Sea Level Rise Alarmists Propose Damming The English Channel and North Sea


They propose a nearly 400-mile-long Northern European Enclosure Dam (NEED), which would consist of two parts, disconnecting the North and Baltic seas from the Atlantic Ocean. The first section would be a 295 mile dam between the north of Scotland and the west of Norway, while the second is a 99-mile dam between the west point of France and the southwest of England. More

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  1. I gots a solution…Have everyone go to one side of the Island..

    and when it tips up….Throw some Dunnage under the tipped side…then

    have everyone go to the other side of the Island..and when it tips

    throw some Dunnage under that side…The Island will be raised

    above the Flood Plain…and be good for another Year.

  2. It’d probably displace so much water that Britain and the US coasts would be underwater.

    I say it’s a worthy venture

  3. Hey dumbasses – if the water’s rising, WALK to higher ground.

    This ‘solution’ is worse than the problem. Think of all the native species that will go extinct because their native habitats are destroyed.

    Leftard solutions always cost megabillions and don’t actually solve anything. These dams will be maintained just like California’s because they’ll “reallocate” the needed funds for their next megabillion dollar project.

    How long would it take for a terrorist to realize he could load a ship full of high explosives or a pocket nuke and break every record for most people killed by a single jihadi?

  4. Those EU supporters will do anything to keep England from breaking away.

    There has gotta be lots of unintended consequences to such a massive scheme as that.

  5. I have a thought. So many people are so extremely concerned about the perils of Globull Warming, I have friends who have said it is the most urgent thing we need to deal with today. Greater than the economy, greater than racism, greater than ISIS (they were saying this 3-4 years ago). So if so many people consider it so critical that it is their top priority, how about they donate the funds??? There are certainly enough of them. And sure, us who ‘don’t believe’ and are ‘deniers’ get away without paying, but isn’t it more important that they save the Earth and humankind and animals anyway? So lets take up a collection. If people truly are as concerned as they say they are then we should be able to collect more than enough.

  6. Morons!

    The sea level hasn’t appeared to change to me. The same places a few feet above sea level 40 years ago are still a few feet above sea level.

    It would be a easier to dig a vast hole in the Sahara , Australia, wherever, and pump in seawater. Make it large enough and it would create clouds and rain. While they are at it, the Dead Sea, Death Valley., and other areas below sea level, could be connected to the sea to collect water from the non-melting ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica.

  7. @Mortgages

    And as far as I can tell, the sea levels have not increased by much, or at all along California. And I wouldn’t mind at all if SF and its inhabitants all drowned. Malibu as well. The people who live in those places are screwing up America. Let them sleep with the fishes.

  8. @MftM

    Speaking of Egypt, their Aswan High Dam created a bunch of unintended consequences. I don’t remember what they were but they had lots of problems. The dam worked as expected, but had unwanted downstream effects.

  9. Kind of an upside down Panama Canal to help the oh-so-smart King Canutes’ hold back the roaring tide of their climate
    joke assininity.

  10. The North Sea average depth is around 300 ft. The Aswan dam is about 360 feet high, so let’s use that as an example, ignoring the obvious difficulty of building a dam in the ocean. Aswan is about 2.3 miles long, and cost about $1 billion in the mid 1960’s to build (about $8 billion in today’s dollars). So, to build a 400 mile dam would cost at least 1.4 TRILLION dollars!! Better start collecting your carbon taxes now.

  11. How many migratory patterns of fish, birds and other specie will be affected by this??

    Oh nevermind.

  12. Wouldn’t displacing that much water cause the sea level to rise in the rest of the world? It would be at LEAST as much water as the Arctic icecap.


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