AmericanMirror: A Black Friday Walmart shopper took exception to a child hiding under a shelf and startling passersby in a video uploaded to YouTube today.

The man could be seen kicking the furniture on the shelf and yelling, “Get out…I’ll kill you!” and kicking the shelf again.

When the woman filming told him to “calm down,” he looked at her and slapped the camera out of her hand.

It’s not clear when the incident took place.

Meanwhile, Black Friday pandemonium is already underway on Thanksgiving.

14 Comments on SEASON’S BEATINGS

  1. the word stupid is not strong enough for these idiots in the video links. Why the big rush to buy something on one “special day haha ” save a buck here and there and go on a Monday.

  2. Wow! I didn’t think Chinese people would get so pissed. I’d have a few choice words for the little turd hiding.

  3. Looks like something me and my brother would have done back in the day only the person hiding would have reached out and grabbed them by the leg. We once played a trick on our great aunt who used to stay with us during the summer. She got up during the night to use the bathroom and my (older) brother told me to sneak into her bed. When she returned from the bathroom and pulled back the covers to get into bed she reached down and touched me then proceeded to jump about three feet into the air. It scared me just as bad because I thought I had given her a heart attack.

  4. geoff, most stores don’t allow my cracker ass all year long as designated with a no gun sign posted on the door.

  5. @Left Coast Dan – Me, too. And after I bought a phone and a couple of accessories, I wanted to get in the spirit of things. So I shoved my laptop and broke a few of its fingers when I snatched the four dollar door-buster George Foreman grill away from it and then knocked down my wife and the cat on my way to check out.

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