Secret Service Agent Doesn’t Recognize CNN’s Jim Acosta, Hilarity Ensues

DC: CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta ran afoul of a Secret Service agent on Wednesday — all apparently because he wasn’t wearing his press badge. Part of the exchange was captured and shared on Twitter, as Acosta attempted to re-enter the White House without showing proper identification.


19 Comments on Secret Service Agent Doesn’t Recognize CNN’s Jim Acosta, Hilarity Ensues

  1. Don’t you know who I am???

    Poor Jim, trolled by Joe Dan & refused admittance by SS all within one week. 😂😂😂

  2. if my name were Jim Acosta, i would immediately move to legally change it…..

    however…..i am way too smart to EVER be called JIM ACOSTA… don’t worry…..i will always be chuckie here…..

    well……as long as the log-in works……lol

    apparently, there’s lot’s of us who have difficulties with that….i don’t, and i don’t know why….anytime i post a comment, it says “post as chuckie”…..and so …i do….post as chuckie…..

  3. Tommy
    All he said? Obviously you didn’t read between the lines. She should have shot the bastard. LOL

  4. I’m glad tax payer dollars aren’t wasted circulating a dunce flyer to our secret service personnel.

  5. @ ghost of col j glover, I like that sciata idea. Adding to it – chronic intense anal itch and chronic, unannounced explosive diarrhea.

  6. @ Anon – you cannot walk, have sex, cough or FART without hurting.

    I wish this upon Brennan as well. FOREVER.

    How bout a Voodoo Doll? Ouuuuuch….

  7. Did he go on CNN and whine like a blubbering vagina for 30 minutes?

    Just kidding, you don’t have to answer that, we already know…

  8. Yeah, Yeah, we’re sure you are as important as you claim you are but go around to the servants entrance anyway. Now shoo!

  9. I was shooting gophers on Tom Brokaw’s property up on the Boulder when a guy came up and ask me what I was doing. I told him I was minding my own business and suggested that if he knows what is good for him he would follow my lead.

    So… about a half hour later another guy comes up and asks me what I am doing and I told him the same. He said that the first guy I told to buzz off was the property owner, told me his name is Tom Brokaw and asked me if I didn’t recognize him.

    Hell no I didn’t recognize him. I don’t watch television. I did offer to apologize though, I was not aware that the property I was on had changed hands.


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