Serbia: Police detain 71 after 4th night of virus protests

Government critics accuse President Vucic of exploiting the coronavirus crisis to increase his party’s grip on power.


BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serbian police detained 71 people after clashes during the fourth night of anti-government protests against the Serbian president that were initially sparked by his plans to reintroduce a coronavirus lockdown.

Fourteen policemen were injured in the rioting Friday evening when hundreds of right-wing demonstrators tried to storm the parliament building in downtown Belgrade, police director Vladimir Rebic said Saturday. Many demonstrators and several reporters were also injured in the protests. More protests were expected Saturday night.

Serbian media reported that among the detained is a former parliament member and one of the leaders of the violent protesters, pro-Russian far-right politician Srdjan Nogo. MORE

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  1. 79…sorry, it’s probably because of when/where I grew up and never living in a country with a parliamentary system, but every time I read “parliament”, I mentally autocomplete with “funkadelic”, and end up thinking of THIS…

    …ya gotta admit, it’s more entertaining than ACTUAL parliaments, and has better rhythm than most, too, but it DOES make it harder for me personally to take anything REAL Parliaments say seriously…

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