Sea Lice invading Gulf Coast beaches


sea lice

SANTA ROSA, FL (WCMH) — Purple flags are popping up all over the Florida panhandle as a nearly-invisible nuisance is causing a headache for beach-goers.

Sea lice, also known as beach lice or seabather’s eruption, has been confirmed in South Walton and Santa Rosa Beaches, and they are moving west towards Alabama, WKRG-TV reports.


11 Comments on Sea Lice invading Gulf Coast beaches

  1. There ya’ go…more crap caused by Global Warming and Chevy SUBURBANS.

    This is why we can’t have a good time. 🙁

  2. That’s a big bummer.

    I got totally nailed by noseeums on Sanibel 30+ years ago. The nasty little bastids. I was pregnant and apparently they liked me but not the rest of the family. Everyone thought I was nutty because they weren’t getting bit. When we were leaving the island, we stopped at a grocery store on the island. In the window of the adjacent store was a t-shirt picturing a cartoon noseeum with huge teeth. Proved my point.

  3. You couldn’t pay me to swim in the ocean….animals and people poop and pee in there.
    Not to mention the chemicals

  4. The BP oil spill in the Gulf killed sea lice and other aquatic creatures, but I guess those benefits are wearing off.

  5. I’m here now. They’re not as irritating as the Coastal Liberal. They really burrow under your skin.

  6. I’m in the Ocean at least twice a Week…just avoid days when there is a ton of floating Weeds…they cling to this stuff..then to You…

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