Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses The Curious Susan Rice Email

Senator Lindsey Graham (U-DC) appears on Fox News to discuss the curious Susan Rice email to herself on inauguration day. “by the book” – Conservative Treehouse.


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  1. No Momma Obama just thru the DOJ and FBI under the bus!!

    It’s the old “in case I get caught alibi” letter LMAO

  2. I guess in the face of overwhelming evidence of coverup and corruption, even a Rhino like Ms Lindsey has to admit there’s something rotten in Denmark and Washington too.

  3. “A rather childish attempt to misdirect the bloodhounds.”

    Remember when Comey wrote a memo to himself saying Trump had asked him to end the Flynn investigation, and then Comey leaked it to the NYT? And remember when the Mueller witch hunt said we were forbidden to look at the other secret Comey memos to himself, because they were part of an ongoing investigation? I bet at least one of Comey’s “Memo to Self” extols, in the treacly Comey style, the immaculate innocence of Saint Barack.

    Who else is going to be found engaging in Dear Diary, after-the-fact absolution of the light-loafered light-worker?

  4. “There’s no honor among thieves. There’s a lot of finger pointing.”

    Obama has the advantage there; He’s got more fingers to point than the rest of them.

  5. This was done to cover their ass . after trump became president. This bitch is trying to cover up everything about the Muslim, her and the rest of the criminal .

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