Seattle NPR affiliate to stop airing live coronavirus briefings over “pattern of false” information

WA EX: A public radio station based in Washington state announced it will no longer broadcast the White House Coronavirus Task Force daily briefings.

KUOW, NPR’s local station in the Puget Sound region, said Tuesday that it won’t air the briefings live because of misinformation being provided by the task force.

“KUOW is monitoring White House briefings for the latest news on the coronavirus — and we will continue to share all news relevant to Washington State with our listeners,” the Seattle radio station posted on social media, before adding in a subsequent tweet, “However, we will not be airing the briefings live due to a pattern of false or misleading information provided that cannot be fact checked in real time.”

Jason Rantz, a conservative radio host based in Seattle, blasted KUOW’s decision but said he’s not surprised by it.

“Given the new polling by Gallup, perhaps they thought the president was doing too good a job? If they have complaints about false information, they could, you know, do their jobs and correct the record. This is likely more driven by an angry, progressive Seattle base of listeners that complained. They’re simply triggered by the president’s voice, still upset they lost in 2016.” MORE

19 Comments on Seattle NPR affiliate to stop airing live coronavirus briefings over “pattern of false” information

  1. Let’s give another hand to the CHINESE coronavirus for further exposing the authoritarians at heart during its spread!


  2. Always baseless assertions, no examples. If misinformation is rampant, why can’t they point to at least one thing that was false?

  3. Why isn’t the press being guaranteed? Their lies and mis-information are not “essential.” Why are they allowed to roam the streets at will and get in peoples faces? 6 feet remember?

  4. AYFKM!!? What exactly is the false information? I think NPR wants their listeners to stay in a state of panic rather than calm them down, and give them hope that we will defeat this thing.

    Either that or they will repeat the taskforce’s words and claim them as their own to their listeners. To Democrats, it’s always about who gets the ‘credit’.

  5. How come most of the briefings also include, like, real scientists and medical professionals? Sure, things are moving fast with this Coronavirus thing, but at least the professionals are weighing in with their opinions and forecasts as opposed to “feelings” – which is what passes for news on many NPR stations.

    Trump does try to be upbeat most of the time. But if Trump claims “we’ll get through this and get back to being great again in a short time,” the liberal response is “we’re all going to die horrible deaths.”

  6. A lot of TV stations in different markets are now also cutting off when Trump answers questions or cutting out Trump altogether. Can’t let people see an effective leader in action and his approval ratings on the rise are scaring them to death. Frankly we should be taking more advantage of where we finally have them, at a major disadvantage.

  7. All of the media will tune out soon. Once Fauci made it clear he would not play their game, there was no upside for them to cover it. Best to quit now, journos, before all of the good news starts breaking out.

  8. Good! What the libs don’t know can hurt them. Tired of them always throwing a wrench in the gears of normalcy.

  9. I hate NPR. Their talking heads are a bunch of ugly old ape-women, like Nina Totenberg, a nasty, walking horror show.

    I even despise their identification music, which sound like a lot of bathtub bubble farts going to the surface then popping.

  10. …when THIS fails, it just makes you wonder what’s left for the Democrats…I guess the NEXT move for them is to start a global thermonuclear war, maybe THAT’LL do it, and I DAMN sure wouldn’t put it PAST them…

  11. The left has to cut Trump45 out/off….

    With these press briefings…..

    Trump45 is at a 60% approval rating…..

    Trump45 is winning the WuHan Coronavirus War.

  12. Send in the book keepers and fine tooth comb the entire
    lefty enterprise from top to bottom.
    With all that free government money paying the bills you
    can bet quite a few greedy and “entitled cause I work so hard” hands were in the Big Cookie Jar.
    I love to see the hypocrites getting caught and jailed.

  13. NPR is little different from all the rest. They ALL supply constant daily evidence that the term journalist really should be spelled with an extra “a”, as in “jouranalist”.


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