Sen. Rand Paul ‘Dumbfounded’ by Rep. Omar’s Criticism of United States

Epoch Times:

Sen. Rand Paul has joined the chorus of criticism against House Rep. Ilhan Omar, saying she deserves to be rebuked for criticizing the United States after the country took her in as a Somali refugee.

Paul (R-Kentucky) said he was “dumbfounded” by Omar’s (D-Minnesota) recent comments about the U.S.

“I’m sort of dumbfounded how unappreciative she is of our country,” Paul told Kentucky broadcaster WAVE-3.

Paul said Omar indicated the United States “is terrible, a place without justice and all this. She’s a congresswoman. She got here as a refugee 20 years ago. She’s elected to congress. I can’t imagine a better country that elected her to congress and she badmouths our country.”


9 Comments on Sen. Rand Paul ‘Dumbfounded’ by Rep. Omar’s Criticism of United States

  1. I’m not all that surprised by Omar’s behavior (arrogant despicable bitch that she is).
    I’m dumbfounded as to how this country has gone so awry that a hateful reprobate like her is allowed to get away with it and continues to hold high office.

  2. What’s so dumbfounding? You, like everyone else these days sees racism everywhere but you put the blinders on when it comes from dark skinned people?
    This is a self inflicted wound created by people that don’t demand the same respect in return.

  3. “Dumbfounded” ????

    How about “outraged”? “Unnerved”? “Thunderstruck”? “Disgusted”?

    Seems as though Paul is out of touch with the people he represents. Or is he worried about offending, too?


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