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Senate confirms Callista Gingrich as Ambassador to the Vatican


The Republican-led Senate on Monday confirmed Callista Gingrich, wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, as the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.



Senators approved her nomination, 70-23, with more than 20 Democrats joining Republicans in backing her for the post. Newt Gingrich is an ally of Trump, who had announced in May that he would nominate the former congressman’s wife.

Callista Gingrich is president of Gingrich Productions and has produced a number of documentaries, including one about Pope John Paul II. She worked for the House Committee on Agriculture as chief clerk until 2007. She was a key figure in her husband’s 2012 bid for the Republican presidential nomination.


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  1. This bitch has always creeped me out. She’s also the slut Gingrich was banging when he told his wife he was divorcing her while she was in the cancer ward.

  2. Because in a country of over 325 million people, of whom over 70 million are Roman Catholic (not that it’s listed as an actual job requirement), the most qualified… Sorry, the most famous name, of the dozen most qualified… Sorry, again, the most recognizable name, of the hundred most qualified… what? The most… Now what!? Hey, Ivanka, who should we pay to be our Princess of Italy… I mean… Oh, whatever… Here, Swamp Queen… enjoy.

  3. I always though she belonged on the Jetsons.

    If this appointment means her and Newt are moving to Rome I’m for it. I’m tired of listening to Newt. Probably Trumps motivation.

  4. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to describe Newt as an allie of Trump or anyone but Newt. He’s certainly trying to defend the swamp creatures against the Bannon onslaught.

  5. This is a big snafu. Why would someone send a Catholic to the Vatican these days?

    That’s like sending a gay man to be the Saudi ambassador. Bad move!

  6. TheMule — Newt Gingrich married his second wife, Marianne Ginther, six months after his divorce from Jackie Battley Gingrich. If there was a terrible sinner in this story (fabricated by his political opponents), it would be Newt, not Calista, whom he married after he divorced his second wife.

    I sometimes wonder why we need a biased media or dishonest political opponents. It seems we do fine all by ourselves.

    Calista Gingrich is a very intelligent and accomplished person, and will make a fabulous ambassador to the Holy See.

    Over half of obama’s ambassadorships were appointments of bundlers and high-roller contributors who knew nothing or close to nothing about the country of their placement. I remember one woman who used a pile of taxpayer money to outfit her new place in a small European country (can’t remember who or where right now). POTUS Trump doesn’t have to play this quid pro quo game.

  7. @AbigailAdams October 17, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    So you’re saying that out of a quarter of a billion Americans (I’m guesstimating off the “irregularly documented”), even Google couldn’t turn up a thousand, a hundred, a dozen, that would “make a fabulous ambassador to the Holy See”, who don’t have a federal “retirement” check being already delivered into one of their household accounts? America is so woefully thin on talent, that there are no peasants left? Only Prinxesses? So we shouldn’t expect anything “less”?

  8. Anonymous — No, I didn’t say that. Who is your choice to this ambassadorship? Did you offer your suggestion(s) to the WH for consideration?

    I was saying that Calista Gingrich doesn’t deserve to be trashed with debunked or outright tales of events that aren’t true. Don’t like her, don’t like her hair — that’s anyone’s right, but at least get the stories right. Fact is she is a very accomplished person (who happens to be a woman). I doubt if anyone here making spurious claims about her really know what her background is or why she is more than capable of being appointed. So far as gov’t checks go, usually there is a large percentage of ambassadorships that go to career diplomats who are already on the payroll. Why should that disqualify Gingrich?

  9. @AbigailAdams October 17, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    “Why should that disqualify Gingrich?”

    Often accused, never convicted, clearly earns one the front of the line. Since there doesn’t happen to be a line. It’s like it’s a New Day in America!

    Couldn’t somebody find an at least “capable” Asian? Willing to do the job for half the price? Maybe on an H1-B visa? And save the taxpayers a few pennies? Too much New Day in America?

  10. Uncle Al,

    Yeah, she did a great job in that movie … as did Tom Jones …

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Anomymous — I don’t understand what you’re implying. Accused of what?

    (How much you want to bet, she’s doing if for $1.00/year salary?)

  12. Uncle Al and Tim,
    Which character from Mars Attacks! ?

    I can see Callista as either the horse-faced Reporterette with the chihuahua, or the Martian assassin who infiltrates the White House as a gum-chewing hooker.

    Abigail, I am one of those who thought Callista was the Other Woman, but since that was a different Gingrich ex-wife (they blur together after a while) I am willing to think better of her.

    I would love to see Ann Barnhardt as our new Vatican Ambassador. Not that she would accept it.

    So I guess now Newt will be skyping in his appearances from posh digs in Rome.

  13. Rufus — Calista was the other woman — but it was Gingrich’s second wife, not his first (who was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery). Biographers who I trust (more than Gingrich’s loyal opposition), describe Newt’s second marriage as a loveless affair in which his wife hated being involved in politics. Apparently his children agreed. He did have a six year affair with Calista during his second marriage.

    The issue for me, anyway, is that Newt and Calista are patriots and have done enormous good for this country despite their personal misadventures. I do think that when people read that Calista was Chief Clerk, they confuse that post with a low level congressional staffer or the like. I’ve heard her speak and watched some of her foundation’s films. It’s great stuff. And she’s also focused on books for children which teach about basic civics. What’s not to love about that? I don’t get the antipathy toward her.

    I sure got caught up short by Phil Robertson’s speech at the Value Voters Summit. Would highly recommend it to all my fellow Christians who sit in judgement.

    Here it is:

    He’s a funny guy but, man, can he preach!

  14. @AbigailAdams October 17, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    “How much you want to bet, she’s doing if for $1.00/year salary?”

    That depends on who’s taking the “$1.00/year” position. The idea that if she is doing it “practically for free” disproves the gross corruption, is as sound thinking as “The inability to produce a receipt of exactly how much Bill Clinton paid Loretta Lynch at the tarmac meeting, specifically to drop all charges against Hillary, and only to drop all charges against Hillary, proves, just as Hillary says, that it was all honest, hard work, for the honest, good government, that the American people deserve.”

  15. Anonymous — I still don’t understand what you’re talking about. Do you have some sort of proof that Calista Gingrich is on the take or ?? I’m not trying to be obtuse, but you’re making some rather serious innuendo that I think we’d all like to know about.

    I don’t know she’s doing it for $1.00/year, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t think the Gingrich’s are doing badly with their own publishing/film business. And they are both paid speakers with a full schedule.

  16. Even if Newt were a Freemason, it doesn’t matter because the Pope is a Socialist. Both of them and Callista are probably nice people, intelligent people in many respects. Still, it’s disappointing that my country and my church don’t have higher standards –especially in promoting the people who get to tell us to raise our moral standards.

  17. Thank you, Abigail Adams, for stating facts about Callista. She’s very bright and accomplished in her own right.

  18. You’re quite welcome, Riverlife!

    Newt Gingrich is standing on my very last nerve right now, but I’m willing to suspend my irritation to serve the truth. I honestly don’t understand some of the personal comments about Callista.

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