNS – if we’re putting jokes out there, I’ll have to get this one in today, cuz if I wait ’till tomorrow Claudia will probably club me…

    A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students.
    “Human beings are the only animals that stutter,” she says.
    A little girl raises her hand.
    “I had a little cat who stuttered.”
    The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked the girl to describe the incident.
    “Well,” she began, “I was in the back yard with my kitty and
    the Rottweiler that lives next door named Lacey,
    got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over
    the fence into our yard!”
    “That must’ve been scary,” said the teacher.
    “It sure was,” said the little girl.
    “My kitty raised her back, went “Ffffff!, Ffffff!, FfffffF,”
    but before she could say “Fuck-off!”, the Rottweiler ate her!”

  190. I was listening to a language podcast and someone asked for a word that describes both good and evil.
    Agathokakological: composed of both good and evil
    Ta-da, Agatha Kakalogical was born.
    That sweet picture in my avatar is me at the tender age of 7, a good Catholic school girl with a wicked sense of humor and a touch of misanthropy.

  191. judgeroybean
    JUNE 5, 2020 AT 8:14 PM
    “After 35+ years in uniform my ability to tolerate or forgive less than stellar behavior of criminals hovers somewhere in the high ZERO range. ”

    …Blue uniform, or OD?

  192. @sns

    Thanks for the prayers and well wishing. Much appreciated.

    @ Jimmy

    “GenX’ers and Millennial’s should read this blog so they might learn a thing or two from us blowhards (diehards?) before we go.“

    I’m in one of those groups. Always feel like I have much to learn. About life, about faith, about God, about people, about history. I never want to stop learning.

    @ IOTW

    I have grown to respect a lot of the people on this site. I have had sharp disagreements with some but I always felt that they were respectful, even when they saw things a different way ( with some rare exceptions).

    I look forward to many commenters opinions on subjects. Some have changed my viewpoint on issues.

    Thanks to Fur, Claudia, MJA, Irony, Mr. Pinko and the rest for letting us vent, comment and act like scoundrels here.

    Long live IOTW!!!!

  193. muddjuice
    JUNE 6, 2020 AT 4:37 PM

    “@ Jimmy

    “GenX’ers and Millennial’s should read this blog so they might learn a thing or two from us blowhards (diehards?) before we go.“”

    …Jimmy’s got a point. The devil is not creative. He only repeats the same tricks through all history, over and over again.

    The only reason they continue to work is that he can always start over with a new generation.

    As Santayana once said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes. Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it.”

    …That’s why Communist even TODAY, right here in the US, are banning books, editing Web content, pulling down statues, and teaching history only from a Middle Eastern African Trangender standpoint.

    They want us to forget.

    So the devil can do it all over again.

    Pop culture supports this.

    One of the more resonant quotes from the latest Star Wars trilogy is this;
    “Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you were meant to be”
    -Star Wars, “The Last Jedi”

    Those who would “kill the past” are those who would have us be no better than animals. The ability to relate information from one generation to the next separates Man from Animal.

    But it is the doom of men that they forget.

    Trashing the past means not learning from a previous generations’ mistakes, which inevitably means you will waste your lives making the SAME mistakes AGAIN.

    …or at least, that’s what Communism WANTS you to do…

    …a different way to put it is this;

    “At times like these, I wish I’d have listened to what my mother said.”

    “What was that?”

    “I don’t know, I wasn’t listening!”

    …your elders screwed up, kids. Not gonna lie.

    But we CAN tell you from the perspective of years HOW we screwed up that YOU can avoid it, if only you’ll listen…

  194. Ten years ago, I was following the comments at American Thinker and decided to jump in.

    I thought about using “Call me Ishmael” because like a lot of us, I was cast into a wilderness by various PC injustices

    Saw that “Ish” was taken, so went with Call me Lennie. Because some kids did indeed call me by that name in high school

    Simple as that

  195. MJA
    JUNE 6, 2020 AT 12:25 PM
    “Mary Jane Anklestraps.”

    …That’s some nice, exclusively feminine footwear that I think should be encouraged for ALL ladies, but I’ve probably done enough work for today on my Joe Biden Creepy Old Man merit badge, so I’ll leave it at that…

  196. Screen names. I just mostly don’t for places like here. I use one another place but it was a nickname given to be by a now dead friend, they knew the guy gave it to me and all those people know me by sight, and I’ve either been a guest in their home or vice versa.

    I have used several when I’ve written fiction and hid it places on the innerwebz. Amazing how people find stuff like that. And I’m pretty good at finding dead corporate domains with a functional server still attached. That’s almost a hobby in itself. Those nights sleep isn’t an option.

    We’re so far down this thread nobody is going to see this and that suits.

    I just use the name mom gave me. After a TV reporter named Lowell Thomas. Late 50’s I suppose. Mom was barely literate and a child bride. I was the fourth kid.

