Senate Passes $2 Trillion Chinese Flu Relief Bill, Pelosi Expected To Approve It In The House Quickly – IOTW Report

Senate Passes $2 Trillion Chinese Flu Relief Bill, Pelosi Expected To Approve It In The House Quickly


It’s over. The game is over. And President Trump, the Republican Party, the country, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has won. Democrats have caved over their antics that blocked a Wuhan Coronavirus relief package aimed at helping American businesses and workers. The $2 trillion package was primed and ready to go on Sunday, with the Senate working throughout the week to get it done. Then, Speaker Nancy Pelosi flew back into D.C.—because the House took the week off—and announced that they will be putting forward their own package, effectively signaling that political theater over this would erupt. It’s what the Democrats wanted. They can’t let anything be viewed as a win for the Trump White House. It’s an election year. And they wanted to tank the markets even further. Well, they got that on Monday.  More

The speaker is expected to torpedo her own monstrosity of a relief bill and pass the senate’s legislation today. Here

16 Comments on Senate Passes $2 Trillion Chinese Flu Relief Bill, Pelosi Expected To Approve It In The House Quickly

  1. How about freezing interest on credit cards. I’ll be the bankers would be screaming to get us back to work.

  2. Don’t breathe easy, plenty of goodies in this one too and Warren Buffet just bought a bunch of airline stocks in Jan – just bailed him out again. Now onto Phase 4 of the spending spree. You can bet Pelosi et al will get another bite at the apple.

  3. Start buying the things you need that aren’t perishable. Inflation to take off gang-busters.

  4. Only takes one no vote for bill to go belly up.

  5. The Congress just loves for us to be dependent on them and their phony, printed money.

  6. 1.75 trillion for them and a 250 biliion for us, but we’re still gonna get the bill for all of it. Thanks,

  7. Not so sure the House will vote on this today. Pelousy kept the House in session for 42 seconds. Let that sink in.

  8. They “thought” they had PRESIDENT Trump and the Republicans over a barrel. Who’s over the barrel now?

    Don’t fuck with Cocaine MItch Nancy Bitch!


  9. Yeah, let’s just say I don’t call this a win for America. What I see is a bailout to a lot of corporations. While Americans will get a few crumbs that won’t even cover most of their bills for a month and the small businesses get a few more crumbs, but still won’t be enough to keep them in business.

    The smart thing to have done, which would have helped the American people and cost a lot less, would have been to give a 90 day loan/mortgage reprieve that could have been moved to the back of the loan. A tax free year for all individuals and businesses with under $75,000 income.

    Make up the cost of that by withholding salaries of all government employees for 90 days, including politicians. Then take the boot off of America’s throat April 1st.

  10. President Trump should announce that because congress refused to act, he has no choice but to order everyone who is well, back to work, and countermand all state quarantine orders. The country can’t afford to be sitting on its collective ass any longer.

  11. Nan P, may be cornered & forced to pass the bill. But she would never approve the bill.

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