Senior Dems uninterested in Kavanaugh impeachment


Over the weekend, The New York Times dropped a piece on new allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Some of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls immediately called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment along with some Democrats in Congress.

They all face pushback from Republicans, but quite a few senior Democrats in both chambers. more

8 Comments on Senior Dems uninterested in Kavanaugh impeachment

  1. Those old people, even tho’ Dems, know that an event that may or may not have happened 40 years ago is not a basis for impeachment of a Justice.

    That, and payback is hell.

  2. Go ahead and impeach the preppy dork. He’s not exactly a rock ribbed conservative anyway as he’s proven by his decisions. Give us a chance to appoint a conservative instead of another squishy wimp.

  3. Timing. They don’t want to talk about it now when they can’t actually do it but make no mistake should they win the presidency and the senate they’d impeach Kavanaugh.
    When Kavanaugh gave his opening statement for once it appeared possibly some dems may have had a moment of regret on their faces, maybe understood the misery they were inflicting with their lies and smear campaign but then it became obvious that look was just shock a republican stuck up for themselves and ruthlessly attacked his attackers publicly. Their only regret is misreading their victim and giving him a public platform. They are evil. They need to be defeated.

  4. For a system that was designed to be unbiased – its painfully clear that some people prefer that it is. Those biased, narrow minds who can’t rig the system, get very upset when they fail at installing their own hand picked left leaning biased judge who will twist the interpretation of laws into pretizles to fit their owners biased views. How American of them.

  5. How would these people be with the House, Senate, Presidency and a 1 vote majority on the Supreme Court.

    FFS, they would have already done away with due process and be holding executions after the show trials.

    Treat them accordingly now. They’re the same Nazis at 25% power. The Nazis had asterisks they made the Jews wear.

    Exit Question: Leftist have great ideas about packing the Supreme Court. Why not run with it and thank Jamelle Bouie, aka Mini-van Jones, for the great idea and ask him how many should Trump add?


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