Seattle police, firefighters who refused vaccine, drop their boots on city hall after being fired

BPR: Dozens of Seattle city police officers and firefighters traipsed up steps to City Hall on Tuesday and turned in their boots after being discharged from service for their refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine, as they were mandated to do.


Video footage posted online shows several people, many with boots in hand and some donning firefighting helmets, walking up steps to the building.

The video clips come as the city-imposed deadline for all first responders to take the jab expired on Tuesday at midnight, which left those who had not complied unemployed.

City officials sounded optimistic despite losing scores of police officers and firefighters, all of whom were praised nearly universally during the pandemic before vaccines were available for remaining on the job despite the unknowns about the virus. Officials went on to argue that both departments experienced high rates of vaccines.

“If someone calls 911, there will not be significant impacts on response,” said Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. more here

11 Comments on Seattle police, firefighters who refused vaccine, drop their boots on city hall after being fired

  1. I have been posting for the last decade how a critical mass of Seattleites think their bullshit is cute, smart and funny. As a kid my mother would take us to Seattle Center and it was apparent to me that something was drastically screwed up in the head with people who encourage their teenagers and young twenty something offspring to act the way they did, and explain away the smart mouth behavior on the younger ones. I believe that was when I first heard the word precocious in conjunction with an obnoxious fucking brat.

    Seattle is getting what they collectively deserve and it is only going to get worse.

  2. Seattle still HAS a police force?


  3. This won’t adversely affect 911 response times because they have already been horrible so there was not much further down they could go.

  4. Wild Bill
    OCTOBER 21, 2021 AT 5:35 PM
    “Seattle will be the next Detroit. Give it 20 years and they’ll be bulldozing half the city under.”

    Nah. Not necessary. In 20 years, the burnt-out buildings will have fallen down by themselves…

  5. Great! With winter right around the corner, the Mayor and her gaggle of woke idiots will gather them all and give to the homeless while explaining that we’re giving them to you now because we care.

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