Seattle Police Are Taking Transgender Sensitivity Training Classes

I watched the first 30 seconds, and right out of the gate the first tranny says. “I want to be treated with respect… and not like a suspect. Transgenders are more likely to be victims… than perpetrators of any crime.”

Really? Are cops being taught to lower their guard around a transgender because these are special people, “usually” not a threat?


Cops should not be trained to stand down when around any “group” of people.


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  1. My cop buddy has an axiom:
    “Never fight a crazy bastard. They bite”
    Police Commissioner Lazlo would save the department gobs of money. Here is my ‘sensitivity training seminar’:
    “Hickory Shampoo, apply and repeat”

  2. In my head I’m hearing a Seattle cop doing a routine traffic stop:

    “May I see your license, registration, and proof of insurance, please. And so that I may treat you with proper respect, do you have a penis, a vagina, or neither? Is it original equipment or after-market? What personal pronoun would you prefer I use? Which rest room do you use, women’s or men’s?”

  3. I was forced to sit through one of those classes (in Florida, not Seattle), and it was a huge waste of time and nearly vomit-inducing. Our lezzie boss organized it.

  4. Anybody who hides their true gender should always be a suspect.
    This is the kind of shit that will keep good people from choosing law enforcement as a career. As planned by progressives.

  5. Interesting. You know what other group of people “more likely to be victims… than perpetrators of any crime.”?

    White people.

    And that’s according to FBI crime stats, so according to our friends of the Left, the documentation means it’s settled science with no debate allowed.

    So, now that we have this proven, let’s go back and change the video. I think if we’re going to be making this argument, we should make efforts to be as scientifically accurate as possible. Plus, I **REALLY** want to see a video being shown to the cops at UWash which tells them to leave white folks alone and focus on the real criminals.

  6. I took tranny sensitivity training at work abut 18 months ago. What a friggin’ crock. I learned that trannies are more likely to be depressed, unemployed, homeless, arrested, and estranged from their families. Boo freakin’ hoo–what, exactly, as a court clerk can I do about that?

    The wonderful tips I got in the class included, “Don’t ask, ‘Have you had the operation yet?'” Like I would want to hear the gory details. To all New Yorkers: your tax dollars at work.

  7. any doctor who would prescribe diet pills to an anorexic – because he/she “identifies” as “fat” at 5’10” and 80 lbs, would loose their license, and likely be prosecuted for malpractice……well, at least, for now……..

    when did we decide to make insanity normal, as long as it only related to one’s “gender identity?”… can have whatever dysfunction you wish, as long as it’s sexual……there is no such thing as “normal,” where sexual identity is concerned…..i mean, even if you’re “CIS”……you’re only cis – ie NORMAL – because you’re not “not cis”…..

    i’m sorry, but… is not nice to pretend people with mental sicknesses are “normal”….it is not nice to withhold treatment from them because of political correctness…..and you will all pay a steep price for encouraging these poor souls in their delusions……

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