Sean Whalen speaks on Florida School Shooting

Since the Florida high school shooting on February 14, a lot of people have given their opinions on social media. Sean Whalen posted his video about the massacre on YouTube, and some are describing it as
an eye-opener. Learn more about Sean Whalen and why his video is a must-watch here.

Who Is Sean Whalen?
Sean Whalen is a motivational speaker from Utah, among many things. His YouTube profile describes him as “the unapologetically direct CEO of the internationally renowned coaching and consulting company LIONS NOT SHEEP.”

On February 14, Whalen posted a video soon after news of the horrifying Florida massacre broke out. In the aftermath of the shooting, many who knew the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, said they saw the warnings signs in him.

In his video, Whalen says that the children who had an inkling about Cruz didn’t come forward because they were afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. He claims that political correctness is not more important than a “child’s life.”

He implores children to speak out if they feel uncomfortable about a fellow student. He also asks parents and teachers to be a listening ear instead of hushing them to protect someone’s feelings. The video has resonated with many who feel that the warnings about Cruz were ignored.

However, some have also pointed out that Whalen hasn’t touched upon Cruz’s expulsion from the school because of his behavior or that the FBI was aware he was a threat. Some believe that it’s not enough that the kids speak out more since there are a lot more factors involved in the shooting incident.

Watch the entire video. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

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21 Comments on Sean Whalen speaks on Florida School Shooting

  1. See something saying something doesn’t work. The DEMS will call you racists.if you reported any shit about criminal illegal aliens, and the Muslim.

  2. Really. You’re in highschool. Somebody is really creepy. You run to the teacher because you are certain he is going to murder you and your classmates. You don’t see that coming no matter how creepy he is. You are just the boy/girl that cries wolf.

  3. Every place I’ve ever worked…Including the Military all the

    way through My current employment….

    We always..and I mean always, picked out the Dude that was

    going to kill us all at Work…I still remember their names.

  4. Been through this as a parent. High school kids don’t say shit to their parents or teachers. Omerta is their code. Sure they may tattle among themselves that Nick is crazy, whacky, does outrageous things, but never to a teacher or parent. Note that the friends of the misfortunate victims in Florida are rallying for “gun control.” And blaming the NRA. They are brainwashed.

  5. The police were called out to that boys home over twenty times. That used to be a heads up that there;s a cook about.

    But have no fear, our vaunted FBI will have this sort of thing well in control. Oh wait………never mind.

  6. Florida school kids on TV today demanding, DEMANDING, that guns be taken away.
    And still they wonder why there’s a shooting.

  7. Burner

    I watched that too. Same kids on a couple different Sunday Morning talk shows. These kids are way to prepared. They also now have a web site coordinating the upcoming school walk outs. Obviously the Dems or someone is organizing and feeding these kids what to say. Not good.

  8. The police were called out to that boy’s home over twenty times because our society is crippled with Political Correctness and hungry lawyers that have created a tangletown of laws only they can navigate. If the police can’t do anything, which is obviously the case, a kid doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell, but I’ll support his right to try!!

  9. When cops are called repeatedly to a home there should soon be in the process a visit by a professional swatter to id what seems to be the problem say ‘hey, let’s go for a walk or a drive, get a coke and you can tell me what’s up’. It’s a chance for a pro to get a take on things to see who really is level headed. The outcome should then be to let it drop so it all works out in Court, or, to offer himself as a ‘person to call’ if the offender ever needs to. It is a tactic used in WA to good effect I think.

  10. Is another story this weekend about a woman Hispanic kill a white man in Massachusetts and she posted a lot a guns and stuff about bad stuff. Also when to Facebook and posted the shit no FBI went to her home now she killed a man in the highway but knowing Massachusetts will no get the death penalty. I have the article if someone is interested.

  11. Know who the best brownshirts and shock troops are?

    Those who don’t know that’s what they’ve been trained to be.

    All the better if they’re youths.

    Check Orwell’s terrifying depiction of Parson’s two Party kids. Those are the same ones now demanding no guns.

  12. In 1920, the Federal government said “hey, let’s outlaw alcohol! Problem solved!” In 1970, the Federal government said “hey, let’s outlaw drugs! Problem solved!” Personally, I don’t think either of these things worked very well, and not only did we still have alcohol and drugs, but we gave rise to organized crime and drug cartels to provide these things.

    With regard to Mr. Whalen’s rant, it’s unrealistic because high school kids aren’t going to snitch on other kids. And this isn’t the kid’s problem – we are supposed to be the responsible adults in the room. As adults, we should notice some things – like the neighbor kid wantonly shooting and torturing small animals, committing acts of violence, and posting threats on social media. Yes, people noticed these things, the police were alerted in some instances and the FBI was notified, and we did essentially nothing. Anyone who has reported a crime or suspicious circumstances to the authorities only to be ignored or ridiculed knows frustration and futility, and this is even more pronounced in young people from whom the respect of their peers is extremely important.

    Let’s place blame for this tragedy where it truly belongs – on the adults who should have known better and who should have taken Cruz more seriously. It wasn’t the gun; Cruz would have gotten a gun from somewhere and given the apparent indifference of the authorities, no one would have done anything about it. Nope, a lot of adults fucked up and a lot of kids died.

  13. The left and FBI have a vested interest in these mass murders, to keep them happening not stop them. They don’t want anyone armed but them. This is no different than fast and furious.
    Why was the FBI at the draw Mohamad in Texas and didn’t stop the shooter or worn anybody, but told the bad guys to tear up Texas? We wouldn’t of known except the G man got caught speeding away. Still no answer from the FBI on that.

  14. I liked Spermwhale Whalen (Charles Durning)in”The Choirboys” a lot more than this Sean jackass. Oh, and James Woods was in that movie too. As Harold Bloomguard.

  15. We raised our kid to be an admirable responsible adult – who also enjoys shooting sports.
    Too bad those things are mutually exclusive in O’Malley’s libtardland.


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