Senator Sanders Is Wrong on Cuban Education and Healthcare

Cato: The current frontrunner among the contenders vying to become the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (D‑VT), sang Cuba’s praises in a recent 60 Minutes interview on CBS. Senator Sanders applauded Cuba’s education and healthcare system. Potential Sanders supporters should know that Cuba’s literacy rate and healthcare system are nothing to lionize.

First, consider literacy. According to Sanders, “When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing?” Sanders is surely old enough to know that all communist dictatorships throughout history have ensured that their people were literate—in part so that the people might take in the disinformation printed by government propaganda ministries.

Furthermore, a look at the data reveals that all of the progress regarding literacy that happened under communism in Cuba would almost certainly have happened under a different political and economic system. While trustworthy data, defogged of Cuban propaganda, are difficult to come by, the U.S. Department of State tried to do just that by comparing improvements in human well‐​being in Cuba between the 1950s (the last decade of the hated Batista regime) and 2000.

Accordingly, Cuba’s literacy rate rose by 26 percent between 1950/53 and 2000. But literacy rose even more, by 37 percent, in Paraguay. Food consumption in Cuba actually declined by 12 percent between 1954/57 and 1995/97. It rose by 19 percent in Chile and by 28 percent in Mexico over the same time period. Between 1954/57 and 1995/97, the rate of change in car ownership per 1,000 people in Cuba declined at an annual rate of 0.1 percent. It increased at an annual rate of 16 percent in Brazil, 25 percent in Ecuador and 26 percent in Colombia. read more

8 Comments on Senator Sanders Is Wrong on Cuban Education and Healthcare

  1. This guy is a corrupt madman, attracting like corrupt madmen.

    Take back our schools before it is too late for our country.

  2. It must be great to be able to read when you’re oppressed, starving and broke.
    And how nice – free health care, but no doctors.

  3. I aint real hard to figger out! All anybody has to do is ask any Cuban in Florida to find out how big of a Commie Liar Boinie really is!!

  4. Every year, the US Coast Guard has to turn back hundreds of thousands of Americans and Cuban refugees who are trying to get to Cuba for all that fabulous, free education and great medical care that Bernie and Baracky are always extolling. It’s really pathetic watching those wretched graduate students and weakened cancer patients being denied the right to good free education and decent health care. Almost every day, thousands of Americans and unhappy Cuban refugees brave those ninety miles of shark infested, storm tossed water in order to get their human rights to free education and health care. When will Trump stop this outrageous, needless human tragedy?

  5. That Bernie truly thinks this topic helps his candidacy tells you that he totally lacks judgement to be POTUS.
    Any cucumber has a higher IQ.


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