Semen May Fix Depression in Women

Semen May Fix Depression in Women… yeah, the one right around the belly area.



ht/ cynic

Isn’t it possible that the type of woman who wouldn’t ask a guy to use a condom is more carefree to start off with?

But don’t listen to me. I’m no high paid scientist, using tax payer grant money that could go to the wall, who lives off of these useless “make work” studies.

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  1. “I feel your pain. I’m just trying to spread joy.”

    Waiting for Bubba Clinton to turn this to his advantage,, in 3, 2, 1….

  2. @ Benito, physicians have be administering medicines rectally forever, because it works. So yes, oui oui!

    ( is that the sound of pigs squealing, ala “Deliverance”? —RIP Burt Reynolds)

  3. Was the study controlled with male partners who had had vasectomies? Is there a difference in a ‘war shot’ and denatured baby batter?

  4. I heard it’s great for the vocal chords too!

    (can’t believe I just posted that …. I’m so ashamed)

  5. I must modestly admit that I am personally responsible for the happiness of tons of women.
    At two fifty, three hundred pounds a pop it doesn’t take long.

  6. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ January 15, 2019 at 9:14 pm

    > (can’t believe I just posted that …. I’m so ashamed)

    50 push ups!

  7. ‘As part of the study, around 300 different women filled out anonymous questionnaires that addressed various aspects of their sexual behavior with the high frequency of depressive symptoms in sexually active female college students. The study determined that condom use accounted for more of a swing in the likelihood of depressive symptoms than any of the other variables.’
    They just should have gone to any local strip club and distributed the same questionnaires.
    Think the results would be much different.
    Back to reality, F*ck, Marry , Kill – Woman’s edition, better research results have already been reported.
    F*ck, Marry , Kill – Mens Edition – Except for that greedy Robert Wagner having to go for a trifecta, results never researched.
    (knew from the headline, this was going to be a classy thread)

  8. I am retired military and I have been married for 34 years. Every time I got back from a deployment within two days my wife’s depression was all cleared up. Now I know why.

  9. Another stupid study.

    Women who use the pill or other continuous forms of birth control are more likely have better social/sex lives and steady partners than women who use condoms.

  10. “Your said no apologies here ever,
    Fox Hole buddy,”

    Where do you see an apology? Just asken. There’s a guy you should apologize too. And I lied. When I’m wrong I apologize. I’m just never wrong.


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