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Seattle Morgue Overwhelmed With Fentanyl Deaths

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According to a report from KTTH, during a recent meeting of the board of the Seattle & King County Department of Public Health, Director Dr. Faisal Khan stated, “The Medical Examiner’s Office is now struggling with the issue of storing bodies because the fentanyl-related death toll continues to climb. Obviously, they have finite space in the coolers they use and that space is now being exceeded on a regular basis.”

As of Sunday, King County has averaged one fentanyl overdose every day since the start of the year. Last year, King County finished with 1,019 overdoses and 686 deaths from the drug. Public health officials are turning to “other options,” including keeping bodies on autopsy gurneys and working with local funeral homes. And of course, simply because fentanyl deaths are up, that does not mean that people will not continue to die from other causes. Unearth

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  1. Died of Fentanyl? Simple, cremate the body as soon as it is determined and bill the family. and also, flush the remains down the toilet. No more bodies…

  2. Doesn’t Washington have a human compost law? Surely the Fentanyl molecule decays into harmless byproducts.

    Feed Seattle’s shitbags with food grown in decaying shitbags.

  3. “… struggling with the issue of storing bodies…”

    and that, folks, is pretty much how a seattleized mind works
    ‘we need bigger freezers for the corpses’
    they’ll spend more tax dollars and buy more reefer trucks. diesel reefer trucks, probably. And they’ll feel real good about themselves for that.
    Doesn’t any one of them question where the bodies are coming from?
    Or what could be done to stop the deaths?
    No, they’ll just buy more and bigger boxes and create more ‘safe spaces’ for drug use and give out free syringes
    the air freshener market in seattle is gonna spike when warm weather comes back

  4. Cederq JANUARY 24, 2023 AT 1:38 PM
    “Died of Fentanyl? Simple, cremate the body as soon as it is determined and bill the family. and also, flush the remains down the toilet. No more bodies…”

    …apparently, you missed the story recently about a little girl who got into Mom’s stash and had to be Narced back to life. However scuzzy Mom may be, daughter doesn’t deserve to be treated like literal shit.

    Also, there are documented instances of rescuers themseves becoming poisoned with Fentanyl. Should we flush them, too?

    And you may not like addicts, I may not like addicts, but SOMEONE loves addicts. They have parents, children, friends and lovers. Funerals are for the living, not for the dead, and abusing a corpse in front of the people who loved them and probably tried desperately to save them isn’t going to punish the actual addict any more, but is sure isn’t going to do much for the spirits of folks who just lost a father or a child or a husband, a mother or a wife or a sister or brother.

    Also, lest you forget, old people can die of OD’s too. Sometimes they forget they took a medicine and take it again. My MIL’s Tramidol she takes for her broken foot comes with Narcan from the pharmacy just in case. Accidental addiction is more of a thing than you know among chronic pain sufferers, and sometimes doctors cut them off because of Democrat policies so they turn to illicit drugs for relief.

    Don’t damn the addict universally when you don’t really know where they are…and WHO they are.

    Life has been sufficiently cheapened by Democrats, who work every day to cheapen it some more.

    I will not participate in that cheapening. Each person was created by God and the body should be respected as such, even if the addict themselves did not do so. It is right to honor His creations even when returning them to the dust from which they came, as dishonoring them dishonors Him as well.

    Those who would kill us as useless eaters would be very happy to get us used to disposing of humans like they were trash.

    Don’t let yourself become as they are and don’t allow them to numb us to the fact that every dead person was a gift from God once.

  5. Tony R JANUARY 24, 2023 AT 1:50 PM
    “So are they now blaming Fentanyl for deaths due to the jab? Just a theory.”

    …not an unreasonable hypothesis but the mechanism of death is kind of different and presents differently in field as well as at autopsy. Most Jab deaths seem to be cardiac while Fentanyl kills as a respiratory depressant. The heart gives up subsequent to the lack of oxygen, but is not usually the primary problem unless they’ve been mixing their pleasures, which is not uncommon. Also you are not going to get clotting with Fentanyl where you will with the Jab, which can cause strokes as well as heart problems, distal circulation problems, multiple organ failure, etc., and again could be pretty easily differentiated on autopsy and by presentation at the time of death.

