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  1. BFH, you could also write anything on the back of a copy of the constitution, bill of rights, federalist papers, or a church prayer book. But don’t use a Koran or copy of the communist manifesto. They will pick those up.

  2. “Look at that childish scribbling. Trumptards don’t even know how to write.” — brainwashed millennials

  3. I truly admire legible hand writing.
    Flowing, neat and upright.
    I am amazed schools have driven this art out of their curriculum. Soon to be a lost art.

  4. As an amateur Graphologist in my own right, I wish to bring your attention to the long tails and the end of the written words:
    This, code, will, defeat, fascist, in,the, and civil and war?
    Sure sign that whoever wrote this, likes tail. Just sayin’.

  5. Yeah, but AntiFA are literally communist pedophiles that hate free speech – not fascists.

    They hate free speech because their ideals can not withstand the slightest degree of scrutiny, and they know it.

    AntiFA = Anti-Fascist. Everyone to the right of Marx and Engles is a fascist, by AntiFA’s yardstick.

    The ‘fascists’ are the ones beating the crap out of the AntiFA communists.

    Beating the crap out of communists should be encouraged.

    If beating the crap out of communist pedophiles makes you a fascist, then everyone should be the best damn fascist they can be.

  6. Uncle Al. Good point. I will have to study up on that. But, as a guess, I would say that it has to do with laziness, or a dislike of any word beginning with “F.”. Then again it could just mean that the writer was schooled by other than the Nuns.

  7. @AC ~ ‘AnitFA’ is shorthand for Anti First Amendment

    start calling them that … ‘cuse that’s what they are

  8. I still think and write better when I’m writing in cursive than I do at a computer keyboard. But then again I’m old school. And honestly I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a letter in cursive to anyone’ it’s been awhile.

  9. My fellow millennials need rehab more than anything else… but enough of that, WHERE IS THE PASSWORD, FUR? I don’t see no stinkin’ password!

  10. As I have said in the past we will be able to use this as a secret language like during the wat with the code talkers!

  11. More Monday fun!!!

    (from my Android, bc my desktop totally stopped Fri night…can’t even turn it on! Had to upgrade my AT&T GoPhone plan yesterday.)

  12. Racer X, there’s no guarantee they would pick up a Qu’ran or writing of Marx: if they actually read those screeds they might wake up to how evil they are.

  13. Definitely female handwriting, either pretty young or not very artistically inclined. Imagine not being able to read cursive…or write it for that matter?! Incredible.

  14. it’s helpful to be able to read cursive if you want to check out the declaration or the constitution….it’s easy to tell lies about what either document says if your audience can’t actually read them on their own…..coincidence?….lol, yeah, i fergot my tin foil hat again…..

  15. My teachers all said I could end up a Doctor, because of my handwriting. Instead, I went into the technical repair field, so I became an On-Call-ogist.

  16. I’m for starting up with a pen pal. Any takers? I’ll trust BFH to vet one of you if you are serious. I’m tired of getting bills, it would be fun to get a letter from a friend.

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