Seattle police FINALLY end the lice infested Utopian dreams of Wokeistan Seattle. Hilarity and multiple arrests ensue

ht/ c. steve tucker

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  1. Why do I feel this is only the prelude to an oncoming future lib-holiday called the “Chop and Chaz Festivus.”

  2. Let’s see how many attempts there are for new Chop/Chaz areas this weekend. With everything closed even in red states from beaches, lakes and rivers, bars, theaters, gyms and whatever else our individual king governors and mayors have mandated they’ve essentially ensured people are going to hit the streets if for no other reason nothing else is open. They just sent them a personal invitation.

  3. The ‘summer of love’ ended abruptly when the mayor’s home was threatened, funny how that works.

  4. I can only imagine the filth and human waste inside those buildings. Good God, worse than an episode of ‘Hoarders’. I bet these idiots all have ‘Coexist’ stickers on their skateboards. Since they’re all in one place, let’s round them up, load onto a military plane and dump them out over Iran. Coexist this, lawless M’Fers!

  5. The geniuses couldn’t live up to their own demands of the police.

    Remind them of that at every opportunity, though few will ever understand.

  6. I wonder how many Biden voters the Mayor of Seattle converted to Trump voters nation wide? When Trumps wins he should send her some flowers.

  7. Just south in Lewis County the Sheriff said to the people gathered to protect the sign there: This isn’t Seattle, a baseball bat is a deadly weapon. If someone is closing on you with a bat raised in a threatening manner you can use deadly force to protect yourself. This sign is protected by the First Amendment. The matter has been through the legal system and there is no doubt as to the outcome of that decision. Attacking that sigh is an attack on the Constructional rights of Al Hamilton and of his heirs.

    By actual measurement, the main signs, consisting of Uncle Sam, the readerboard area, and the border, are each about 560 square feet. The attached exit direction signs are each about 29 square feet. The uppermost “Hamilton Farms” signs are about 20 by 2.4 feet, or roughly 50 square feet. The signs are lighted at night.
    Mr. Hamilton changes the messages displayed on the readerboard frequently, and the great majority of them state his own political views or comments suggested to him by acquaintances. Following are but a few examples of the messages during the years 1975-1977: ,2Gun Control is a step toward “people control” Sign Initiative 309. Repeal Shorelines Management Act There are no billboards in Russia or Red China Don’t give canal to Panama. Give them Kissinger Should we trust computer balloting? What price environmentalism? Carter’s new broom is made of old straw U. S. Canal Zone today. Alaska or Louisiana tomorrow? Women are meant to be cherished not liberated Get U.S. out of the United Nations
    Comparatively few other messages had a more neutral patriotic flavor, were religious in content, or advertised local activities, E.G.: ,2Let’s keep Christ in Christmas Barbershop Harmony R.E. Bennett School March 14 and 15 Thank God for His gift to thy bounty God bless America on her 200th Birthday Be thankful that you are in America We wish you a Happy New Year

  8. They should have all been rounded up and hung. They are criminals of the worst order and they will continue their war against America until they are dead.

  9. “Just south” is in actuality three counties away from Seattle, about 40 minutes south of Olympia, near the small town of Chehalis. That sign is well known and has been under attack at various times for its decidedly conservative messages. It would more probably fall prey to the Rose City (Portland) antifa than Seattle’s mob. But good luck to any of them. They’d stick out like sore thumbs in the middle of the hay field that sign occupies next to I-5. lol! Way too many gun owners (hunters) around those parts to put up with it.

  10. Phew. I hope that the cops ‘CHOP’ up the nuts running around. Crack a few open for good measure.

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