Seattle is Dying– THANKS LEFTIES!!!

Here is a documentary, produced by KOMO News, that tells the truth about what is happening in Seattle with the homeless population.

They don’t name the left as the culprits, but it’s obvious.

Make sure you read the comments at YouTube. Priceless.

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  1. Awww … *sniff* … *sniff* …

    You mean … like … elections ACTUALLY have consequences?

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Watched the video earlier today. Good video well worth an hour of your time. Liberal plan for America.

  3. I had to turn it off when I got sick of hearing Eric Johnson repeatedly propose his “compassionate plan.” Horse manure.

    The program COMPLETELY misses the cause – and solution – to Seattle’s problem. I’m a Seattle native – but I don’t have time to write 10,000 – 100,000 words describing the history of Seattle’s politics and what led to its quagmire. Most of it is obvious anyway.

    As Seattle goes – so goes America. If you doubt it, look closely at EVERY city over 100,000 right now. Most are Democrat-controlled. They’re ALL ripe with the same politics, decaying judicial system, stupid police, culturally corrupted kids, drugs, and bullshit progressive crap.

    “The odds are against us and the situation is grim.” Just sayin’

  4. I feel for any conservative living in or near Seattle. I’ve been there several times and considered the city and surrounding areas (especially Mt. Rainier) to be some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen. That being said, I’m sad that I don’t know if I will ever see it again. I have no desire to be in such a leftist s**thole.

    I am sorry for Joe6Pak having to live so near. I know many others live near, too, and I ache for the pain you must be going through. I will pray extra for you tonight. May God bless you all.

    Edit: My part of Michigan is pretty conservative, but I have no desire to go anywhere near Detroit for the rest of my life!

  5. But every two years they get rounded up and bused down to the polling place to vote for who they are told to (for a few bucks).

  6. Keep voting for democrats, they have done a fine job of getting elected over and over with zero positive accomplishments.

  7. watched it last night, when it came out.

    They don’t arrest or ticket for possessing 3 grams, or less, of heroin or meth in seattle. They let them keep it, and just go on their way. That is heroin and meth, folks. ‘Personal use.’ Tolerated, out in the open, right there on the sidewalks. Ain’t no way that city will ever be right with that going on.

    ‘this is a city,
    this is a city on drugs’

  8. Smug alert!! Read the comments in the Seattle Times and The Stranger, cognitive dissonance is raised to an art form therein.

  9. Code Orange Smug Alert!! The responsible party wants to double down. Unfortunately, it is other’s lives they are playing out their social experiments on.

  10. The comments on YouTube offered me some comfort that I’m not alone in hating what has happened to this once beautiful city-and understanding-why-Liberals and Socialists.
    Voters are brainwashed though and are incapable of pulling the lever for a Republican. I doubt anything will change soon. Local politicians and activists will continue to blame Big Tech for everything under the sun (as I saw today on a Vanishing Seattle blog that reviewed this video and hated it) and if an alternate opinion is offered they swing the big ball bat of ‘isms to shut any discussion down.
    Seattle will lose BigTech to the clean more business minded cities across Lake Washington. Those city councils at least have a few Republicans on them and the Dems are more like Blue Dogs than Kshama Savant.
    Right now, career wise this is where we need to be. In 5-7 years we’ll be somewhere else. I’ve lived in Seattle since 1987. Liberalism has ruined a city I loved and altered many friendships. They want to take what has happened to Seattle nationwide😡😢 it can’t happen.

  11. It was already sliding quickly down into the crapper when I was working for The Evil Empire back all through the 90’s.

