Screwed Up Journalist Escapes to Florida from Dystopian Canadian Lockdowns and Gets Triggered When He Finds Freedom

Montreal Gazette-

I have a confession to make: I recently fled Quebec for a week, a refugee from Legault’s 2.0 curfew-and-confinement rules.

A friend told me about an available condo in Florida, my wife and I made a last-second decision to briefly escape and work remotely. But the second we landed, it felt like we’d arrived on another planet.

While Quebec is in full confinement mode, Florida is Cowboyland, where you barely know COVID is happening, despite much higher new case and hospitalization rates than ours .

It’s lunacy by Canadian standards, but an eye-opening experience. For starters, everyone’s out and about, filling bars, restaurants, movies, gyms, and jam-packed sports arenas.

Stores and supermarkets don’t require masks but some cashiers and customers wear them, though often under their nose or chin — Florida-style. It seems a way of announcing: “Look — I’m masked!” when they’re not.

Restaurants are fully open and peeking into some, they’re mobbed. Waiters can choose whether to wear masks, and at least half don’t.

In ever-friendly America, some customers even shake hands with their waiters before leaving, to say: “Thanks, I’ll have some germs for dessert.”

It’s easy to spot Canadians at restaurants, as we’re the ones properly masked and nervously sitting on the terrace, even in the rain.

You can see the difference in the media, too. In Quebec, COVID totally dominates the news, because there’s almost nothing else happening.

In Florida, it’s the reverse.

I checked the prestigious Miami Herald recently on a day Florida had risen to more than 70,000 new daily cases — almost twice as many per capita as Quebec, much like their hospitalizations.

But the first mention of COVID anywhere in the paper was exactly 18 stories down, with the headline: “Amid Omicron surge, hospitals are stretched thin. What can Florida lawmakers do?”

Ignore it, as always, I guess. Meanwhile, the 19th story was: “Florida COVID update: 71,742 new cases as hospital patients increase.”

Among the many stories played far higher up were: “Miami Marlins name managers for minor-league affiliates” and “Microbial contamination in laxative can cause a ‘life-threatening’ infection.”

But that still beats NBC TV’s Florida website that day, which ran this story way ahead of COVID: “Police officer kills dog in Miami-Dade after barking complaint.”

It’s hard to make this stuff up. Meanwhile, in La Presse the same day, the top six stories were about COVID.

By any measure, Florida life seems surreal, as if everyone’s wearing blinders and trying not to notice a disease that’s killed more than 63,000 Floridians. That’s about twice as many deaths as in all of Canada, in a state with two-thirds our country’s population.


I live in Florida. I know a lot of people. I do not know one person, personally, who has died of Covid. I know a guy whose mother died with Covid. He told me she was in very poor health prior to her death.

I know a girl whose dad died from the jab.

That’s it.

I know plenty of people who got the Covid, just like I knew plenty of people throughout my life that got the flu.

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  1. Next time Bud, don’t be in such a rush to get out of Dodge and forget to bring your testicles. I’ve found them to be not just handy but essential.

  2. The border between what used to be the US and Them(Canada) is more than an imaginary line on the map. Like the man said just before his airplane crashed, It’s been a great ride until now.

  3. Go home, ya Hoser!

  4. My question would be: If you went to Florida to escape (your words), why would you then do nothing but gripe about/mock it?
    Just a note for the “journalist”, don’t even think about moving to a place where freedom is still valued.
    You would just mess it up by throwing your crap around.
    You seem to be much better suited for the tyranny of Canada.

  5. It seems he would rather live in fear than freedom. As a Floridian, I would suggest he stay home, and not overcrowd paradise.

  6. Stay out of my state, pussy, and don’t ever think of coming back. Like MMinWA said, go find some testicles…maybe check your life partner’s man purse.

  7. Just like Canadians who come here for heart surgery they can’t get in Canada, then brag about single payer at home.

  8. Meh……Dude’s from Kebec.
    In the past, it’s not been their idea to separate.
    It’s been the rest of Canada’s.

  9. I told you.
    Quebeckers like to be Ruled.

    Run by Assholes
    For Assholes

    Toronto is almost the same.

  10. The rest of Canada hates Quebec Province.
    My mother is from PEI and we grew up hearing her entire family making stupid Frenchmen jokes about Quebecers.
    This soy boy guy just helps with more jokes.