    It’s kind of a clumsy spoken name. People hear it a lot of different ways. Loyal probably being the most common, I usually just smile and nod when they get it wrong. Not their fault. And it doesn’t matter unless I need them to write a check. When I make reservations or a hostess asks for a name I say “Bob”. Nobody fucks that up.

    I guess I use my given name on digital media because I never want to confuse someone who said what. I’ve ‘doxed’ myself on several sites that have rules against you doing it to someone else. This caused procedural inquires as to whether I should be booted for doing it to myself. That was when I started to understand how important the illusion of anonymity was to so many people online. I’ll freely and without reservation give you my full name, address, state and city.

    I can’t live in fear. I refuse that. I have plenty of them I just don’t let them drive.

    Fur has a somewhat (last summer) recent picture of me. If he’d like to put it up here I think that’d be great. Then you guys could see the gawky sixty year old Lowell. He thought I lived in Florida, but it was just my side porch here in NW Georgia.

    Oh hell, here it is.

  197. Gringo means a foreigner or stranger in Spanish, especially from the United States or Europe, and I’ve felt like a stranger in my own country for quite a while now, and I’m old.

  198. Hey Lowell,
    I’ll be relocating to South Central SC next month… perhaps we could get together and talk about,,,,, er,,, shotguns or something.
    @ Mudjuice,
    Have we ever met on another forum like maybe Falfiles? I do have a different handle there.
    Annnndddd, since some others here have discussed their Avatars, mine is my baby boy’s eye rolling graduation from pre-skrewl picture.

  199. @ Lowell June 6, 2020 at 6:01 pm – Thanks for putting a face with the name. Glad you’re here!

  200. Now let’s see if my avatar works! But I’m not giving any clues where I got my screen name from…bwahaha

  201. BTW, I am LordBydon on Disqus. I made up the account to do a one-time troll of Biden at some lefty site back in 2008, and I found out recently that the account was still active, so I use that name on Twitchy, Gateway Pundit etc. Also, I am 66Chevelle at American Thinker. I think that name is self explanatory. Fantastic automobile.

    I can’t change any of those accounts because I hate computers and they hate me. Hell, I couldn’t even change my avatar if I tried. I’m amazed I have one. I just roll with what the internet lets me use.

    Also, sometimes Thirdtwin steals from 66chevelle or LordBydon, and sometimes they steal from him. If you see one of us in your commenting travels, say hi!

  202. My name is Annie. I was raised by a widow (not a single mother; BIG difference) and then I lost her to the Religion of the Left. I followed her there for a while, but it never made sense and the people who said they cared about EVERYTHING didn’t actively care about anyone in their own midst. So, I took up apathy as a cause, until I discovered self-reliance, libertarianism, natural law, and conservatism. Still working on the journey, still morphin’… and SO enjoying this site because the worst thing about the left is they have no feckin’ sense of humor! Or joy. Or beauty.

  203. If anybody sees dale from shipping tell him I need the predator 212 engine in the front shop by Monday.

  204. Photos and gravatars, eh? I have fun with gravatar because I have a virtually infinite number of email accounts because I own a couple of domain names. The gravatar image associated with the email I’m using for this comment is a photo of The Real Me from a couple of years ago. I haven’t changed much.

  205. Yes, that was indeed Uncle Al in that last post. Here’s my normal gravatar image, Lysander Spooner’s portrait run through that cheesy Barky poster color gadget. Modified more recently with little tiny script at the bottom that says EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF.

    If you don’t know Spooner, you should.

  206. @ crackerbaby

    “@ Mudjuice,
    Have we ever met on another forum like maybe Falfiles?…..”

    Nope. Not me. I would be extremely interested if there is another muddjuice out there. That’s a name that I randomly pulled out of the air, made up. If someone else thought of that too, I’d like to meet them….

  207. This thread is wildly popular because it gives people the opportunity to talk about their favorite subject.

  208. My favorite subject is Jesus. Then the Bible. Followed by the Constitution and the history of the US.

  209. @Little Morphin’ Annie

    “…worst thing about the left is they have no feckin’ sense of humor! Or joy. Or beauty…”

    Truer words have never been spoken. Well done.

  210. My VERY LAST comment on anonymous commenters.

    Over the course of that conversation last night, a light bulb turned on and I realized that I wasn’t looking at the “identity” of each named commenter. Even though we all use, what did Uncle Al call it – nom de clavier – it still gives us an identity that we can relate to and grow to know.

    I was looking at it too impersonally, too sterile if you will. So my mea culpa is that I was wrong to look with indifference to the blank face, non-identity of an anonymous commenter. I would much rather have a conversation with Bad Brad, Geoff the Saltine and everyone else who makes a “name” for themselves…whoever you are.

  211. stirrin the pot, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Geoff the Saltine voice a similar point of view. And you’re right, there is no having a conversation with an anonymous.

  212. “This thread is wildly popular because it gives people the opportunity to talk about their favorite subject.”

    No, Anonymous. This thread is so popular because we love to get to know our fellow IOTWr commenters. Smart, funny, fascinating stories from and about people many of us interact with on a daily basis.


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