  12. I haven’t been to Seattlein years. It was one of my favorite cities once so beautiful and comparatively pristine. My daughter’s in-laws moved there from Hawaii. A daughter lives in Sacramento
    My son-in-law tried to get them to move to Houston’s Fort Bend County. Housing is a far more reasonable here and they had cash from the sale of their home in Hawaii. The West Coast needs to be the wall along the Nevada and Utah statelines

  13. Claudia, thanks for remembering me. One thing though, I actually live in a county that went TRUMP in 2016. We are a bit rural and I jokingly refer to where I live as the Appalachia of Western Washington. Look what happened to where you left, the Twin Cities. Could be as bad if not worse than the Seattle area. Plus there seems to be a bunch of us within a couple hour drive of Seattle, if someone was ambitious and organized some sort of get together I’d be game for it. Of course I’d have to get a fake glasses and mustache but those are cheap.

  14. Both the Mayor of Seattle and the Governor of Washington state need the Space Needle up their twin anuses.

  15. I could fix this crap overnight if…
    I was benevolent dictator for 1 year.
    I bet 1 craft brewed IPA that every man
    on this site knows what I mean.

  16. Seattle is a very harsh example. It’s more widespread in subtle ways across America. The little town I live in 20 minutes outside of Chicago was handed to an all democrat council a few years ago. City code is no longer enforced. I’ve called numerous times about code violations around the neighborhood and not once has anything ever been enforced. The same crap happens day after day, so as a result I’ve stopped calling. The violations I refer to don’t involve serious drug and homeless issues or crimes, but nonetheless city code is written for a reason. That reason has been forgotten and this place is slowly turning to shit. No one has any accountability, it’s all “some other department” run by what might as well be a shoe since the person(s) in charge are completely unresponsive. It is maddening and I can only imagine how horrible it must be for Seattle and other big cities like it. Oh, and Chicago? I haven’t been there in over 10 years and it’s just 20 minutes away.


    With the philosophy, Those who do not listen, must be made to feel

  18. This is let out of every discussion, but it needs to be addressed.

    I have been close enough to listen to those who vote for more of this crap. To a larger degree than is recognized a sense of envy underlies the motivation to vote to enable this, there is a pent up desire to punish people that these malcontents see as “keeping them down.”

    They are hell bent on punishing those who have “made it” while they feel left behind. They have some misguided notion that others have made it at their expense, and just by listening to their rhetoric and deconstructing what they are saying the message comes through. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge hard work and sacrifice as having been the primary means by which those above them have acheived the wealth that they crave, but are unwilling to emulate the ones they only aspire to emulate in their comfort… so they tear down what others have achieved in order to level down society.

    It is pathological and it is pervasive here, it has been inculcated into the mindset of a critical mass of voters and to deny it is to concede good intentions to people who are advocating for more and more envy, the most terrible of sins.

    Diabolical narcissism is what is at it’s core driving much of this. only a demonically possessed mind could see propagating this as compassion.

  19. It goes beyond the Seattle City Council, King County Council & Executive and Tacoma elected officials are hell bent on spreading it throughout the Puget Sound Region.

  20. Here is a thought for those of us in Western Washington, or who might be here. If there was anyone thinking that it could be interesting for a get together, instead of a restaurant or bar or saloon, maybe having a big bonfire in the woods would be fun. There are good places to do that here. We might want to do it before the late July, August, September burn ban takes affect. Just a thought.

  21. It is really a shame that people who have not lived in the shadows of Cities like Portland and Seattle will more likely than not not understand what we who do are saying. But if you are close enough to be exposed to it and really pay attention there is an underbelly of exactly that motivation and it is a sentiment their favorite politicians air openly. If a person listens carefully to what they are saying, the message is unmistakable though.

  22. Portland’s mayor is going mad trying to turn Portland into another Seattle. Badly needs your help. Send us your homeless, insane, drug addicted, government dependents, alcoholics, thieves, vandals, burglars, murderers, anarchists, communists, illegals, drop outs, reporters, teachers, and other free-shitter democrats. Mayor Wheeler and the Portland City Council will be grateful.

  23. Pride goeth before a fall and nowhere you go will you experience such advanced pathological narcissism on a wide scale than Seattle.

