Seattle City Council approves cutting 100 police positions, 1 percent of budget

The Hill-

The Seattle City Council approved measures on Monday that would cut up to 100 police positions and 1 percent of the department’s budget.

The proposal, which Black Lives Matter protesters backed and Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) and Police Chief Carmen Best were against, would take less than $4 million from the department’s $400 million annual budget The Associated Press reported

Seven of eight council members supported the proposals, with only council member Kshama Sawant voting against, saying they did not do enough to defund police.


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  1. Boo!

    I saw the picture and thought this would be an article about Benchmade & Spyderco Knives & steel.


  2. I’ve been listening to Seattle’s police precincts at night via Internet scanner for the last week or so and the tone of their voices seems to have changed to one of depressed resignation. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think so.

    What a slap in the face of the men and women who put their lives on the line for a city of 700,000 people.

  3. 1%? Really?; Make a stand. Either make a real cut, or support the people who put their lives on the line for you.
    I am willing to commit to those who will risk their lives for me.

  4. !% is bull shit. If your dumb liberal ass is committed to the cause eliminate YOUR protection detail TOO. Fucking Libtard Hypocrites.

  5. If you are going for the 50%, and you settle for 1%, it makes them look like elephants. Pelosi would not endorse this for a second. You fucking donkeys need to get out there and fight to win! We need to see what defunding really means!

  6. Kshama Savant is playing both sides. Saying the cuts don’t go far enough to appease her crazy base-then in political ads she can say she was the lone Council member to vote “No!” if the polling goes south.

    There’s a tweet from one of the council critters from February boasting about bigger budget for SPD for hiring more police of color to better represent varied communities.Blah blah-one mob and adherence to the plandemic democrat playbook-and here we are.

    I’ll never go downtown again. So long 5th Avenue Theatre. It was fun while it lasted. Never mind new Seattle Kraken-I’ll watch hockey on TV. There won’t be enough off duty police to cover Climate Pledge Arena and it’s too close to the MickeyD’s shooting gallery.


  7. A few more weeks of riots and lack of backing from the council, and Seattle will be lucky if they only lose 100 cops to resignations. When some semblance of sanity returns, and they realize they needed those cops, good luck trying to recruit replacements.

  8. Illustr8r

    Just think, if they eliminated all police, someone could shoot Kshama Savant in the face and no one would care. I hate that commie bitch.

  9. Local news is just reporting now that SPD Chief Carmen Best is resigning. Think the rest of the department will go with her?

  10. Pretty bad when your racial quota hire can’t take it anymore. Every cop should bail. Leave the city council defenseless

  11. I believe it is important for there to be mass resignations among the SPD. I would rather the example be Minneapolis or Chicago, but someplace has to be the bad example so let it be Seattle.

  12. It would be a shame if the entire force resigned effective immediately. There wouldn’t be anything left of downtown Seattle by sunup if the National Guard were not mobilized. Residential neighborhoods would have to call a meeting and each neighborhood set up their own Vigilance committee in order to keep freebooters at bay.

    My guess is that if ANTIFA got one of their mostly peaceful parties started in a neighborhood that they would all, each and every one of them, be shot dead by armed residents.

  13. I doubt there isn’t a single government agency that couldn’t trim 1% of costs without any outsider noticing.

  14. And… once again the establishment Republicans can take a bow, they own a good deal of responsibility for the Seattle City Council being monolithic and Marxist.

    When they sat with their thumbs up their ass, picking their nose and eating boogers with the other hand while watching the King/Pierce/Snohomish Democrat machine steal the 2004 gubernatorial election the conservative base was going nuts. The conservative base was fired up, pissed off and had not yet begun to fight.

    The other thing they did was allow the Snohomish/King/Pierce Democrat machine to implement all kinds of measures designed to facilitate vote fraud. This betrayal pretty much finished off the Republican Party in the metropolitan Puget Sound region and also made it pretty hard for any Republican to ever win Statewide office again. Enough of those people have dropped out of the political process and just don’t turn out and vote any longer to turn the City Councils into mental wards in cities such as Seattle and Tacoma. That is exactly how a city of 700,000 people gets to the point that every single council member is a raving leftist nut job.

    There are quite a few people living there, a majority in many neighborhoods, who are opposed to this lunacy, but they just don’t believe there is any use in voting.

  15. Reward bad behavior, even with a token 1%, get more bad behavior.

    A bad situation for the minority living there that wanted better sane government, but lacked the votes to get it.

    The other 99% of SPD ought to also resign, and let it become West Aleppo. But no federal tax payer bailout to rebuild it after it burns. Let the mayor and city council try to explain why they let the city be destroyed under their, ah, governance. Preferably from behind bars.

  16. They cut HER pay by 40%, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with her decision. Had she stayed, she’d be making $100,000 less than her white predecessor.

  17. Both Seattle and Portland were Crime rated as ONLY being on 2% better than all other US Cities by
    and both want to Defund the Police. Go Figure????

    Something even more scary.
    Washington DC, Chicago, Newark and NYC all rated better for lower crime than Seattle and Portland.

    So it seems the 2 biggest Socialist/CHOP governed cities in the USA are even more crime infested.

  18. This is how the Commies turn over power. They get get rid of the good people, then replace them with their Brownshirts. We’re in for some bad times in this country if this keeps up!


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