Sen. John McCain recovering from surgery, in stable condition

CBS: Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, is in stable condition after a surgery to treat an intestinal infection related to diverticulitis over the weekend, according to a statement from his office. The senator was admitted to Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday.

“Over the last few months, Senator McCain has been participating in physical therapy at his home in Cornville, Arizona, as he recovers from the side effects of cancer treatment,” the statement reads. “He has remained engaged on his work as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and has enjoyed frequent visits from his family, friends, staff and Senate colleagues.”  MORE

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  1. As long as he gets out of the Senate I don’t care how long he lives. I don’t think anyone will give a rip what he says once he is out of office.

  2. Hey, Johnny. How ’bout you donate your remaining months to Barbara Bush… then round out the Thursday night poker game with Teddy Kennedy, Arlen Specter, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

  3. Brain cancer and diverticulitis….all he needs is a toenail fungus and he can make several of his own infomercials to solve the hunger problem in some impoverished country south and east of Arizona….

  4. As a Senator, he should be able to afford better accommodations than a stable. Of course then he could have them lay him in a manger, as befits his godlike status.

    Won’t he be disappointed when, instead of the three Magi, he gets the MAGA instead?


  5. Q already pegged this traitor for doing what he’s doing so he can get out of what he’s done.

    Coming soon, Obama claiming Kenyan citizenship to get out of what HE’s done.

    None of it will work. All will eventually go down in time.

  6. It’s a miracle. If true – it’s the first time he is in a stable condition since I first heard of him. Oh wait, I see what they did there. Physically stable condition. Mentally stable condition. Well….

  7. He loves his country so much, he fails to recognize when to retire and take care of his health and enjoy his family.

    It’s time to stop ‘working’ when you’re ABSENT 99% of the time, jackrabbit! It’s not like he’ll lose any benefits of work. Congress takes care to ensure their own enrichment.

  8. Diverticulitis eh? Let’s send him a basket of sunflower seeds, and mixed nuts to help him recover.

  9. Like Jimmy Carter – his brain cancer’s in his ass – where it can do no harm.

    Brain cancer requires a brain. A nihilistic/socialist stooge can’t really make the claim.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Since I could tell what a horrible president Obama would be, I waited patiently in line to vote for McCain in 2008.

    That choice was the Uniparty’s wet dream. Two options – Bad and Worse.

    Don’t let the RNC deliberately lose the house in order to impeach Trump and rescue the swamp.

    Yes, I’m serious.

  11. By the way, McCain hasn’t been in Arizona coping with treatments from the cancer. At some point it was reported that he sneaked off to Syria right before this last “attack” took place; and after Trump made the claim that he’d be pulling the troops out of Syria.

    Think about that for a second.

  12. The absolute best thing I can say is to every jackass that has publicly ‘wished him the best’:
    and that is “Kiss my ass, idiots”.
    Thus, I don’t say anything bad about the lying, disease-faking, lifelong traitor, McCain.

  13. Wouldn’t he have been better of not having the surgery but taking the painkiller? That was 0bama’s plan for those at the end of their lives.


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