Sean Vanity Says Moore Has 24 Hours To Dance Like a Monkey On a Hotplate For Him

Again, I am not making any claims that Moore is innocent, or guilty. I am observing these goings-on from afar and getting quite a kick out of it. A radio host is issuing an ultimatum to a senatorial candidate. That’s pretty ballsy.

Washington Times-

In the closing segment of Tuesday evening’s ‘Hannity” show, the host played clips from his afternoon radio show in which he asked the Alabama Republican numerous times whether he had, as a man in his 30s, engaged in sexual misconduct against teenagers.

Mr. Moore gave several non-definitive denials, including that he dated no girl without her mother’s permission and that dating teens wasn’t his usual practice. Those vaguenesses caused Mr. Hannity to lower the boom Tuesday evening.


What’s vague about what Moore said? Is it that he’s talking about dating while Hannity is talking about sexual misconduct?

Maybe Moore is being Clintonesque and answering a question that’s never been asked?

“For me, the judge has 24 hours. You must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies… You must remove any doubt,” he said.

“If you can’t do this, then Judge Moore needs to get out of this race,” Mr. Hannity concluded.

Admittedly, I’m not going over this with a fine-tooth comb, so if someone can list the inconsistencies in Moore’s story that would be swell.




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  1. You know something? Whether Moore is guilty or not, fuck you, Sean Hannity. You and your one-man morality show has annoyed me for YEARS and now, I’m saying so. It’s like he’s praying for Moore to be guilty. Why isn’t it enough to say ‘I am innocent’? Is he on trial? I mean for real. Is he? Has someone brought charges? Did I miss something?

    Hannity is being attacked by media matters (who are rampaging against him on twitter right now, getting advertisers to drop him) and he’s afraid to lose ad $$$$$$ and afraid he’ll get dropped by FOX. Hannity showed his weak ass when he dropped the Seth Rich story. And that’s when media matters knew he would fold like a cheap suit. And now he wants Moore to do the same.

    Whatever the outcome, no more linking to Hannity. I’m done. Can’t stand the pious dickbag anymore.
    And I am unanimous in this.

  2. Well all I know is Sean has never got a job from a poor person, and he washed dishes and worked construction and painted his apartment in exchange for rent……….

  3. I’ve been listening to Hanity on the radio the last couple of days. He has been insisting that Moore is innocent until proven guilty.
    And that this is clearly a witch hunt.

    The accusations are pretty much laughable.

  4. He is an MMA fighter until he gets slapped like a bitch. I have been around those MMA guys and he aint one. I aint either but I dont go jock sniffing and bragging. Wife tells you not to come home and he finds a hobby in the gym.

  5. I’m glad he has a voice out there to respond to the deluge from the left but his moral preening can be sickening. I rarely watch him and when I do it’s because of a guest he has on. Then it’s trying to here the guest without the constant annoying interruptions.

  6. Hannity’s acting like Moore’s his brother and while everyone else knows he’s guilty he’s pleading/begging for proof to remove that sinking feeling he’s starting to get knowing Moore may have fooled even him.

    Hannity you suck on this one. Moore needs to be judged by his peers and the people IN Alabama, period.

    Disclosure: I once shared a weekend (as guest speakers) at a church conference with Judge Moore in Alabama about a decade ago – he never once asked me to go cruising for teenage girls. I have a picture in my den with him to this day – he is a nice man.

  7. I recall a comment about him made by some lefty on TV and I hate to admit, but it was funny and descriptive. “Sean Hannity is the worlds oldest hall monitor”.

  8. It’s a feeding frenzy here in Alabama. All you hear is on the local TV and newspapers is “Is Roy Moore a rapist?” and “Is Roy Moore a pedophile?” No real issues are being discussed here. He has been defined as this caricature they concocted. The full weight of the establishment is coming down on him to teach us deplorables a lesson. I pray he will stand strong.

  9. not paying close attn. to this but I thought early on when Hannity was defending moore ee mentioned that the age of consent legally so many years ago in Alabama was 13. Backlash against hanniity was nasty so I think this is a way of distancing himself from that remark.

  10. Politics, if you are winning on issues and the polls, be prepared to have unfounded allegations and rumors made against you from what you said or reportedly did 35 years ago.

    Politics of destruction is a tried and true stand by strategy, it’s used every campaign cycle.
    The intelligent see through it, the gateway pundits (ratings whores) and lofo voters revel in it.

    The vote totals in Alabama will show the split between the intelligent and the lofo voters of the state.

  11. “A radio host is issuing an ultimatum to a senatorial candidate. That’s pretty ballsy.”

    Actually today I’d be hard pressed to find a seated Senator that I’d trust past how far I can spit.
    They are liars, blowhards, thieves, THIEVES (generational), traitors, blasphemers, murderers, destroyer of our national institutions… the molesters and perverts are the least of my concern.

  12. Hannity came to Atlanta years ago from Alabama while working his way to the top. I heard Hannity’s whole shtick twenty years ago. It hasn’t changed a bit. Well, except for his martial arts training. There was another radio guy at the same station, a former Marine named Kim Peterson, who was funnier that earnest Sean and irreverent as hell. He used to needle Sean every day and let the air out of his pompous, pious balloon. All in good fun, of course, but you could tell it rankled Sean a bit. Kept him on an even keel, though. Too bad Sean doesn’t have anyone like that around him now.

  13. I noticed that the story of most recently discovered “victim” of Judge Moore has only one small mention on Daily Mail since yesterday. Since the inconsistencies with that yearbook signature started to be highlighted on the blogs/4 chan/etc… when the Daily Mail loses interest that quickly …

    The thing with Hannity is, he “questioned” Moore in such a broad, accusatory way right from the beginning that Moore was correct in giving a “non-definitive” answer. Hannity is a punk. He begins by saying something like, “If this is true, and I’m not saying it isn’t because I don’t have the facts, so if it’s true – it’s the most despicable and disgusting behavior, and I would demand that Judge Moore drop out”. THEN he says that he will ask Moore about it in an upcoming interview.

    It’s constructed to give Hannity moral authority, NOT to be impartial. ‘Cause he is a punk. Or, more accurately, a punk-ass bitch.


    High standards for infidel Republicans,

    No standards for democrats.

    I’m treating Moore like a democrat, he stays, Washington is WORSE.

  15. I’ve had problems listening to Hannity for many years. Listen to his 3 hour radio show and you will not hear anything substantial from him for more than 15 maybe 20 minutes. He repeats himself, goes 5 minutes just saying talking points (not a complete sentence among them) and either loving the strokes women callers give him or arguing with a caller.

    Anonymous is correct: “He has a very limited vocabulary”.

  16. Roy made enemies of the GOP establishment (naming names: Bush, Rove, Ryan. old guy from Ky, Mitt, Manchurian candidate ….) ; so in effect “he asked for it”!

  17. Sean Vanity talks about himself constantly on the radio. He can’t stick with the issue at hand. He uses “I, me, and my” as much as Obama did. Tiring.

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