  11. Give yer balls a tug ya tit fucker. I’m a former Canadian and I will NEVER go back! Especially now that the Communist Barbie Doll Trudeau has castrated all the Canadian men. You pussies have fallen for Covid Fear Porn and forgotten that everyone has a 99.7% chance of surviving the worst of Covid. Omicron is like a moderate flu bug. It’s not the Black Plague! I’ve had both, Covid-19 and Omicron, never went to a doctor little ‘lone a hospital and I’m still here to call you a 10 ply girly man. If you are a “reporter” look into the data on those deaths in Florida. It’s mostly elderly and fat slobs with co-morbidities. I’m sorry for both who have to suffer but mandating society wont save them. (follow up on Sweden for info on that.) It is CDC policies that hospitals follow that is also killing people, including the vaccine itself. Vaccinating already Covid sick people is deadly and so are ventilators. BTW, does Canada reward hospitals with $13,000 dollars (American) for calling all deaths “Covid related” like ours do? Does Canada reward hospitals $39,000 for using ventilators on Covid patients which forces the virus deeper into their lungs, thus killing them, like our hospitals do? Soak that data in your “Cheese and gravy? Think “a-beh-out” that ya beau cave chucklehead. Canada, our 51st state, has no balls anymore and it makes me sad to remember what it used to be.

  12. This is the kind of self-centered monkey that ruined California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and a few other places.
    Shoot on sight.

  13. I have a different take — this is the guy’s initial reaction — stunned amazement that Covid does not dominate every single second of everyone’s lives. If he stays in Florida long enough, he may actually enjoy and appreciate the freedoms and not be so damned snarky about them.

    Leftists really do adore the chains that bind them.

  14. He sites all these horrible statistics.
    Didn’t he research this BEFORE going to Florida? He is a “journalist”, right?
    If he didn’t he sucks at his job and should be fired immediately.
    If he did AND HE STILL WENT and then wrote this article damming Florida he is an arrogant prick should be fired immediately also.
    …and then completely cancelled on social media forever!

  15. In point of fact, the population of Quebec is about 8 million as compared to more than 20 million for Florida.

    The RATE of covid cases In Quebec EXCEEDS the RATE of infection in Florida.

    Journalists evidently are lacking in intellectual ability.

    Just sayin’

  16. Here’s something this Frog CanoeHead left out of his/ her/ its news article was that he/she/it didn’t tip one fucking dime the whole time they were down visiting Florida.

    Except for our friend KCIR, Canadians DON’T TIP. C’est le merde!

  17. “I checked the prestigious Miami Herald recently on a day Florida had risen to more than 70,000 new daily cases — almost twice as many per capita as Quebec”

    Cases don’t mean squat. This guy is a moroon.

  18. So called journalist throws around discredited statistics made up by left wing liars. If Florida is so bad why the hell did you come here in the first place? Ever heard of doing real research? PS If you believe the left wing BS lies, why are you here? Did you write this article for your woke friends so they won’t cancel you?

  19. Some advice to you: Get out and stay out! Clutching your pearls while you quiver in fear of the scary Omicron. What a beta cuck. “Skyrocketing cases!” So what? What is happening with the deaths per day? That is the only metric that means anything.

  20. I wonder how many of those Florida deaths were retired Canadians, or tourists from “North of the Border”. One of the factoids ignored, or possibly not known to the reporter wannabe from “up there” is the huge number of really OLD people who live there.

  21. Lately, we can’t even plow snow up here.
    CooF has created a shortage of Snow plow operators.


    & Cheers Mansfield Lovell

  22. The publication of this article provided not one bit of useful information to improve my standard of living. It amounts to a simple diversion, meant to keep people anger and stupid.

  23. Spinless little punk comes to Florida to “escape” and then badmouths us? Stay the heck out of our state and don’t come back.

  24. The extent of the brain cleaning is obvious, can’t even remember what freedom was like. The globalist are so proud of their work. Now get back to Cage Canuck and stay inside in fear.

  25. Quebec looks good on the bottom of my shoe. Always has. Always will. BTW, Montreal Trudeau Airport, it’s Customs du Canada, not Customs du Quebec. Ya fxckin morons.

  26. I’m sure refugees from eastern Europe and such thought they had arrived on another planet when they left communist bondage & arrived in America.
    Interesting parallel.


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