Seattle police union president on ‘professional’ protestors

KING5 Seattle– On Monday, protestors took to the streets of Seattle for the fifth time in just the last week. The president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild says he can’t help but notice some familiar faces in the crowd: the same protestors officers see each and every May Day.

Ron Smith leads the police union. He also used to be part of the police bicycle squad and worked hundred of protests over the years.

“We saw the same people, the same troublemakers,” he said. “Even I think someone sitting home watching television, watching news coverage, you’re going to see the same people. The ones engaged in violence, breaking the law, you’ll see the same ones over and over again.”

He says that’s especially unfortunate for the peaceful protestors who really feel strongly about what happened in Ferguson. He says their message is being drowned out by those “professional” protestors.

“They want to commit crimes, and they can do that under the guise of the energy that is surrounding the legitimate protest,” said Smith.

Smith said there are even groups that hold seminars on how to disrupt events and defeat police officers’ crowd control tactics.

During Monday’s protest, officers on bicycles and officers in riot gear stayed with protestors as they marched through the streets. Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole also showed up at Westlake Center, to monitor how things were going. She told KING 5 she did not want a repeat of what happened during Friday’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

The crowd, for the most part, stayed peaceful on Monday, with just a few verbal confrontations with police.

Late Monday night, Old Navy and Banana Republic became the latest downtown businesses to board up their windows, in case more violence erupts later in the week.

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  1. yep…anarchists and Occupy Seattle along with the usual collection of derelicts and “homeless” who contribute nothing and demand everything.

    This is little more than faux mass hysteria staged for its attention value. What these people really need is a good ass kicking from someone who knows how to do it right. Flash mob vigilantism to hand out a little street justice…

  2. “Professional Protestors”? “MAY DAY”? That reminds me of the FACT that after the fall of the Soviet Union and then Russia subsequently opened up their archives, it was PROVEN that the KGB funded both the Vietnam War Protest movement AND the Environmental movement.

    The archives showed that cynical KGB apparatchiks thought it was hilarious that the American & West European Enviro fucktards swallowed hook line and sinker that Earth Day was the day the KGB picked for them….LENIN’S FUCKIN’ BIRTHDAY

  3. I always loved this quote from Mayor Richard J. Daley, from 1968 – “The police are not here to prevent disorder, they are here to preserve disorder.” He did, however, know how to stop a riot.

  4. Where are the scoop trucks? They should be deployed in every city. Soylent Green ain’t gonna ‘make itself’.

  5. Reminds of when I made a Mediterranean cruise on a USN destroyer. The crew who had made a Med cruise before told me that even though we didn’t know what port we would next visit. Many of the same hookers from the previous port arrived at the next port before the 6th fleet and were already waiting in the bars before liberty call. Loose lips pillow talk at 6th fleet command center aiding the madame’s business plans?

  6. There are the professional organizers who do this for a living. The provocateurs, who want to start “incidents” to escalate trouble with cops, or to cover for looting. And the plain crazies, who just use public gatherings to air grievances that have nothing to do with the cause at hand. In San Francisco, there’s at least one guy I’ve seen who’s ALL THREE: a well-networked Gay ultra-leftist who gets right in cops’ faces and red-facedly SCREAMS “Shame! SHAME!” at them for merely hanging on the edges of demonstrations. It must suck to be him: 60+ years old and still working out his *Daddy Issues* with symbolic authority figures….

  7. A shit ton of these professional protesters are being funded by Holder’s lawsuit against Bank of America.

    I am telling you all of these commies are getting paid. The bearded hipster fuck-o’s in the streets and the 24/7 commenters at the Washington Post, Pollutico, and a bunch of left liberal sites.

    They have lost the arguments. All they can try to do is spin the media who wants to help them in every way possible.

  8. This is a national security issue. If we had a real president he could direct the FBI to round these people up and find out who they work for. Maybe route them to Guantanamo for waterboarding.

  9. This is why we must elect a real man of conservative integrity in the next presidential election, someone who really understands the real history of communist activism in the U.S. — it’s roots and branches — and rip it out. This is the real war against America. McCarthy had it right. And expose the sympathetic media and front organizations. Even the reporter on this article doesn’t go so far as to say who these people are working for. That would have been an easy question, ya think?

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