Senator Chuck Grassley Demands Page/Strzok Text Message Redactions Be Removed

CTH: This is an interesting development. Until now, for some mysterious reason, no-one in congress has ever asked for the redactions of the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages to be removed. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is the first politician to ask for all of the text messages without redactions.

In a letter today to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (full pdf below), Chairman Grassley cites examples of unnecessary redactions that are in place simply to avoid the embarrassment upon the DOJ and FBI.  Accordingly this is not an acceptable reason for hiding information from congress and the American people.

Based on the details within the approximately 400 pages of text messages, there is a tremendous amount of evidence that points directly to the motives and intents of the DOJ and FBI group who were conducting the operation to exonerate Hillary Clinton; and the group who was working on the surveillance operation against the Trump campaign.  more

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  1. I understand what’s going on here. But I’m impatient. Hang, Tar and Feather or Perp Walk someone. Quick.

  2. just now, on Laura Ingraham, she showed a tape where Brennan was caught in a lie by, of all people, Megan McStain … he actually claimed he didn’t lie because “at the time I was thinking of something else”

    this absurdity has gotten to the level of a Bart Simpson defense… “I didn’t do it … Nobody saw me do it … You can’t prove anything!”

  3. Brad, how fucking patient and sophisticated do they think we can be? Pretty soon the masses will be pissed off enough that someone does something stupid. Which is exactly what the swamp is waiting for. We have to be careful, but at the same time aggressive in our position. Impatient? Yup! I trust the plan, but I sure would like to be in on the plan.

  4. If you read Grassley’s letter, he refers to a redaction “key” that his staffers have asked for and we’re denied. Are we to believe classified documents can be unredacted with a computer code? If this is the case, any 15 yo should be able to crack this wide open.

  5. @ BB I agree, be patient let POTUS and J’Boregauerd’S make the case.

    @J6P – correct The Swamp and the SJW’s want us to make the first move…don’t fall into their trap.

    ‘THEY’ are unraveling.


  6. joe6pak, Fing A, every one knows here I’m about as sophisticated as a hand grenade. I’m out of patience.I get Trump and Sessions are playing bad cop worse cop, but damn. Put someone in Gitmo. FUUUUUCK.

  7. Use a program to unredact them, publish the result and let the left then prove that the program erred. This isn’t rocket surgery.

  8. @ BB – POTUS will know when to pull the pin…and the plug.

    Steady as she goes…


  9. Just what I said. !@#$?!
    The Bush/Rove Deep State folk have been going after conservatives for 17 years. And they have been protecting each other for the last 10 years. Anyone hired or promoted since ’00 must be fired!

    The Rove/Bush folk have done a great job protecting Lois for 7 years. They will continue to protect Bush’s boy Mueller as long as they are there. Why do you think Bush + Obama promoted them?

  10. What Grassley said something on his own?

    Can’t be. I thought he was a hand puppet for Dem Sen. Mark Warner.


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