Secret Service officer assaulted by left wing terrorist

Pacific Pundit: During this past weekend’s open borders protests, left wing extremists assaulted a Secret Service officer, outside of the White House. Why this is just going public now is anyone’s guess. This past weekend saw open borders, communist, left wing extremists bused in from liberal enclaves all over the country to protest “family separation” at the border. The violence of these left wing fascists had been ignored, until today. Funny how this story drops right before a holiday. The Secret Service officer suffered a concussion and knee injury. read more

6 Comments on Secret Service officer assaulted by left wing terrorist

  1. Unhinged demotard-prog should
    have tried that in Turkey.He would
    be machine gunned down…

  2. A Secret Service agent without a gun? What? Did he draw the ‘whipping boy’ short straw‘?

    I bet the la la, sissy protestors are boasting of that one-against-a-rabid-crowd, beatdown. Sorry bullies don’t get victories.

  3. It would have been nice to see the secret service at least jump on top of his BMW and stomp every panel into an in recognizable shape and then light it on fire. You know… like the protestors do to cop cars.

  4. If any harm ever comes to President Trump or his family, that, to me will be a call to arms. The cops may tolerate it but we the people must not


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