Sean Hannity reveals publicly that he and his wife have divorced

They split amicably, after 26 years.

Infidelity is not believed to be the reason. It’s Hannity’s insane workaholic tendencies that has caused a division in his marriage.


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  1. My father once told me that my most important job was my marriage, he told me that on my wedding day. He was right. Marriage is work, you have to be strong.

  2. OOh tough crowd. Funny too.
    It is sad. But if he’s type A for work- she’s gotta skiddadle and find someone who isn’t.

  3. Is it because she fell for the dossier of bought and paid for lies by Hillary Clinton containing Russian disinformation?

  4. “I’m a weapons X Pert, and ya need a lot of clips when you get on the two way firing range”

    Blow hard asshole.

  5. Could it be a coincidence that Bill O’Reilly got a new gig on TV?….The mind boggles with the thought of Bill and Sean trying to out word orgasm each other….

  6. …meh. Guess SHE was as tired of listening to him turn Covid Yellow and endorse giving away all our rights over it as I was.

    I stopped listening when it became apparent he couldn’t talk about ANYTHING ELSE.

    …guess SHE did, too…

  7. It’s too bad, but I’m not a fan girl of Hannity, and it’s weird that he thinks he needs to “go public.” It isn’t anyone’s business, really. Slow news day?

  8. “They split amicably…”

    No they didn’t. I know jack about their divorce, but I know men and women and how they’ll fight over housepets and even house PLANTS just to spite each other. And the harder they TRY to look bloodless, the harder the LAWYERS are going at it behind them.

    …and when you get to the money, Katey bar the door, they’re coming in through the windows…

  9. … I always thought he was saying “let not your farts be bubbled”

    hearing aids? …. anyone? …… anyone?

  10. MJA. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    Given the way he never let’s his guests talk, he probably never let her get a word in edgewise.

    Fur’s dead on. You can’t have a weekly three hour radio gig on top of a prime time cable show for years on end and not expect to drift apart. If he has kids, they’re favorite song is probably “Cat’s In The Cradle.”

  11. It’s because Sean works all day, then heads to the dojo where trains MMA for 6 more hours. He ain’t never there.

    She’s like, “I’m packin up my Chamonix and getting out of here!”

  12. I used to watch Hannity in his earlier day’s, but I outgrew him, sometimes that happens in marriages as well.

    I wish him, his ex-wife and children the best, divorce is never easy.

  13. Amicable Separation

    She gets – the house(es), Car(s), Kid(s), and half of all other assets, plus child support (if applicable) and Vaginamony for a shitload of years, depending on the State they reside in.

    He gets – Divorce raped.

    Yeah, Feminism is about equality…

  14. Sad to divorce after 26 years but I am about to divorce Hannity myself. I listen to his radio show and the constant repetition is driving me crazy. Add not letting anyone finish a sentence and it is too much.

  15. If you want to listen to hannity’s show, find it someplace where you can listen to it waaay after he goes off the air for the day. You can forward through all his sayings and repeats.

    I do that for The John and Ken show (KFI AM640) I like their show, but it’s traffic here and traffic there type interruptions every 10 minutes.
    They slam every liberal in LA county and CA entirely.

  16. Not trying to make excuses for anyone….But…..sometimes, some people become so wrapped up in…..whatever….that they lose perspective of what may be most important.

    @ Supernightshade

    I’ve had 2 divorces, (that alone may say something), but both of them have been completely amicable. Who knows, maybe I’m an exception to the rule.

  17. Hannity can be draining and I shut him off several times today. I’ve been listening to him less and less especially with his face mask BS. Shut off Bill Riley on Hannity as well. Heh, even shut off Rush today too. The yelling and repetitive mantra he spews daily is over the top for me. He has nothing new to say that gives me encouragement – Hannity as well. I think on my 6-mile daily walk, I’ll start listening to music on Pandora and not be jacked up at the end of my walk. I’ve had enough and can’t imagine having a TV and watching the BS on a daily basis.

  18. jellybean JUNE 3, 2020 AT 8:29 PM
    “…@ Supernightshade

    I’ve had 2 divorces, (that alone may say something), but both of them have been completely amicable. Who knows, maybe I’m an exception to the rule.”

    …perhaps, perhaps not. Remember, because of how I related to it that I only saw the disasters (no one EVER calls an ambulance to report All’s Well), but I can tell you with absolute certainty that there’s a VERY good reason the Family Court section is the most heavily guarded section in the Court House at all times…

  19. they’ve been separated for 4 years, and divorced for over 1 year. So why is this news NOW? My guess is one or the other of them is getting remarried soon, or a scandal is about to break.

  20. I stopped listening to him over six years ago. Constant repetition, pat answers with talking points (rarely a full complete sentence) and NEVER EVER letting a guest say more than a thought before he has to listen to his own voice again.

    I live in an area that has his radio show on at the same time on all the conservative talk radio stations. That’s when I hit the off button, or listen to my Dean Martin CD.

  21. With 20/20 hindsight, she too late realized their wedding vows should have included an obligation and promise from Sean to always allow her to complete her sentences. Including short ones.

  22. The women on Fox are quite tempting. It could make a guy hang around the office a few extra hours a day.

  23. I like him, think he’s sincere and hardworking. His best work in the last couple of years was his steady support of John Solomon’s and Sara Carter’s work.

    But OMG he can drive me crazy (like my brother), with the Incessant Intensity of Everything.

    Every interview he does is ‘EXCLUSIVE!,’ which I realized about ten years ago, means the two of them are talking only to each other for only right now. His marriage probably had the same vocabulary and attention span issues; no scandal, just different definitions. Their business; I’ll mind my own.

  24. I stopped watching him years ago.

    The last straw was when i said one night ” i will never stop talking about Seth Rich.
    And then THE VERY NEXT NIGHT, ” i am going to stop talking about Seth Rich”

    Who the hell needs to listen to a ‘conservative voice’ that will ONLY talk about things that liberals will ALLOW him to talk about?

    Seriously, who needs that. Fuck him

  25. My Petey B and I are closer than ever before. In fact at this very moment, my Petey B has his lavender scented lubed up “Four Pound Electric Bertha” deeply rammed right up my unbleached elastic starfish!

  26. Debbie Schlussel had him pegged from the start, calling him “Vannity.”

    Hey, did you know he’s trained in Martial Arts and can kill you in 15 seconds?

    The bloke should have studied Marital Arts. 🙁
    No sympathy.

  27. “Hey, did you know he’s trained in Martial Arts and can kill you in 15 seconds?”

    Since the Floyd fiasco he’s only mentioned it like 20 times per show. I love his reference to being concealed carry licensed in 4-5 states. Sean, most of us carry and thru reciprocity and another state’s endorsement (Like UT) we can carry in 30+. How ’bout dat?


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