Secret Service removes agent who didn’t want to take ‘a bullet’ for Trump

WaEx: The Secret Service will permanently remove a top special agent from her position after an investigation into her Facebook comments that she would rather not defend President Trump or take “a bullet” from (sic) him, but some agents are concerned she will simply be transferred to another government job.

About two weeks ago, the Secret Service placed the agent’s prior post — the special agent in charge of the Denver District, the top job in that office — on a list of agency openings, according to two Secret Service sources.

Kerry O’Grady, the agent in question, is on administrative leave amid an internal Secret Service investigation into her Facebook comments about Trump.  read more

22 Comments on Secret Service removes agent who didn’t want to take ‘a bullet’ for Trump

  1. What is with the female Secret Service agents? This cow refusing to do her job and the one in NY who made sure her laptop was stolen with Hillary’s stuff on it. Neither will lose her job.

  2. Anyone who publically declares their unwillingness to perform the central task of their job, does not need to be in that job.

    Imagine a chef who says he’s unwilling to work with fire. Or a Fireman who refuses to handle water.

  3. The point being that if she was stupid enough to publicly declare that she wouldn’t do her job means she is too stupid to do have her job!

  4. @Grumpy: I think you hit the nail on the head:

    “The spouses for agents O’Grady oversees in Denver have been circulating an online petition addressed to former Director Joseph Clancy, calling on the agency to “act now and terminate” her.”

  5. Sooooooo many assholes, so few toilets, porta pottys and latrines…
    Judging from recent news, ALL the management of that agency may need to be purged. After all, oscuma had 8 years to mess this one up too!

  6. Umm no. Saw an update shes been transferred to another Dept within DHS so she won’t lose her pension. It’s the govt folks. You can’t be fired.

  7. CORRECTION: Apologies. Unlike “real reporters” I must correct the record! Previously read a tweet with misleading headline and failed to check source. So went straight to W.E. which was misquoted. I don’t know what to believe anymore. Between fake news, real news? and Wikileaks exposing the IC surveillance of US citizens and possibly blaming the Russians to make it look like Putin et al is spying on us when in fact it may be IC – it’s enough to make me question my own eyes/ears!

  8. Protecting the President is the job description. The President is the office not the man who currently occupies that position.

    She knew that when she applied and got the job and took an OATH.

    No one’s here to protect your pension, Sweetie.

    Who cares what her stupid opinion is, anyway? Get with the program or get fired, pension be damned.

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