Secret Service Records Show Hunter Biden Did Not Travel to Ukraine Before Burisma Appointment

Breitbart: Recently made public Secret Service records indicate that Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Vice President Joe Biden, did not travel to Ukraine prior to his appointment to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, one of the country’s top energy conglomerates.

The documents, which were received through a Freedom of Information Act request by the conservative-leaning group Judicial Watch, show the younger Biden took 411 domestic and international flights between 2009 and 2014. The secret service provided protection for Biden on each of those flights and potentially more, as the records only cover the period from June 2009 to May 2014.

Listed among the destinations were 29 foreign countries, including five visits to China alone, as well as trips to Russia and Qatar. The records, however, indicate Biden did not travel to Ukraine, at least not with secret service protection, before his appointment to Burisma’s board in April 2014.

It is unclear if Biden went to Ukraine without secret service protection prior to his appointment. It is unlikely, though, as he frequently utilized the federal agency for security when traveling to potentially dangerous locales for business.

This was exhibited when Biden had an entourage of secret service agents accompany him to the Philippines in December 2013, while serving as chairman of the World Food Program, USA. As the Washington Free Beacon reported in March, Biden’s travel and the Secret Service protection required cost United States taxpayers nearly $200,000 throughout his father’s tenure in the vice presidency.

The revelations that the secret service has no record of a Biden visiting Ukraine prior to his appointment with Burisma comes as the company is facing a congressional investigation in Washington, D.C., and perhaps more pressing trouble at home.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian law enforcement officials announced they had seized more than $5 million in what is alleged to be a bribery scheme perpetrated to benefit Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma’s founder. According to reports, three suspects, who all have ties to Zlochvesky, attempted to bribe anti-corruption officials investigating Burisma and its founder for embezzlement. more

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  1. Dang MJA, what are you doing awake at this hour?

    Why is it surprising that the Secret Service guarded Biden (they are actually supposed to), or that he never visited Ukraine before appointed to the Burisma board (which they shouldn’t have)?
    I am not dissing the Secret Service, they were just doing their job. I am ripping on Burisma and the Ukraine and the Bidens for getting Hunter the plush job.

  2. @RogerF — I believe the complaint is that the Secret Service were provided for Biden the Younger, not the veep. And why would a multi-billion energy company the size of Burisma appoint someone to its board who had never been to its headquarters or its country unless it was all arranged by Biden the Senior?

  3. Pfft. Who among us has never been offered an extremely high paying position by a sketchy business in an industry we have had no experience in located in a country we have never been to? Nothing to see here.

  4. On the subject of lockdowns:

    Did any of you wonder why we were ‘locked down’ by a ‘stay at home order’ instead of a quarantine? Quarantine is what’s used for health emergencies, but the virus did not meet the requirements necessary to legally quarantine people in almost all jurisdictions of the US. So…… don’t think they’d let that stop them, did you? Someone got the bright idea to use a ‘stay at home order’ instead. That is an order to be used in wartime, like when bombs are dropping or something. But it is in a very grey area, despite what you hear from the lying mofo’s in the media.
    So, if someone would have brought a suit, it would have been exceptionally easy for a judge to interpret the stay at home order as illegitimate and to issue an injunction.

    But of course none did. Our judges NEVER do this for us. They never issue valid injunctions to keep us from being screwed over by gov’t. It is only leftist judges that do that. And their reasons are generally complete bullshit and get overturned by an appellate court months later after their damage is long since done.

  5. I know a lot of little rich kids that never showed up to daddy’s office for regular work days,


    they sure showed up on Dividend Check day and year end!

  6. I looked at them and said I’m leaving in six hours. If Hunter is not put on the board, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He was put on the board.

  7. Even a drug-addled grifter knows when his grift is so sketchy that he must keep his distance to maintain plausible deniability. Or maybe, as Antidote said, he was so wasted that he was in no condition to travel.

  8. @AbigailAdams – I will have to partially disagree with you. I think the families of the president and vice president should get Secret Service security, along with the officeholders. I do think this was abused, but we do not want something to happen to the family members that can be used to hold over the heads of those that are elected, whether I agree with them, or not.
    Can you imagine DJT Jr, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany or Baron not having protection with the wackos out there?

  9. @RogerF — I think the subject was about the abuse of a taxpayer expense for an adult son who — it appears at least in part — traveled alone in order to conduct a private enterprise not having anything to do with representing the U.S. gov’t, or vacationing with his veep father.

    As far as we know, the adult Hunter Biden held no official position in the federal gov’t (or his father’s campaigns) that would warrant using gov’t assets for his travel.

    The entire Trump family has come under intense, hostile scrutiny in the media for their Secret Service (and other support) expenses. The Google tells us from a variety of florid reporting, down to the red cent, exactly how “abusive” (and even criminal) Trump’s parasitic family is when it come to expenses. If Eric Trump eats a ham sandwich catered by the WH, or drinks a soda on AF1, they know the cost of that too!

  10. 411 flights between 2009 and 2014? Between all of that travelling around, hookers and blow, knocking up strippers, diddling his sister-in-law, and getting pegged in the strip club how did he have any time for his “job” with Burisma?

  11. @AbigailAdams – No argument from me on those points, but who makes the decision on who is allowed to get the Secret Service escort and when?
    I do not like that Hunter got the protection when he was on those trips, but the argument can be made from either side when an elected executive family member does something. Would love everyone to agree with me, but not willing to restrict benefits to only those that are on my side because those restrictions would be based on whoever has the most votes at the time.
    I do agree that Hunter benefitted and should not have because his father was VP at the time, but what right do I have to force everyone to agree with me?
    That is what I love about IOTW. We can have disagreements without threatening each other.
    From my POV, you should all give at least a little to BFH through PayPal, or whatever because he gives us this forum.

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