Separate Thread For Barry’s Portrait

Is that afield of  pot plants he’s sitting in front of?

Even if they aren’t, the overgrowth of whatever it is suggests he is inert.

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  1. Dig the size of those paws!!! All the better to gather up that choom!! ;^) And BTW – Joe6Pak is right, looks like 6 fingers on the left hand! Great artistry!!!!

  2. The center of the chair back is nowhere near as big as the space between the back legs.
    This is piss poor chair paintin’ if you ask me.
    Why he painted that dumbass sitting in such a crappy chair is beyond my powers to understand

  3. One could get all psycho-obsessed, analyzing the choice of colors, what the chair means and why he is floating in that wall of greenery. I just see really bad art that is disjointed, unpleasant and the only thing “it says to me” is that the subject and the artist are the only ones who really get it. I don’t like it. I hope they don’t make a postage stamp out of it.

    And what is that thing of that guy’s wife? It looks like she was going for a sort of southwest indian thing. You know, the morbidly obese aborginial woman wrapped in a blanket?

  4. ..and why in heaven’s name, do so many people who study pictures of him choose the word “pensive”. I’ve never seen an authentic picture of him looking pensive in any way at all. Scheming, cunning, plotting, stupid: yes. Never pensive.

  5. LMAO OMG Were these people high when they picked the artist to do their portraits LMAO Gotta to love the arms & hand crossed over the crotch Nuttin to see there LMAO

  6. After he’s done wiping with that poison ivy you will see him butt scooting across your lawn like a wormy stray dog.

  7. A painting by a black queer dhimmi. His subject a queer, muslim, marxist despot seated on a “throne” surrounded by a floral array representing entangled deceptions. Obama’s right. He and the “artist” have a lot in common.

  8. @Janitor — thanks for the link. It’s good see that and just how freakish that guy’s “portrait” is. It screams “LOOK AT ME!!! — I’M SO UNIQUE!!!” Stupid narcissist has ZERO self-awareness. Marriage between those two must be incredibly miserable.

  9. Could someone please explain to me again how President Trump is bringing
    Embarrassment, disparagement, disrespect, shame and a lack of gravitas and
    Class to the office of the Presidency?

    On the bright side, these illustrious portraits immortalize for eternity the period
    Of our nation’s history when Mike and Barry brought the circus to town.

  10. I believe it to be the noxious Ivy League Creeper weed. An invasive species native to Kenya and transplanted here by brain dead progressives.

  11. Poison ivy was my first thought and I hope he wipes his well-used Grand Canyon arse hole with it.
    This looks like some of the odd murals that were in McDonald’s in the ’80’s.
    This artist is another case of the Emperor’s new clothes

  12. He would have looked better posing on that little girl’s bicycle wearing granny pants, a sissy helmet holding a selfie stick!

  13. Does Obama have a scar on the bottom right side of his face? There is a line across his chin that leads into the ivy. I can’t unsee this line when I look at the portrait.

    WAY better than Meechell’s. Nicely painted but is it really what we want in a Presidential portrait? That same question I guess applies to the subject matter as well.

    BTW His hands are strangely extra large….hmm.

  14. @ illustr8r looks like the puppet master’s string to me. There’s another on the right side of the picture lower down.

  15. I think I understand this mess.
    The original portrait had him posing in front of various images of his “accomplishments” as president. As the unveiling day approached they realized Trump had reversed or blocked the effect of just about all of them so the portrait would now be seen as an embarrassment. At the last minute they directed the artist to do whatever was necessary to “fix” the painting in time for the unveiling. This is the best he could do.

  16. Maybe this was a response to Clint Eastwood’s empty chair skit in 2012. Here us obummer sitting in the chair with a smug look on his face, thinking “See, I am sitting here!”.

  17. TO FUR

    I think BOTH of these (criminals) portraits
    are BEGGING to be
    A) created “LIBERALLY”/painted and
    B) published BY YOU…*and*
    C) …to be included in “pet portraitures.”

  18. Oh, Lort. I have laughed more today at the various versions of these “portraits” than I have laughed in the past month.

  19. These are utterly embarrassing. One final “fuck you!” to the American people. They should hang in the basement.

    Actually, they should just hang, period.

  20. Nobody will ever take this president or his legacy seriously so why not make it look like a paint by number painting. It will be forever laughed at in the museum where it hangs.

  21. As a matter of personal taste, it sucks. In total however, it’s an outstanding depiction of an awful U.S. president.

    The painter succeeds in ways that will teach future generations, what a lousy two terms in office happened once upon a time.

    This, not even dump decorative, will stand alone in a class all its own. If Obama was a creature, he’d be a bluebottle fly.

    “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley said in a 2012 interview with New York Magazine.


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