See How Nice Some People Are?

Oh, by the way. Watch till the very end. Really!

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  1. Why would anybody in there right now mind stand behind that car up against another car while someone’s backing up that doesn’t know how too?

  2. Where’s the common sense?

    Karen the parker helper could have just got in her car and pulled back or just driven off like she eventually did.

    Crazy stuff.

  3. When I was dating my previous wife, we went to the federal building downtown to apply for passports so we could travel to the UK. I pulled my truck up to the only parking spot on the busy street in front of the building so that I could parallel park. She looked confused and asked what I was doing. I told her I was going to park in the empty spot right behind us. She said it was impossible and that the spot wasn’t big enough and there was no way on Earth it could be done. I performed the most beautiful and perfect parallel park the world had ever seen. She looked at me as if I were a god after that. I believe that’s the moment she fell in love with me.

  4. Hambone,
    And yet, she’s your “ex”. SO much for worship.

  5. Where is Mr. Anderson my old, old driver ed teacher? He was always just laid back and never seemed upset. I could never manage that job or school bus driver.

  6. Years ago I was headed back to my vehicle and encountered an obviously distraught woman, walking around her car, pushing the remote button.
    I asked if I could help. She thought the battery was dead in the remote and asked if I could run her over to the Interstate store for a new battery.
    I took her keys and unlocked the door the old fashioned way, and said, “have a great day”.

  7. I’ve mentioned before here how my plans for the “Museum of Critical Thinking ” keep getting delayed because I keep having to get the plans for the building made smaller. I think I’m going to need a magnifying glass.

  8. Mrs. R is actually better at parallel parking than I am, and I ain’t bad. Side note: Oregon removed the parallel requirement on the driving test a few years ago; probably because it was racist or misogynistic or something.

  9. Two things millenials often do that really annoy me: they parallel park nose first and they do what I call a “Hail Mary” lane change. They don’t understand the concept of blind spot, so they turn on their signal (or not) and s-l-o-w-l-y test to see if anyone is in the next lane by hugging the line and inching over. I hate that move! I interpret it as “slow down and let me over because I don’t anticipate needing to change lanes until the last minute, and my destination is more important to me than your’s is to you.”

    It seemed that overnight I began noticing scads of millenial-type cars with dents on the rear quarter panels, exactly where the blind spot is. And corresponding damage on all kinds of cars exactly where they got side-swiped by the Hail Mary lane changer! Grrr.


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