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Seasonal affective disorder

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  1. Don’t throw those COVID decorations away just yet—you might be able to reuse them for Halloween.

  2. speaking of people keeping up their holiday decorations … the National Electric Code only allows ‘temporary outdoor illumination’ for holiday decorations to be up for a period of only 90 days …. Article 590.3

    if your ‘local jurisdiction’ follows the NEC (& if they don’t, they’ll be sued by the first lawyer who has a client w/ an electrical fire) then all you have to do is call up the Inspection department to fink on your neighbor 🙂

  3. Ann Nonymous NAILED it!

    Corona Virus, the Sequel, coming to your town sometime before November.

  4. 1/2 off salel…
    Lose whatever half you don’t want.
    You will pay full price with monthly payments plus interest.

  5. @Bad_Brad- THANK.YOU.

    Was following WRSA via a Gab site, but what you linked is better.

  6. At least you will be able to update your face with the latest mask, to go with your ugly Christmas sweater.

  7. Here in Florida, we find that boarding up windows is useful for both riot and hurricane seasons. You can then decorate the plywood with any other seasonal display. And if you’re too lazy to festoon the boards, don’t worry, the passing mobs will take care of that for you with their spray paint.


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