Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant Doxxes Mayor Jenny Durkan

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Finds Out Screaming Radical Leftists Aren’t Much Fun When They Surround Her Home.

RedState: People have been wondering when enough will be enough for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to do something about the area known as the CHOP, a six block area seized by radical leftists/anarchists.

She initially praised the protest, calling it a big “block party” even describing it as a possible “summer of love.” She even provided them barricades to help them block off their area and toilets.

It’s then been a month of total chaos with murders, shootings and all kinds of other crime.

After finally saying last week that the protesters should wind down their presence there because of the violence, the mayor still hasn’t effectively addressed the problem and people are still there, causing problems.

As we wrote on Monday, there was another shooting leaving a 16 year old teen dead and another boy, 14 years old, wounded.

As we reported earlier, a Fox News crew was also surrounded and harassed, after a Fox News reporter was assaulted.

But guess what has finally upset her? When hundreds of them finally showed up screaming at her house on Monday night.

Durkan was outraged that they dared come to her house. Too bad she wasn’t outraged when they came for the neighborhood of her constituents. MORE

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  1. “Durkan is now calling on the city council to investigate Sawant for this and a long list of other actions, including letting the protesters into city hall, involvement in the illegal occupation of the East Precinct and, interestingly, also accusing her of allowing the “National Executive committee and the Seattle executive committee of the Socialist Alternative Party” to make hiring decisions.”

    Unfortunately for Queen Durkan, the Seattle City Council is full of Socialists and Sawant sympathizers. But, you go girl!

  2. …it stops being funny when it starts being YOU, eh, Durka-Durka?

    …that Karma sandwich tasting pretty bitter now, huh? Hope they jam it down your throat the way YOU jammed THEM down OURS…

  3. We need the entire Seattle city council, along with jenny jurkin and jay inslee to get in the octogon and fight it out. Last politician standing gets to run for their life. The rest get marched off to jail.

  4. …if the noise gets to you, Culo Mayor, you can always see one of Antifa’s vaunted “medics” to give you a li’l something for your head, you know, like a doctor, but a socialist version of one who’s actually a grubby incompetent poser that might hook you up with some windowpane and not even KNOW it’s not Anacin…

  5. Q13Fox wrote their first paragraph this way:

    “Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has asked the City Council to investigate socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant, calling for her to be punished and possibly even expelled from her position…” (emphasis mine)

    Punish a Socialist/Communist? Even expel her? Unheard of in the Soviet State of Washington.

  6. Kshama Sawant.

    All American girl, I suppose.

    Leftist mayor’s plight registers ZERO on my empathy meter.

    You built this. Enjoy.
    And don’t call 911. They’ll put you on hold. You will be enthralled with orchestral arrangements of your favorite 1960s protest songs.

  7. New name: Cannibal Hill Area Roast(CHAR)
    I enjoy it when the leftists cannibalize each other; it amused me greatly.

  8. She even provided them barricades to help them block off their area and toilets.

    They blocked off the toilets? That’s just nasty.

    I’m afraid there’s really only one way to get rid of a disease vector as deadly and infectious as Sawant. Do any Seattle hospitals have walk-in autoclaves?

  9. …and then Kshama Sawant’s phone rings, it’s Joe Somebody, sounds like an obscne call with all the pervy sniffing but he’s asking if she’d be ready to be President on Day One for some reason..

  10. Proving once again that libtards have no earthly idea of the concept of unintended consequences.

    But, but, but, it looked great on paper.

  11. Keep your eye on that savant Sawant! She’s goin’ places.

    (I am not drinking anything – but am eying a bottle of wine over there.)

  12. Construct the trebuchet that can send this bint to her country of origin. OK. That physically impossible. So launching her 2 miles offshore should do the trick.

    Hard to swim in a sari. Sorry. See ya.

  13. @ SupernightShade.
    We must have grown up on the same block except i was north of the 48th.

  14. Consider that Durkan is a lawyer (ex-US Attorney). If Sawant were guilty of a crime in Seattle’s code, Kshama would probably be in jail already. But what about King County’s and the State of Washington’s? I’m guessing someone on Durkan’s staff is looking into it. She dare not go to the Federal level because that would involve the FBI and Barr’s DOJ – and Trump would get involved. Can’t have that!

    If the City Council rebukes Durkan in any way over this, she’ll never live it down. To come out of this politically, Durkan has to successfully CHAR-broil CHAR! (thanks Conservative cowgirl!).

  15. It appears the mayor is trying to figure out how to get rid of CHAZ or CHOP or PUTZ or whatever they “identify as” today. The solution seems pretty obvious to me. That enemy occupied area is populated by looters and arsonists and killers. I’m sure the mayor would get an adequate number of trained operators to volunteer to go in there, loot the place, set it on fire, and kill anyone who resisted.

