‘Send In The Feds’: Trump Launches Chicago Gun Violence Task Force

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Daily Caller: President Donald Trump has followed through on an offer he made in January to “send in the Feds” in response to Chicago’s rampant gun violence.

Federal law enforcement officials and the Chicago police confirmed Thursday night that about 20 additional agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are being deployed to Chicago to investigate illegal gun trafficking.

Dubbed the Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force, the group consists of ATF agents and counterparts from the Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police, who will work to investigate shootings and gun traffickers through ballistics technology, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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24 Comments on ‘Send In The Feds’: Trump Launches Chicago Gun Violence Task Force

  1. Picking up more trash left by obama. The litterer-in-chief left lots of messes to be picked up after. Really dangerous messes.

  2. I Hope they get More than Investigated ATF Style ! Tough Love is the Only Way for Thugs, if they can point Blank Shoot a Freind for Fun and Laugh about it…They Need a Club to the Head !

  3. Probably just need to beef up those background checks, since we know most of the criminals buy their guns through legal channels…

  4. It’s a waste for a wasteland. Guns are outlawed in Chicago so only outlaws have them. Illegal trafficking implies legal trafficking which doesn’t exist in Chicago, it’s all illegal. Tasking a task force to investigate the investigation isn’t going to help much. Change existing laws to allow living souls to live with God given rights.

  5. 20 additional agents? that seems low key to solve the problem. I was gonna say send in the national guard- but most of them are KID’s that don’t want to fight or get hurt defending this country. Bring back Mrs. Leery and her cow and let the city burn down once again. I love a good marshmallow roast.

  6. C’mon now, it is NOT gun violence. It is violence, and if you want to add a modifier, call it gang violence.

    Using the term “gun violence” implicitly buys into the phony proposition that all violence is bad. That’s not true, so don’t do use the term. Violently defending yourself against violence initiated against you is good violence, especially if your defense eliminates the perp permanently.

  7. Anybody want to bet that they blame something other than the murderous feral blacks in Chicago that are doing all the murdering?

  8. Personally, I would send the entire ATF (The Unindictables, NOT untouchables) to Chicago. This move could resolve two problems at the same time.

  9. Run Rahm, run. The gun running you learned under tutelage of Holder and Obama is gonna bite you in the butt.

  10. My bet is that these are some of the same BATFE agents who helped with the gun-running under Fast and Furious, Castaway, and the rest of the similar operations by the other 23 BATFE Field Divisions across this country. They’ll probably make sure the gangs they supplied in the Windy Shiite use those weapons properly.

  11. It’s gangs. If you don’t identify the problem, you will never solve the problem.

  12. The feds (g-men?) sent here must make it their priority to find and arrest those who are bringing in the illegal weapons PERIOD

    That’s where to start. After all, there are people who WILL ‘snitch’ if the pay is good.

    Then, break up the gangs, no matter how much the ‘ballerina’ and his alder-creatures whine, while also clearing out the ‘BAD COPS’ (some of whom just might be weapons suppliers?!?).

    Clean up Chicago so people like me can feel safe again (yes, I DO love here!).

  13. Gangs yes but ultimately it’s a left wing problem. Never going to solve it until you eliminate progressivism/marxism/nazism/socialism/communism et al

    The scourge of the earth.

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