  24. JD, we have a lot of good country here, it would be a shame to be stuck in the metropolitan area. Let’s see if anyone else thinks it’s a good idea. Hell, even if it’s just a couple of our families it would be a good time. I love being in the woods.

  25. What Seattle is, is the direct result of fifty and more years of hard left ideology. Virtue signaling and pretend compassion dedicated to pure selfishness. I call this malignant altruism. I have lived in the area all my life, the results are completely predictable due to the voting habits of the people. These habits demonstrate the people’s complete lack of care or concern for others. They satisfy their self righteous superiority by refusing to exercise any semblance of order in the community. These habits are very unlikely to change, as the habits, in the mind of the individual, demonstrate their superiority and virtue.

  26. I’ve lived in both Seattle and Portland, periodically, over the past 30 years. There has been a deliberate plunge into hellishness over the past ten years. I have been telling people for awhile that, “Portland and Seattle are in a Race to the Bottom!” For now, looks, and smells, like Freeattle is winning.
    P.S.-I want to come to the bonfire, too!

  27. Joe6pak, I’d be in to, Seattle’s not that far of a drive from Eastern Wash., although I could suggest we might meet some place like Lake Chelan or Winthrop in the N. Cascades. Heck even Ellensburg or Cle Elum just off of I-90.

  28. Somewhere along 1-90 sounds good. I don’t know Ellensburg very well but it’s a cool little town. The John Clymer Art Museum is there and I swear anytime we drive thru to see it-it’s always closed! Add me to the list and I’ll do my best to get there. 👍😊

  29. This should be required viewing for the Utah State Legislature. They are determined to solve the “homeless” problem by spreading them throughout the county and beyond.

    The Republican Legislature is putting in a single men’s shelter a short walk from my neighborhood. The law that funded the shelter also forbade local governments from blocking homeless shelters.

    Where is the compassion in forcing innocent and powerless homeowners into accepting this infectious pustule? There are several hundred school kids that live in this area. I guess it is preferable to put them at risk, rather than inconvenience the property managers and speculators in the Downtown area.

    I am guessing that the State of Washington will solve Seattle’s “homeless” problem in the same way Utah is solving Salt Lake City’s — by forcing communities who have successfully kept the problem at bay, or simply out of their jurisdiction, to “share the pain”. They certainly can’t have anyone benefiting for doing the right thing.

    The problem has never been “homelessness”. The problems are crime, addiction, mental health and crime. Building more homeless shelters and funding free housing will not fix anything.

  30. They need to be jailed and/or institutionalized for the greater good of our society!
    I hear the Lordstown plant is available.
    We’re talkin 6.2 million square feet on 905 acres!

  31. Hey, it worked for Hitler and Stalin, so it’ll work for the Democrats, too. There are two mutually inclusive goals at work here:

    The first is to drive crime up so much that people beg for a police state. They will take your rights and freedoms that you will trade for “safety”.

    Next is they create a problem, (homelessness) the solution to which is you give them more money and power. When that doesn’t work, they tell you they need more money and power. When that doesn’t work, they have all the power they need to keep taking your money and power whenever they want it. And the police state created by step one works for them.

  32. The Poverty Industrial Complex is so intertwined with the political power structure in Seattle that they may as well be considered as a unit.

  33. To JD,Geoff,Jimmy,Joe,Illuster8,Indimex and anyone else i will talk to AA and see if we can come up with a place to have a meet up. We will need emails that we can get from Mr. Hat.
    East of the Cascades Mid to late June sound good?

  34. June 30 is out for me, Geoff. Otherwise, an opportunity to meet distant kin from IOTW! (We’re all related, right?)

  35. Also, any excuse to drive to E. Wash. is always good. Considering moving there to reduce the impact of this Soviet state on my psyche.

  36. We’re almost Idaho in this part of the state especially considering I do most of my deliveries over there. Any place is fine by me, I’ll be there. And I must be at least half Idahoan since both my parents were raised there.

  37. Why don’t they bring up the hepatitis c and aids that goes along with this people that need help just to stop spreading it

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