Seattle city council moves to replace police with civilian-led ‘violence prevention’ group


The Seattle City Council proposed a motion to abolish its police department and to instead “create a civilian led department of community safety & violence prevention.”

The proposal states that the council plans to “remove certain functions from the Seattle Police Department to and provide funding for a community-led process to inform the structure and function of a new department of community safety & violence prevention; requesting modifications to policing practices…” more

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  1. Just a thought: Might want to check to make sure the amber lamps are gassed up and scheduled maintenance is up to date.

  2. My Great Grandparents, My Grandparents, My Parents and every other fucking thing that I have ever learned, experienced or screwed up has left me incapable of understanding what the hell they are proposing…

  3. @ willysgoatgruff AUGUST 1, 2020 AT 2:16 PM

    Gotta do something, usually said while picking their nose and eating boogers, is the leftist mantra. If you ask them to clarify exactly how this is supposed to accomplish what – I can guarandamntee you that is the answer you will get.

  4. Perhaps a fleet of drag queens and transgenders wearing some sort of bodacious rainbow outfit so they could be easily identified. And they shouldn’t have any type of weapon outside a billy club. Gee can’t possibly fathom what could go wrong. Charlie Hebdo comes to mind though.

  5. It probably will prevent violence … against murderers and rapists and street thugs

    For law abiding citizens and Soy-bint Green “violence preventers” …. not so much

  6. The News will extoll how wonderful life is due to ridding Seattle of killer police…it will take a few years and then we will see articles and news items on Google page 23 with ” Seattle Family of Seven kept as Sex Slaves by local Drug thug for 2 years….DCSVP workers Demand $400,000 raise and get their Wish….Three Hundred families move to Texas rather than call the DCSVP to resolve home invasions ETC” Things foisted upon citizens by sub human Leftist that are beginning to see the light of day are…Windmills will destroy 20 percent of bird population…Solar will destroy 20 percent of bird population, Cats let out at night or day destroy 20% of bird population…Two loving married men nuclear families have 90% sexual abuse rate…Two woman marriages adoptions result in a 35% suicide rate which is down from 40 % so what is going on here… You must not call the DCSVP if you own a gun…China makes everything Americans need and Amazon delivers it yet riots continue…Police join Secret vigilante groups and must be prosecuted, if any info call the DCSVP…Automobiles now completely fossil fuel free, world may not have any topsoil due to surface mining of Lithium, 3 billion expected to die of Covid Wuhan starvation…Biden dies after only ten days as President but his Legacy will live on 24/7 until 2067, Hillary attends Biden funeral and delivers eulogy remembering lunch with the President nine days after inauguration…

  7. In other words they are going to take money that went to the police and give it to leftist organizations that are loyal to the individual Seattle city council members.

  8. this was an episode of “The Simpsons”. Homer was the head of “spring-shield” Springfield’s vigilante group after the police were disbanded.

  9. This just might be a stroke of genius. Getting rid of the cops, with their exorbitant salaries and pension obligations, and replacing them with minimum wage workers sure does free up a lot of cash that they can throw at all of their social justice programs. Of course the citizens of Seattle will suffer, but this is what they asked for, they were the ones that put these clowns into positions of authority.

  10. Various mafias, drug rings and sex slave operators in the area are looking at this and rubbing their hands together.

    Eventually, Seattle fire and EMS people will need to carry.

    Drive I-405 to go around – unless you’re visiting Abigail. 🙂

  11. A new department, trained in “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis.”
    Trauma-informed=hit over the head one too many times
    Gender-affirming=yup, that’s a being who has a cervix, or they identify as having a cervix
    Anti-racist=looking at someone’s skin color to determine their worth
    Praxis=practice (Ebonics)

  12. How many civilian led “violence prevention group” members will be killed or raped and horribly beaten, surviving the beatings possibly with lifetime brain damage, before the smartest councilmembers in the world give their plan a second thought? 1200? 1500? 2372? Ever? Or will this too pass on or about November 10, 2020?

