Self-Loathing Black Professor Can’t Wait For Whites To Disappear

According to her the world was great until white people came along.

How’s that black on black crime going, crazy lady?

And, by the way, blacks owned slaves in Africa and sold them to the white man.

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  1. Honestly, when the white are gone she will then turn her targeting system against Men.

    The type who always needs someone to blame except her fat face stuffing huge lazy ass.

    I wonder, would she unload a boat in the harbour to get a shipment of dildos to her audience?

  2. As one of Jack Nicholson’s said: “Peddle crazy somewhere else. We’re all full up here.”

    Yes, where did she miss the part in her history books about black slave owners selling their merch to the rest of the world? It’s right before the chapter on current slavery practiced on a large scale in that bastion of enlightenment, blackest Africa.

  3. You can tell by her bmi how ungrateful she is. In Africa today she would be turning on a spit. I think she should pay us reparations for having such genetically defective ancestors.

  4. Looks like EBT Card has been very, very, good to her. Bad news Shamu, if not for whitey, you would be living in a grass hut picking sand flea eggs out of your toes.

  5. “And, by the way, blacks owned slaves in Africa and sold them to the white man.”
    Actually, they sold their brothers to the Arabs and, much later, the Portuguese (I can’t say they’re “white”).
    How bout Rwanda?
    How bout Sudan?
    How bout Congo?
    Mozambique’s Civil War lasted 20 years (black v. black).
    Remember Idi Amin and Uganda?
    Central African Empire?

    In terms of violence, cruelty, and bestiality, Africa outshines anything the Europeans have come up with.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I work with men and women from all over Africa.

    She looks very light compared to their uncontaminated Blackness.

    If she TRULY wants to get rid of Whiteness, well, a suicide is in order as well…

  7. I can’t remember the guy’s name, but a black dude from the WaPo took an assignment in Africa to get back to his “roots.”
    Long story short, the last line of his book was something to the effect of: “I thank God every day that my ancestors were sold into slavery and shipped to America.” He saw the REAL Africa, not the bullshit romantic dream Africa.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. “Dr. Brittney Cooper, a professor in the Rutgers Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department…”

    Only surprise is no hyphen.

  9. Always A favorite for me when the whole “I’m African and we’re all one thing” comes up ..

    “RICHARD PRYOR: I went to Africa, man, and it was real fun in Africa being with black people who were different black people, you know. I was – I asked an African man – I asked him – I said, what tribe do I look like I came from? And he told me, Italian.”

  10. I like THIS guy for pure racial chutzpah, but the other 9 on this list are quite model exemplars of the Black community too…

    “Nat Butler makes this list for the special type of manipulative cruelty that he showed toward his fellow humans. Butler was one of the worst kinds of slave owners. Not only did he participate in the trade, but he actively tricked slaves into running away so that he could sell them back to their masters.

    Butler would convince a slave to hide out on his property. Butler would then speak to the slave’s owner to find out what the reward was for returning him. If the reward was high, he would simply return the slave for the money. If the price was low, Butler would buy the slave then resell him to slave dealers down south for a profit.”

  11. Speakin of which … how many Universities were in Africa before the arrival of Arabs and Europeans?
    How many electric grids?
    How many miles of railroad?
    How many miles of paved road?
    How many telephones?
    How many streetlights?
    How many grocery stores?
    How many hospitals?
    How many overfed, underworked maggots?
    How many big, fat, obnoxious, worthless, parasitic “perfessers?”

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Stupid, ugly, spoiled, useless fatass nigger spews the usual nigger bullshit. Bet she has a house full of stuff white people invented.

  13. I piss away people like this like last nights beer. They think because they’re getting their diatribes published that they are saying something insightful, when in reality it’s the same old drivel they’ve been taught to say. They wouldn’t make a mole on the ass of a true intellectual. They are to be ignored. FJB and fuck her too.

  14. The professor and her rock bottom has got the MLK thing mixed up a bit.
    The content of your color, character not so much.

  15. just another uneducated inner city public school indoctrinated child who was left behind because we didn’t have the balls to take the time to tell the progressives that run the indoctrination camps that life is hard and math and history are to, get over it and study for that spelling test.

    nope we failed her.
    now we support her.
    she looks like she could tote some bails to the dock for her supper.

  16. Also seems ignorant of the viciousness of the savage “natives” of the Americas. The tribal wars and inhumanity knew no bounds. Massacres, kidnapping, enslavement, and tribal warfare on this continent were a way of live during the time of Columbus.

  17. Another fat black feminist marxist pig! Sooie! Sooie, here pig here!

    Ladies never be a feminist, you will only end fat and alone, very very fat and very, very alone.

  18. Black Studies Departments and its faculty at academic institutions is just another form of welfare. Rutgers should be ashamed.

  19. She can make whites disappear, one at a time anyway, by sitting on them. Lots of work ahead, she’d better get started.

  20. The negro race would disappear from the modern world without the white race to support it. Get a life “professor”.

  21. Bet that pig would never pass up a White Twinkie & I guarantee it eats Moon pies by the dozen, but only the vanilla cause those chocolate ones are nasty.

  22. Name just one stable and prosperous country run by blacks. Bonus points if you can name one that has never received innovation assistance from the white man.

  23. The foreigner Africans living in America sure don’t like whites practicing their advanced social and scientific culture but they sure do like to take advantage of its advances, benefits and modern inventions (cultural appropriation) that they are too stupid and lazy to come up with themselves!

  24. Irony is lost on “Tank” Abrams’ wannabe. It can be assumed her family is multi-generational American which means she has plenty of European ancestry, genetically.
    Also, her dress, speech pattern and vocabulary, politicial viewpoint – specifically, Marxist ideology, technical and cultural advancements she enjoys, the affirmative action education and woke studies she has “excelled” in are all white/European construct.

    As an American, despite how much she hate being one, she has no connection to stagnating tribalism that dominates black African societies. If the “professor wasn’t so blinded by her progressive, leftist indictination she would appreciate the advances the Western lifestyle she clearly benefits from in every aspect of her Demwit life.

  25. I heard dog farts that make more sense then that no necked over weight hippopotamus does and probably smells better too.

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