Senior Director of Pfizer Runs Away When Asked About Fetal Cells in the Jab

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  1. While her reaction time was world class, her start was lacking and she needs to work on her kick. She’ll never make it as a runner.

  2. It’s gelatin in motion,
    When she turns her ass to me,
    Big as any ocean,
    That mass of comorbidity,
    She lied about the science,
    And fetal cell technology…

  3. no surprise there
    they really, really, really don’t want the truth to get out

    if you are faint of heart, you might not want to read what follows
    “Was COVID vaccine fetal tissue obtained by the murder of an infant?” By Jon Rappoport
    “On January 19, 2021, reporter Annamaria Cardinalli published an explosive article in Crisis Magazine, headlined, “Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine.”
    “… We hear that the abortion-derived cell lines were only used in testing, which should somehow comfort us, though it still means that the vaccines from which we seek to benefit depend on the involvement of abortion. We are told that the cell line used in testing came from one abortion, which took place decades ago. These things are all true, but they do not serve to inform us fully.”

    “What we may not know follows. The most prominent cell line, called HEK 293, comes from an abortion performed in the 1970’s. It’s labeled 293 because that’s how many experimental attempts the researchers needed to get a working cell line. Therefore, though the abortion-to-experiment ratio is not precisely one-to-one, hundreds of abortions went into the project, even if they didn’t result in the working line.”

    “HEK stands for human embryonic kidney. To harvest a viable embryonic kidney for this purpose, sufficiently healthy children old enough to have adequately-developed kidneys must be removed from the womb, alive, typically by cesarean section, and have their kidneys cut out. This must take place without anesthesia for the child, which [anesthesia] would lessen the viability of the organs. Instead of being held, rocked, and comforted in the time intervening between their birth and their death, they have organs cut out of them alive.”

    “There is no way that a spontaneous abortion could result in the cell line (as the kidneys cannot remain viable past the brief window in which they must be harvested) or that some brilliant researcher found a way for great good to come out of a rare tragedy by making use of a child’s body donated to science after it was aborted. The deliberate killing of an unwanted child (a little girl, in the case of HEK 293) took place in the tortuous manner it did precisely to obtain her organs for research. The harvest of her organs was the direct cause of her death, prior to which, she was a living child, outside the womb.”

    While ‘harvesting’ of a viable kidney from a dead, aborted fetus might be possible in today’s world, such a procedure was not available, or possible in the 1970’s.

  4. Pulled a Biden I see. I would have asked the female version of the Pillsbury Dough boy why this supposed “vaccine” needs booster shots, you don’t suppose it’s because it doesn’t work do you?

  5. LOL! Yet we all still allow these evil elitist Globalist clowns to dictate the terms of our lives to us…amazing.


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