  13. Not too long ago, I think around when Trump was elected, these same cretins were whining about ‘safe spaces’.
    And they get pissed off because the adults don’t take them too seriously.

  14. Jimmy
    AUGUST 1, 2020 AT 3:38 PM

    “Eventually, Seattle fire and EMS people will need to carry.”

    …Fire can’t carry, because the outfits restrict peripheral vision too much, the gloves are too bulky for most trigger guards, you can’t run and gun very well in turnout gear, and the truck can’t be moved once it’s laid in and doesn’t have locks on it anyway.

    EMS can’t carry because anything a medic sticks IN a person, they have to DEAL with them immediately afterwards as a patient.

    And the Seattle hospitals don’t operate in a vacuum either and will be gone after the doctor’s expensive cars are stolen, the nurses are raped, the drugs all exproprated, and the rooms taken over by homeless, so there’s nowhere to take patients anyway.

    So no police = no any OTHER emergency services, EITHER. Maybe call an Antifa “medic”, I hear they have bandages and eyewash.

    …good luck with all that…

  15. Are those the same people who volunteer to walk to locate minefields and sink their submarines to test them for leaks?

  16. Answerman Cooper
    AUGUST 1, 2020 AT 3:22 PM
    “It will be led by ex-cons from the community. Calling it civilian led just sounds better.”


    …you mean CURRENT criminals on the Bad Guy Active Duty roster, because playing Cop is just too good a chance to do BAD…

  17. The very first assignment for this civilian squad should be protection for the mayor and city council.. I am assuming they will be unarmed, in keeping with their mission.

    Second assignment is patrolling the highest crime areas, also unarmed.

    This could actually turn out really well in short order.

  18. SNS and Answerman Cooper: Not Felons or ex cons. Take a page from San Francisco’s New speak:

    “Some examples include changing “felon” and “offender” to “returning resident” or “formerly incarcerated person.” A “parolee” could be described as a “person under supervision.” “Convict” could be referred to as a “currently incarcerated person,” while a “juvenile offender” or “delinquent” would be described as a “young person impacted by the justice system.”

  19. My experience is that God’s timing is absolutely impeccable.

    Believe me or believe me not, I started praying for the wheels to fall off — somewhere in this country — for a long, long time. Unless something goes irreconcilably haywire, kaput, broken beyond repair, wrekt, totaled (you get the picture), we’ll just keep limping along in that gray world of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” How many more decades do we want to pass before it’s so rotten obvious? In what some will undoubtedly view as perverse, I’m glad it’s so stupidly fouled up. And wouldn’t you know it? God, in his infinite and inscrutable wisdom is using my town to do it. This place, where now “the most unchurched” (and proud of it) has replaced “the most number of sunglasses and umbrellas lost from year-to-year” on the list of Seattle’s Fun Facts!

    As POTUS Trump sez, “We’ll see.” I say, Let’s get this show on the road!

  20. I’m sure that the certified rape counselors will be very helpful… help choose the right victim, the right position, etc.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  21. This will be”well,you didn’t follow the new orthodoxy so you got violenced. You had it coming,or,you committed violence by not following the new orthodoxy. Come with us.”

  22. As a resident of Seattle I support this. I’m heavily armed & will have a better chance than most. This city is too far gone to be helped. The people of Seattle have done this to themselves. Let it burn to the ground. It’s the only cure.

  23. Blink, Nah, we’re awaiting the influx of New Yorkers (we already have plenty from there and the e coast) who are fleeing their states with huge bundles of cash. I can’t wait to make them go through the offer letter writing phase.

  24. Why don’t they just start a kind of a uber police. You know you get a text and some details and off you go. It could be fun. Think of all the new people you will meet.

  25. @Abigail, “stepping up the pace packing” was, I think, to subtle. I intended it to have a double meaning.

    Packing clothes & furniture. Or, for those who haven’t left yet, with no plans to leave. Stepping up the pace Packing (heat), a weapon for self protection.


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