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Secretary of Suck-Up

American Thinker:
By Thomas Lifson

It’s obvious that Pete Buttigieg does not take his duties as secretary of transportation seriously.  Indulging in a secret “paternity leave” (for an infant acquired from a woman) shortly after assuming office, only to have a major port congestion scandal blow his cover, was the first clue, one of many to follow, culminating (so far) in the holiday season airport meltdowns.  So what is his real job?

Quite obviously, it is to act as the ultimate suck-up for a doddering president lurching from one crisis to another, barely able at best to remain coherent in his infrequent responses to media questioning on those relatively rare days he does his job in the White House.  No matter how outrageous and divorced from reality the praise Buttigieg emits for his boss, he does so with a smirk on his face. more here

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  1. Note well that half the women in the Potatohead Administration are women. Shitpants himself recently bragged about that.

  2. affirmative action hires are getting passed over for diversity
    buttplug’s a diversity hire, no experience necessary


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