Senator Who Fauci Called a “Moron” to Introduce the Fauci Act to Congress

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Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., is planning to introduce legislation named after Dr. Anthony Fauci after the nation’s top infectious diseases expert made headlines for calling Marshall “a moron” on a hot mic earlier this week.

Marshall’s bill, which will be titled the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals (FAUCI) Act, will mandate that the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) provide a list of all confidential filers within the government whose financial disclosures are not public, as first reported by The Hill.

Fauci and Marshall sparred Tuesday on Capitol Hill when the senator asked about Fauci’s financial interests. More

9 Comments on Senator Who Fauci Called a “Moron” to Introduce the Fauci Act to Congress

  1. Spitting into the wind. Introduce the bill now for show but if we ever get the Congress back, introduce and pass it and nail the hides of Fauci and his cohorts to the barn door.

  2. Kick the bill around until sanity prevails. Foulcci is not the only one reaping in taxpayer finds.

    AUDIT all facets of federal government. That should be an amendment, if there is ever a convention of states

    Add term limits, also.

  3. Isn’t there an island out in the Pacific that Foulcci could be sent to? Like maybe one used to test atom bombs long ago?

  4. In a really sane world, Fauci would be hanging from a gallows along with about half a million of the enablers of these crimes against humanity.


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