    If anyone cares to look.

    Coroners are NOT including Jab status, and death investigations ususally don’t ask for it. Laws vary on manditory, no-consent autopsys anyway, the coroner usually having discretion about doing one or not even if the local law seems to require it in any nonhospital death or any suspicious death.

    Same with the death reports. They can control what questions the police ask, and hide all the medical records other than autopsy behind HIPAA.

    It’s kind of an ugly thing to have a thouroughly politicized medical establishment that is now in fear for its own life if they ever admit the truth, but here we are.

    And so we will never really know.

  6. diane reynolds ☑ JANUARY 24, 2023 AT 2:18 PM
    ‘“… struggling with the issue of storing bodies…”

    and that, folks, is pretty much how a seattleized mind works
    ‘we need bigger freezers for the corpses’
    they’ll spend more tax dollars and buy more reefer trucks. diesel reefer trucks, probably’

    …in 1989 United Flight 232 suffered an uncontained engine failure that also destroyed its triple redundant hydraulic system, leaving the pilots with nothing to control the aircraft with but varying engine thrust. They did the best they could and ultimately tried to land at the only airport they could sort of line up on, in Sioux City Iowa. The Sioux City airport didn’t typically handle DC-10s and it and the city were not prepared for the scope of the disater that happened when the plane attempted to land with no real flight controls. Amazingly, the death toll was kept to 111 out of the 285 people that originally boarded the plane thanks to the heroic efforts of the flight crew and the Sioux City rescuers, but 111 was more than enough to overwhelm the small city’s mortuary capacity. To make up for the gap they did in fact use refrigerated trucks to store the bodies in, although not without complaint because of the displays of prominent food companies on the initially uncovered trailers that were shown on the nightly news. This is a valid stop gap, however, but it was only intended for and used during the mass identification autopsies (mortuary dental X-rays in badly damaged corpses, for example, require the jaw to be “mobilized”-i.e. removed -for forensic plates to be made, for example, much to the shock of the largely untrained voulenteer minders that carried the documents for each body through the process so they could lock down positive ID), And then held until further mortuary arrangements could be made to properly prepare the bodies to the flown back to wherever the familes designated.

    It’s not cheap, you have to pay someone to refuel them, someone to monitor that they don’t quit sometime during the night, and someone to quickly repair them if they do. A truck body with a failed refrigerator will actually accelerate rot in a hot, damp environment particuarly. You could do it, but not for very long because of the expense of the rental and the other items, and it sounds like they need a longer term solution than all the reefers not needed for moving actual foodstuffs in King County could reasonably supply.

  7. “Don’t let yourself become as they are and don’t allow them to numb us to the fact that every dead person was a gift from God once”

    And if they got right with God prior to their passing then they are in a better place.

    It’s hard to get worked up over folks who willingly engaged in dangerous behavior where the only “accident” was their miscalculation in the level of poison they put in their body. It’s like the ANTIFA thug who set himself on fire while lighting a molotov cocktail to chuck at a building, if the dumbass was home studying for his algebra final the next day and not on the streets being a punk, he would still be alive.

    Yes, it would be much better if all fentanyl was stopped at the border or if nobody was addicted to drugs but I will save my empathy for those that were not willing accomplices in their own demise.

    And on a purely pragmatic level, the number of Democrat voters is being systematically reduced.

  8. Rich Taylor
    JANUARY 24, 2023 AT 2:48 PM

    “I will save my empathy for those that were not willing accomplices in their own demise.”

    Maybe, maybe not. Guess you didn’t see where I mention the TRUE “accidentallys”. No worries, few read more than a sentence or two and I am TL:DNR.

