Send Them To Gitmo

House member Henry Cuellar (D-TX) states that there are 30 nations who refuse to take back illegal aliens who have committed crimes in this nation.  The representative knows that we have laws allowing our government to deny visas from these nations, only we aren’t enforcing it.

I have a better idea, we send them to occupy the now nearly empty facility at Guantanamo and invite the press from these nations to make regular visits.


14 Comments on Send Them To Gitmo

  1. How about we have NASA give them jobs.
    Make them write “Howdy, Lets be Friends” in letters a mile wide wide by ten miles tall in the ice sheet in Antarctica

  2. Send them back and cut off their money. WHY are we paying people to invade and destory us? The people in our govt. who allow this should be prosecuted. GITMO sounds good to me.

  3. There are a number of countries in the world that have no functioning government such as Libya, and Somalia. If we were to drop illegal alien felons off on the coast of Libya, we wouldn’t see them again.

  4. Gitmo is too good for them.
    Pine box works.

    As an aside…Weird that iPhone autocorrect replaced Gitmo with hormones. Those words aren’t even close.

  5. I think we should identify a large uninhabited island somewhere in the arctic and send them all there, maybe with enough supplies to last them until they can self-sustain through hunting, fishing, and growing vegetables in greenhouses.

  6. Chain gangs work for me, I hear there’s a wall that’s going to be built soon. And if they want to stay, they will build the wall. If not. They can go to canada.


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