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[…] As former Attorney General Jeff Sessions departed the Department of Justice (DOJ), a short list of potential replacements has surfaced in Washington, D.C.

Below, Breitbart News has compiled eight “America First” candidates for Attorney General.

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  1. so far …. like Whitaker & Paxton … maybe Landry, although Brewer’s a safe choice (wouldn’t be mine) … Kobach & Smith … NO!

  2. OK, So Dan Bongino has posed this: Ted Cruz…

    …Now before you go crazy here is what I thinks his points are (BTW, I’m neither here nor there on this yet):

    1. Nominate Ted Cruz
    2. Easy in, Senate RINOs want him out, so do senate democrats
    3. He would be a staunch AG, as he is very much a constitutionalist and a fighter.
    4. His vacant Senate seat, yes would be contested. But they poured $70 million into Beto to no avail.
    5. They will again pour millions into Texas to gain that seat in an off-year. Than money will go down the rat-hole because…
    6. …Texas will nominate another conservative and happily ever after for that seat (this part bothers me).
    7. Bongino argues that the spending on this seat will dry up spending in 2020.

    That is what I think his position for Ted Cruz for AG logic is. Not bad . But one or two holes that need to be plugged.

  3. we need someone that’s going to walk up to the dimmtards, grab ’em by their heads, headbutt them, knee ’em in their groins & explain … “Now that I’ve got your attention … you shitards gonna learn to obey the law

    so sick of these shitweasle repubtards being willing ‘accessories, after the fact’
    (notice how happy they are being ‘the party out of power’ in the House?)

  4. Until Matt Whitaker doesn’t perform I’m happy with him. He looks like a guy that will take on a tough job and handle it with ease. Plus he looks intimidating as hell!

  5. We need someone who go in there take all evidence and crack heads. Fire a bunch of lifers and address the media like this:
    “I am the Attorney General. I go into my job every day living up to the oath I have taken. I don’t look at you and say you are fake news. I don’t look at him over there and say he is fake news, do I? I would never do that. Unless I actually took the time to prove that you were indeed fake news. So what was your question again?”

  6. Why not Rudy? Is he too toxic? They are both NY’ers and well it’s a New York thing they know about how to clean shop…like SWAMP crimes.

    I was hoping he was going to get it before Jeff the ‘what a disappointment’ Failure.


  7. There are plenty of competent conservative lawyers with federal prosecution experience (and preferably also management experience) who aren’t celebrities or politicians. This isn’t an emergency. That’s why Whitaker is in there. Plenty of time for Trump to consider this (it’s possible he already has had people looking into this for some time), get advice, quietly vet backgrounds. I wish the media would report news, not make-believe and speculation. By yammering away, they are not helping. You don’t give advance headsups to the opposition.

  8. Give it to Christy.
    It will be just like life for the Cro-Magnon. Short, brutal and nasty. And splendid.
    Christy will dive on it like a Hyena on a Ibex carcass.
    Trump can just point at Hilary and just like in the cartoons, in Christy’s eyes she will take on the likeness of a roast turkey dinner with lots of potatoes
    Screw Bridge gate
    Trump and Christy would cause the Left to come even more unglued than they already are.
    But what’s one more notch in raving lunacy, anyway?
    I would take days off to see that senate hearing.

  9. We need a Mother Fucker right now. Fire in the belly. Someone willing to put the Republic before their Retirement. We needed it 8 years ago.

  10. Christy is a national embarrassment. He let his Governorship to go right down the toilet once he got a whiff of the Establishment propping him up to be a possible POTUS candidate. Then when he choked that away, he looked like a complete buffoon trying to be a part of the Trump team and then groveling for scraps from the table.

    We’ll see the memes of him and his family sitting on the closed beach when the state Govt was shut down and the general public could not go to the beach.

    The Democrats will roll him like a fat jelly pastry. No to Christy.


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