Senate Democrats Frustrated Over Occasional-Cortex Becoming Face of Dems

WFB: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.), who was sworn into Congress for the first time less than two weeks ago, is already facing scrutiny from some Democratic senators who say her views don’t represent those of their constituents.

Over the course of the last couple weeks, Ocasio-Cortez has accused Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, of “death,” castigated the media and fact checkers for their coverage of her, and proposed a 70 percent tax rate for the wealthy. Centrist Democrats are worried about the party adopting these and other controversial positions for their platform, saying it will hurt their chances for reelection in upcoming races, the Hill reports.

Democrats have to pick up at least three seats in 2020 to gain control of the Senate, so they will focus on winning in centrist or Republican-leaning states like Alabama, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa and North Carolina. Some of the bipartisan issues Democrats would prefer to focus on in those states include helping veterans, lowering health care costs, and focusing on the federal deficit, but Ocasio-Cortez is driving the party to focus on other issues, according to some lawmakers.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.), who faces a competitive reelection in 2020, said Ocasio-Cortez’s “views don’t represent a lot of my constituents.”  more here

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  1. After being exposed daily to the ugly bloated faces of Chuck and Nancy, even a commie idiot can be a reprieve!

  2. …since the views expressed by ALL Democrats is to steal from the productive to bribe the unproductive enough to make them masters over both, while standing in the President’s way and damaging the Country by any means necessary on the way to global communism, I’m not really seeing ANY daylight between them, except maybe the crazy chick is being too honest about their goals and methods for the room…

  3. Psst.. Alexandria, you don’t speak what we want, you speak what THEY want. What we want happens in the sausage, otherwise known as the House, Senate, and 9th District Court.

  4. Since when did those 535 goofs in Congress give two shits about what their constituents want?

    3 of them report to me, 2 Democrats and 1 Republican. They never do anything that represents me.

  5. You have to be a full radical lunatic to be in the dem party, that much has been made abundantly clear. The Occasional will light the path, moderate radicals will drown in her wake.

    With her first $6692 check from Uncle Sam.

    10 bucks says she doesn’t pay taxes because it’s sexist or something, or maths be hard.

  6. “10 bucks says she doesn’t pay taxes because it’s sexist or something, or maths be hard.”

    …and you’d WIN that 10 bucks, @ecp, but the lefies who troll the boards will REPORT your win, and YOU will go to tax prison for 50 years for not reporting it, while SHE goes free.

    Because she’s a Dem. They are EXEMPT.

    And you’re NOT a Dem. So you get ALL the rules.

    We got two scoops. They got two tiered “justice”. Makes you wonder where the winning REALLY is…

  7. If they are so concerned about her why did they put her on the Finance Committee? That is going to be some show with her and Maxine Waters!

  8. Uncle Al, you know of course that female praying mantises bisexual or not eat their male counterparts after they mate by biting their heads off. Which is something that she wants to do with us as well. We have crazy enough worthless congress critters here in Wash. State especially on the West side but she takes the cake for being the dumbest, most worthless idiot as well as dangerous ever to serve in Congress. And how can you tell if a female praying mantis is bisexual or not?

  9. I am telling you that there is no way that she was a bartender for any length of time and there are not any stories about her being a last call whore or someone selling her cocaine or her screwing over waitresses for tips / dumping her work on them.

    Zero chance those stories aren’t out there.

    Some loudmouth narcissist like her is always going to leave a wake of disgruntled people she used and abused.

  10. It’s been a very long time (if ever) since we had a two party system. The acceleration of the dems towards socialism, and return to nationalism by the reps may actually lead to a three party system: the socialist/globalist, the neocon globalists, MAGA/ Constitutional/ libertarian (note small “l”).

  11. @geoff the aardvark – I have to admit I have not made a deep study of the mating habits of terrestrial arthropods, but my understanding is that unless her partner does absolutely everything correctly, the female’s ALIEN! ENEMY! response kicks in and she nips off his head. That has to happen no more than occasionally or there would tend to be fewer and fewer mantises around over time, no? Or maybe they just make it up in volume! (-:

    As for the bisexuality part, it was my lazy man’s way of including female decapitees (think: Pelosi) in my gruesome cartoonish scenario.

  12. Why am I starting to suspect that Occasional-Cortex is the new secret weapon of the republican party?

    Just a thought.

  13. @Uncle Al January 16, 2019 at 9:07 am

    > Regarding the image accompanying this article, I don’t see OC as much a queen bee as a bisexual female praying mantis.

    I got the Wednesday and Grandmama vibe.

  14. She’s a product of liberal upbringing, liberal schooling in a liberal state run by liberals – OWN IT, BITCHES!!!

  15. “The nude is supposed to be like the bazooka.”

    My new favorite Cortezian Wisdom. And yes, that quote is out of context, but context just makes it crazier.


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