    But to Tony R’s point, maybe the government is lying to us about these deaths as well. On the “Night Of The Long Knives” when Hitler had former SA leaders arrested and killed to consolidate his power, his go-to story to make sure no one expressed sympathy for them was to say they were caught in bed with a boy.

    Were they?

    Maybe, maybe not. We will never know. It dampened any will to protest their arrests or deaths, however, and for Hitler, that was enough.

    Now, our OWN nascent Nazis tell us these are all Fentanyl deaths, despicable and easily hated people who should be creamted and forgotten.

    ARE they?

    …in today’s Democrat ruined world, we will never really know.

  9. There was just a 65 year old local woman here that died from that crap. They’ve made NORCO very hard to get. And when you are in pain you’ll do some desperate things. She couldn’t get her pain killer prescription refilled with out jumping through a bunch of hoops so she purchased some off the street. Boom, dead. They tracked the seller down and arrested him. An illegal Mex living in downtown Sac. They’ve charged him with murder.

  10. “Guess you didn’t see where I mention the TRUE “accidentallys”.”

    I saw it, the little girl who got into mom’s stash of the first responder example, that is why I tried to delineate between reckless behavior and collateral damage, the first actively places himself in a position of peril, the other does not.

  11. What the hell is with these people? Their only solution is more money? Hell no. Keep dumping the corpses in the Capitol building until the legislature writes a law permitting cremation within 24 hours.

  12. “these things lead to poverty, violence, social stagnation, and decay”


    Couldn’t agree with you more.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  13. “Just pile ’em up and set ’em on fire…they go up pretty quick”. Last line (more or less) in “Night of the Living Dead” (1968). Uttered by the sheriff, referring to the zombies.

  14. It used to be a drunk could be allowed to “hit bottom” and then commit to the 12 steps. Many would sound those depths more than once. The think is alcohol takes its time and wrecks ones health before killing. Then the drug addicts began 12 stepping and finding a way out of their trap, but they had to do it faster because the poison was quicker.

    With fentanyl the user hits bottom and keeps right on going to the end. There is no time for a chance at redemption and no second acts.

    Perhaps the city workers should roam the streets taking the physical measurements of the drug addict while they’re still alive then explain to them it’s to decide how big a planter they’ll use to compost their body. If they think it’s a joke the worker can show them the planter where they fertilized a young tree with one of their drug buddies.

    If they can’t live long enough to hit bottom themselves maybe being shown seriously their pending doom might reach a few. I don’t know, but allowing people to live on the street and do drugs until they die isn’t a humane approach.

  15. I was hoping that they would all have succumbed to covid or Operation Warp Speed. However, I’ll take a drug OD, end result’s are the same.

  16. Dr. Tar
    JANUARY 24, 2023 AT 6:08 PM

    “With fentanyl the user hits bottom and keeps right on going to the end. There is no time for a chance at redemption and no second acts”

    …not necessarily. I’ve gotten abusers back from the brink before. Many people have. Users sometimes even narc each other back, temporarily at least. You don’t get them all back, but you do get some.

    Physically, that is.

    So they do get a second chance.

    They may throw it away, but they DO sometimes get one.

    I never personally saw one come to Jesus.

    But I know of a church that’s pastored by a former heroin addict, who does all he can to win others back to the Lord.

    You don’t lose all of them physically.

    And the Lord doesn’t lose them all either. HE can touch the hearts of even the worst of the worst.

    Its a pretty big risk, hoping someone else can save your body long enough for Jesus to save your soul.

    But it does happen, and they are no less worthy of salvation than you or I are.

    Because all have sinned. No exceptions. Not my word, God’s.

    But God wants us all back.

    Even the heroin addicts.

    A wise Man once invited he who is without sin to cast the first stone.

    Do we have any takers?

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  18. That’s an average of less than 2 a day.
    How the fudge is that overloading their system?
    Unless their system is shaky to start with?

    Wait till the CoVid Boosters really kick in!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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