  16. I’ll flat out say it. Seweratant is a fucking cunt of the first order who absolutely deserves to get her motherfucking BMW driving communist fucking brain blown out the back of her fucking head.

    That being said, I couldn’t care less if the mob dragged Durkan out of her estate and beat her stupid ass to death with fucking tire irons.

  17. Mule. Why did you hold back? What is stopping you from telling us what you really think?

  18. You all can laugh at us who have lived in the PNW all of our lives, but guess what they moved here from your states and made it the shithole that it is now.
    And you know what, they are moving OUT and are moving back home to your states so get ready to fight them on your own turf.
    Each and every one of us thinks that where ever we live is Gods country,and it is, until the left moves in and then it becomes a hell hole, just like the Northwest.
    If you have never been here it has beauty unsurpassed, when the song God bless America was wrote it could have been just our area.
    And why did they move here because for one thing, Money, because the Northwest like California is the hub of the tech world and they brought their misguided views with them. So here we are with no way out unless we crash our economy.
    Rant off.

  19. RICH India privilege via her parents immigration into the US.

    Call her out for being RICH. They, the leftist that she is, hate that.

    They come from a Caste system.

    And this bitch should know better for that reason.

    My interaction with India peeps is at the counter and most if not all as merchants and capitalists are good.

    She would be a disgrace in her grand parents culture.


  20. It was a Goddamned laugh riot for this subhuman piece of shit until it impacted her personally. Think about that and let it sink in: these despicable pieces of shit are literal sociopaths. There is no other way to put it.

    My mother USED TO admonish me for referring to them as subhuman and as pieces of shit, that pretty much ended about eight or nine years ago when she no longer felt safe even going into Seattle or Portland.

    They are absolute sociopaths. Totally lacking any sense of consideration regarding the wellbeing of other people. The subhuman pieces of shit absolutely disgust me.

  21. Portland’s Mayor would do anything to have Sawant on his team. Send her down. Portland’s big money types are doing all they can to turn Portland into another San Francisco. C’mon Seattle, help Portland out.

  22. Excellent rant @GeoffC 😢
    Mr Illustr8r and I have been here since ‘87. Moved here from opposite sides of the country and we fell into the beginnings of the high tech industry. The PNW was an undiscovered secret (to us anyway) and I thought anyone who grew up here was so blessed to be from this beautiful place. Fast forward in just the last 5 years it’s Leftist and millennial groupthink transformation is scary and very sad. It’s not the wonderful place I moved to. Where to next with a good economy and high tech jobs? Well, lotsa Seattle people are moving to Boise. Many conservative but no doubt the goofballs who ruined Seattle have crossed the border too. Ugh. Beware. Beware.

    There should be voting regulations put in place to stop the leftist local spread. Move to a red state with a blue voting record and you can continue to vote in your old state elections otherwise too bad so sad-no voting for you for a decade.

  23. Durkan was looking for a date, not spoiling for a fight when she whispered to Sawant that she would lick her

  24. …oh, and the startup I was at back in the 80’s almost all of my coworkers and the upper management hailed from California or Eugene/Portland Oregon.

  25. @Illustr8r — Yeah, back in the late ’80s, all 350K of us who call Seattle and the Puget Sound area our home were, somehow, invisible to all those who “discovered” our beautiful corner of the country.

    Back then and up until the ’90s, I vowed I would never leave my hometown. There was no place in the country (and I’ve traveled) that compared. I often cry over having to leave here. I’ve lived in one house my entire adult life, here on QA Hill. I know every merchant on our end of the hill: the grocer, hardware store, the butcher, on a first name, friend basis. Seattle used to be a city of distinct neighborhoods, where each was its own small town. I’ve known the same checkers at our local Safeway since we were all young and cute.

    We all grew up with J.P. and are Patches Pals. We know the theme songs of Stan Boresen of King Club House, Captain Puget, Wunda Wunda, and Brakeman Bill. Fewer and fewer of us know what “Keep Clam” means, anymore. This was our town and everyone was welcomed to visit. My grandad helped build the viaduct and the Space Needle. My great aunt’s unique river rock house still stands on Harborview Drive across from the Alkai marina. My second cousin still lives in the house behind it. My mom, aunt and two uncles graduated from West Seattle High. We still give to the Ballard H.S. performing arts — which has been around since 1905 or so.

    All gone.

    So when those here bash Seattle, it’s a dagger in my heart. They don’t know Seattle, because if they ever really did they would love Seattle and feel the loss just as keenly. Nowhere else like it in the entire world.

