Senator Ron Johnson Claims FBI “Informant” Has Information About Secret DOJ/FBI Meetings

Conservative Treehouse: Senator Ron Johnson, a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, has been investigating FBI activity surrounding the Clinton email investigation.

Tonight during an appearance on Fox News, Senator Johnson claimed to have an FBI informant who has information about secret ‘off-site’ meetings between high-level FBI and DOJ officials. WATCH:

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  1. If this pans out, the Left will come to their defense and say that these people are heroes and were trying to save the country from Trump and the Russians I applaud Sessions for his work on MS-13, but its time for him to move on and get someone like Gowdy in the DOJ. At minimum, it’s time for a second special council. You could, just for spite, appoint a Right-Wing attack dog and load it to the hilt with conservatives whose hardcore credentials make Mueller’s team look like pansies.

    One thing though, given that the Clinton Death List might have just added two more members up in Canada (investigators have determined that Barry and Honey Sherman did not kill themselves but were most likely killed by professionals), isn’t time that someone put of few of these jerks up for charges of capital offenses with their necks on the line.

    According to Wikipedia, “At least fourteen people have been charged with treason against various states; at least six were convicted, five of whom were executed. However, no person has ever been executed for treason against the federal government.” Well, this could be another first for DJT’s administration. I’m sure between the DOJ, FBI, NSA and State Department, we could set a new record. I am sure some of Special Forces guys would like some live fire target practice. However, I don’t think we’d get a Breaker Morant moment. (Shoot straight, you bastards.)

  2. If true, Senator Johnson had better watch his back. He might have an accident before he can bring his informant into the light.

  3. Did they meet, Yakuza-style, in the private room of the Lucky Dragon restaurant? I bet some enterprising reporter could find out where they met by checking to see which D.C. restaurateur just committed suicide.

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