Second Breakfast

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2 & 3 Charlie WalksonWater (Momma Robin – feeding her chicks)
5 Different Tim (Catnip party)
7 Claudia (Marmot in Rocky Mountain National Park)
8 Sturge
9 Truckbuddy (Rabbit eating my banana Palm)

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Critters showing off
Walking away


12 Comments on Second Breakfast

  1. There is something sweet about the double stuffed cheeks of squirrels, chipmunks, and hamsters that I have long adored. Thanks for the smiles, Claudia!

  2. Nice…

    Actually had one chipmunk trained to come up and eat shelled peanuts out of my hand. Had a large jar of STALE peanuts that I was getting rid of and drove our current dog crazy. She (the dog) would slam her paws against the inside of the glass on the bottom of the screen door. Got to where that didn’t scare the chippie and he would just look up and stare at the dog as if to say FU. Amusing until the little guy mistook one of my finger tips for one of the peanuts. Went back to stuffing his cheeks and leaving after that.

  3. TRF, I was on a balcony above the critter. Lots of people (tourists) there so I’m sure he was used to all the commotion!

  4. Happy Blessed Sunday everyone and great pics, always fun to see the cute critters but the funny ones too!

    And @Truckbuddy – THAT is funny! That little fella is definitely trying to bight off more than he can chew…and scale IS everything I say.

    He is my late entry for this weeks theme. Took this last winter…and for those of us in the heat wave!

    Thanks C!


  5. Thanks as always, Claudia. ☺ Love the squirrels, and the cats are a riot.

    Now the foxes are gone, the rabbits are eating everything.


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