Seattle-area schools tell 2nd graders cops are racist, push left-wing activism


Two Seattle-area schools are using the Black Lives Matter movement to push anti-police curriculum to second graders. When asked why the content was chosen to begin with, districts haven’t been especially forthcoming.

Among the lessons being promoted, either in the virtual classroom or via third-party resources to parents, students as young as 7-years-old are taught that racist police routinely target innocent Black Americans but don’t suffer consequences because police cover for each other. Content also pushes far-left social justice causes as students are told to become social justice activists.


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  1. Do me, and yourself, a favor….Don’t ever ask me why I despise our school system and most especially….their union.

  2. This stuff has been happening for years. In 2016 a friend’s third grade son in CA voted for Hillary on election day with made up crayon ballots that could even have been counted for all we know. They forced them to make stickers that said I voted for Her and wear them. There is a reason young people hate the country. I hope Covid closures thwart some of this brainwashing or make people aware of it so they find other options.

  3. A similar story was covered during the Tucker Carlson show this evening about elementary schools in Pa. teaching children their parents are racist if they support the police or complain about protesters blocking roads. Perhaps even worse as the children are not only told to disrespect police, but their parents also.

    He interviewed one Mom (Elana Fishbein) who stated she had a lot of support from other parents and grandparents who said they feared being labeled racist if they publicly opposed the teaching. The school district officials when asked why they were teaching such lessons basically told them, in a polite way, to get lost.

    Tucker Carlson Tonight – 9/16/20 .

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