Seattle Renames the “Red Line” Light Rail Route Because It’s Triggering

We have not yet reached peak insanity with the left. They continue to impress us with their continued lurch toward Idiocracy.

Red Lining was a practice where banks denied bank loans for minorities. So, now and forever the term Red Lining, or its variants, shant be uttered because, apparently, it sends white progressives minorities into apoplexy.

Ya think any blacks in Seattle ever bought a coat with a RED LINING??

Ya think they ever drew a red line with a pencil?

I’m sure lots of women have drawn a red line around their lips with lip liner. How did they cope?

Did Seattle name the light rail system the “red line” in honor of banks not giving minorities loans? No? So what’s the problem? Intent is everything.

According to the map they have Blue Lines. That line reminds me that I am not a blue blood, with blue blood lines. I want the name changed.

White Lines? Reminds people of their coke problem.

Yellow Lines? Incontinence. Very triggering.



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19 Comments on Seattle Renames the “Red Line” Light Rail Route Because It’s Triggering

  1. “We have not yet reached peak insanity with the left.”

    Not reached the peak?

    Heck, they haven’t even gotten a good start on it yet.

  2. “We have not yet reached peak insanity with the left.”

    Never underestimate the capacity for insanity with the left.

  3. I always like the South Lake Union Transit. The acronym being SLUT. If someone tried hard they could come up with a bunch of good names.

  4. For joe6pack:

    BARF – Ballard All Rail Facility
    SHIT – Seattle High-Intensity Transit
    TWATS – Tacoma Wide Area Train System

    I road on TWATS and then SHIT, finishing up with BARF.

  5. Jimmy, good work. Now I don’t have to, I’ve been busy all afternoon so I hadn’t gotten to it, since it’s already done I think I’ll have a refreshment.

  6. It’s so stupid it makes my head hurt. I expect they’ll name every line after a fish or a tree in various shades of blue and green…because go Seahawks and Sounders!


  7. Here in blue Phila, where the dems have reigned for a long time, they recently changed the name of the SEPTA Regional Rail system where each line was called R5 or R3, etc to names that mention their beginning and end points. No more “R ” in any names!!!!! We are way past peak leftish insanity.


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