  26. AA,

    In the 1980’s what was called Seattle Nice, I said had morphed into Seattle Naivety. That tolerance was one thing, but something was clearly out of wack in Seattle where nothing could be criticized. The City of Seattle was analogous to the home where mom and dad wanted to be their offspring’s best friend. The little bastards could not do any wrong. Temper tantrums were rewarded.

  27. @JDHasty — Yes, you do know all the cliches about Seattle. That is an outsider’s view of things. Those of us who have lived through being called “Seattle Nice” know that backhanded (pejorative) compliment is a complete misunderstanding of the mores and attitudes of the natives around these parts; people who take you at face value and like open-hearted, simple (naive?) people, don’t quite understand double-talk and who are alarmed at how much personal information and opinion is offered up to a mere acquaintance.

    Our friendliness was unabashed, but we don’t like invading people’s personal space or be intrusive and we preferred you observe the same conventions regarding us. Today the popular phrase is “too much information.” Contrast that with the sensibilities of, say, your average Californian transplant of the ’80s — we had no idea strangers met on a regular basis, in every kind of conceivable “self-help” group, to talk about their most intimate problems. Never heard of such a thing before; most of us thought that was what family or God was for. But if a stranger was in real need, you couldn’t find people more willing to lend a helpful hand to you. Behind “Seattle Nice” are model charities you probably don’t know about: Seattle Children’s Home, PONCHO, The Bravest Charity, Millionaire’s Club, and the like. Not to mention all the churches and synagogues that once flourished here (before our newest arrivals became proud of being the “most unchurched” city in America).

    On a more personal basis, a Seattleite of old would walk a lost tourist to the exact bus stop (and wait with them for the right bus), stop to give exact change for a buck so someone could feed the meter, and share their umbrella with a perfect stranger in a downpour.

    For example, and I’ve said this before, there were so many Californians who swarmed here who felt frozen out by “Seattle Nice” that they set up their own crisis hotline. They weren’t feeling the “free love” from the natives. They cried to each other because they didn’t feel liked by us. But we all laughed at the idea of someone needing to “share” their hurt feelings, especially since they hadn’t even done anything yet to earn our affection!

    I don’t know what you are basing your “never be criticized” remark on. Beats me. I’ve been to plenty of public comments meetings where local problems and issues are discussed. There were certainly a lot of steamed up people criticizing the current state of affairs on a whole host of issues. But I guess if you didn’t read it in the Seattle Times, it never happened.

  28. I’m so heartbroken for conservatives in Western Washington and especially Seattle. My first visit there was in 1969 when I travelled with my friend’s family to visit relatives. We hiked Mt. Rainier, wandered downtown and sat on my friend’s aunt’s porch overlooking Seattle and fell in love with it all. When we left, I left a piece of my heart on Mt. Rainier. Went back in 1975 to experience it all over again. It was like coming home.

    Another friend moved to Mukilteo, WA in the mid 90s. I visited her and we traveled all around, to Mt. Rainier where my heart rejoined with what I left there, and didn’t really notice much change in Seattle, though I’m sure the locals did.

    So, today, I know my heart will never be whole again. I will never go back with this current distruction of such a wonderous gift from God. The left are evil.

    Oh, and my friend that moved there. She moved back after two years. Couldn’t stand it.

  29. AA,

    I believe that most of the people who lived in Seattle couldn’t see the forest for the trees. As someone who was a frequent visitor, I felt like a watcher of a pot full of frogs beion slowly brought to a boil.

    I have been consistent in what I have had to say about Seattle and Portland and their COLLECTIVE nativity for over two decades in comments I have posted in online editions of local papers.

    It is my observations I post about

  30. The reason I visited Seattle and Portland so often is there were a heck of a lot of good people living in both. What I just couldn’t understand is how it was that when they got together to vote that more often than not collectively they voted like utter and complete morons.

    Tacoma is following in their footsteps.

  31. @JDHasty — I get it. You hate Seattle with a white hot rage.

    You should be happy you don’t have to come here anymore, right?

    I feel just as badly for the sane people of San Fransisco, and the Bay Area. We watched as Silicon Valley fundamentally transformed that beautiful and kindly city into today’s unrecognizable place. All the beauty and all the good there cannot bear up under the Leftist leadership and their policies.

    The same for Denver, Salt Lake City, and Greater Billings. Salt Lake City! Now there’s a head-scratcher if there ever was one. If the Mormons can’t check the Progressives, pray tell us who is safe from them.

  32. CHAZ Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (nope)
    CHOP. Capital Hill Occupied Protest (nope)
    CHAR. Cannibal Hill Area Roast (nope)
    CHOADE (look it up) (YEP!)

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