Sen. Rand Paul: “Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Officially Come to the Senate”

15 Comments on Sen. Rand Paul: “Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Officially Come to the Senate”

  1. Well spoken, but any Democrat listening to this heard it like Charlie Brown listening to an adult from the TV cartoons….

    “Wha whaa wha. Wha. Whaa whaaa whaaaaa Trump….whaaa whahha whhhhaaaa whaaa wha.”

    Cause all they care about is extreme partisan politics.

  2. TDS has been there unofficially since day one.
    Why not come out of the closet, acknowledge it & make it official ?

    There are so many worthy candidates to be the poster boy for the illness it will be very difficult to pick the biggest loser.

    However, I think that cray-eyed fellah – Alan Sh__tface or Schiff or whatever the heck his name is – could be a contender to challenge to be King of the Losers Circle, and be on all the magazine covers & support group posters.

  3. The only things left in the demoncrats war chest are misinformation and obstructionism. The recent shift to the radical left has made it blatantly apparent that they have lost their friggin minds. They cannot honestly support the new radicals but need them to maintain any semblance of a party.
    The recent surge in Socialism is being pushed by snowflakes that have no concept of the realities of this type of governance. Socialism has been tried in various countries numerous times and without exception has failed.
    It is my sincere hope that the democrat party splits into three factions, radical socialist, a common sense bloc and blue dogs. The radicals will be weeded out in time, the other two will survive.
    There has always been, and always will be, a certain contingent of people who are anti government. They don’t care who is in office they don’t like them.
    This is what happens when a generation that has received participation trophies and has been encourage to embrace diversity comes of age.

  4. The people are going to lose in all that is going on as none of them will ever be held accountable, especially if the Dems win in November

  5. Dems accuse Trump of being rude and aggressive, no control over his mouth, ect…

    But then they want him to do just that with Russia, at lest when he refused to be insulting by going with their demands to cancel outright.

    Why would they do this, you ask? So that, when Russia responds in kind, they can blame his recklessness, ect. for the situation.

    Their ‘gotcha’ game is every bit as fake and transparent as the msm’s.

  6. Doesn’t matter what Trump does the left/msm will take the opposite side and spin it into a huge lie. And it’s a good thing we don’t have single payer health care or else TDS would bankrupt the country.

  7. Leftists are like cats. No matter how much you try to correct them or scold, they do not hear it. The only sound they hear is the food dish being filled or the can of cat food being opened.

  8. I used to think of Rand as a tad nutty, isolationist curmudgeonly poke in the Rs eye….. then 2016 happened.

    After Trump racks the balls and sets the table, I’d vote for the little guy…. “and believe me there’s enough material to work with”, might’ve been a sideways compliment from Trump!


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